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10 Tips and Techniques to Strengthen your SEO

tips for seo strategy

Search Engine Optimization! The core points in SEO have not changed but still, you need to focus on the following three elements:

  • Pay attention on creating valuable content.
  • Build the high-quality links.
  • You should prioritize your semantic search while you do your keyword research.

Moreover, some things have changed, like the mobile-first indexing and website page speed. These are few but they are going to have a big impact in the future. In this blog, we will be sharing the 10 advanced techniques and tips you should master to stay on top. Have a look below:


1- Enable your Mobile Site for Mobile-First Indexing

Hopefully, you are aware of the Google shift to mobile-first indexing that began in March. Most of the people are now clear about the first-indexing that tells the importance of mobile optimized website but some are even having few misconceptions. So, let’s clear the misconception. When we are talking about the mobile-first indexing, you don’t need to have a flawless mobile site to claim a spot in SERP. Furthermore, you should not leave the SEO for your desktop because of the mobile-first indexing.

You need to remember the following things when you talk about the mobile-first indexing change:

  • Mobile indexing is a fact. If you are having a desktop and mobile site, then your mobile version will be ranked and indexed against your desktop version. If this has not happened yet, it will happen soon.
  • If your audience uses mobile, then you should take the time to make your website mobile optimized.
  • You should create content that fits well with the mobile devices without sacrificing the value. A small website will look aesthetically nice but they will not rank better.
  • You should make your website a mobile responsive website.
  • Use hamburgers and accordion menus because this improves the user experience on the mobile devices.

Remember one thing, working will be better if there are few hurdles your mobile website has for Googlebot. To be safe, it is good to check your server logs for finding the errors.


2- Get Advantage of Google’s Crux Report

RUMs (Real User Measurements) on 12 November based on CrUX data is one of the significant changes in 2018. This may not be playing a role in ranking but maybe in future, it will have an impact. What makes this data challenging for SEO professionals? If the industry gets shifted to RUMs, then it will be impossible to run the local tests for uncovering this data. This will make it difficult to optimize it.

The good news is that CrUX report is available publicly. You can explore the data you need to explore regarding the device and connection type, loading time of the pages, etc.

All you need to do is to have a project in Google Cloud Platform where you have access to the CrUX public project page. Having some knowledge about the SQL, you can get the raw data collected by Google for your website. And based on this information change your strategy.


3- Page Speed Optimization

2018 was the year when mobile page speed became a ranking factor officially. You might be thinking, how it affects the SEO industry? A study was conducted by Search Engine Journal to know about the impact of increase website speed on ranking. The study shows that page speed does not have a great influence on the ranking but optimization level has an impact. You can check your page speed and website optimization by using the Page Speed Insights Tool.

The tool now measures website according to:

  • Optimization quality.
  • Loading time of the real users.

You need to ensure that your website is optimized properly. For this, you can follow the below-listed website speed optimization tips:

  • Perform technical audits regularly and fix the errors.
  • You should follow the Google’s recommendations for possible optimization. You can get those in the Page Speed Insights Tool.


4- Videos – New Content King

The year 2018 showed the importance of video. According to some case studies and experiments, marketers reported few stats;

  • People watch an average 1 billion hours of video content on every YouTube single day.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.
  • Video increases the dwell time. On an average mobile viewing of YouTube make up more than 40 minutes.
  • According to a study by STAT, the number of videos in Google SERP has doubled.

Following are the video optimization techniques through which you can make and optimize videos for the audience:

  • Make your product demos and short brand videos.
  • Make educational videos on how to use your services or product.
  • Run the live broadcasts like interviews or webinars.
  • Add appropriate and relevant metadata. Keep titles short and rich description. You should add relevant transcript for videos so that Google can fully understand the intents.
  • Look for exact keyword matching.
  • Fill the keyword tags, as they are used for recommended videos.
  • Upload your videos to platforms like Wistia, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Submit a video sitemap to search engines.
  • Remember one thing, demands of how-to videos are growing by 70% every year.

Keeping all this in view, you can consider getting video marketing services from our Boston Seo Digital marketing agency, in case you find difficult doing yourself.


5- Acquire More SERP Space

Google’s front page has undergone many changes over the years. So, who knows, what future holds for SERP staples like local packs, knowledge panels, ads, answer box and more.

One thing is clear that organic search results are changing. You need to do the following to update yourself according to the changes:

Land Featured Snippets: It is old but it stills hold a good value. Featured snippets in search appear on top of search results, and unfortunately, it is hard to reach there and even harder to keep it for long-term.

Looking for a way to get a featured snippet? Do the following:

  • Create content with your ranking keywords around the question asked by your audience and give their answers.
  • You should arrange your content in a format of paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.

Use Schema: Schema markup will not get you a featured snippet but it can get you one or more features. Instead of actual schema implementation, go to Google and experiment with queries you are trying to rank for:

  • You need to study which SERP types are pulled with queries.
  • An identify which spaces are filled with your content and ask yourself are your satisfied with it?
  • Look for the gaps that your content can fill.

Furthermore, the significance of the structured data is increasing as Google is investing to make searches better and visually compelling. You can implement structured data on the website with little technical know-how. For this, you can find schema markup generator online that can help you in doing all the hard work. You just need to enter the right information and embed the corresponding code on your website.


6- Update Google My Business Listing

Google is adding new features to Google My Business for developing local search. According to survey conducted by Moz, Google My Business is correlated with Google local pack ranking factors. Some of the GMB ranking factors include Google post, images, Google Q/A and reviews. Some of the businesses are optimizing GMB signals to stay ahead of their competitors.

For this, you need to consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Do Google post and add a striking call to action to start a conversation.
  • Add own questions and answers to Google Q & A. In this way, you can tie the content to your business.
  • Regularly update your images in GMB listing. Now, you can add video as well.
  • Fill out all the categories in your listing and ensure that you update your profile information as well.
  • Ask your customers to write a review about your product and services. And reply to them.


7- Learn to Use New Google Search Console

Google search console comes with the helpful features that make it the most essential SEO tool on the market. Some of the useful features include URL inspection, performance report, index coverage report, report filters, and report share function.


8- Build Brand by Link less Brand Mentions

According to the Google Search Quality Guidelines, in the ranking process, brand reputation matters. Links are important but now Google also gives importance to unlinked brand mentions and sentiment that is reputation as a ranking factor.

You can build your brand reputation by the following ways:

  • Mention your brand whenever possible. Do this especially, when your product or services can be the answer to the questions of the customers.
  • Do respond to user when they are talking to your brand on social media.
  • Address the complaints and praises


9- Place Your Product on Amazon

According a statistics, 56% of the people go to Amazon before they go to shopping. So, if you are selling something and you are not on Amazon, then you are missing the opportunity to attract 56% of the customers. If you are ready to take the opportunity, then keep one thing in mind that Amazon uses its own search algorithm knows as A9.

The difference between Google and Amazon Search Algorithm is as follows:

Google Search Algorithm

1- Follow a higher research intent that tries to answer the user question.

2- Define relevancy by engagement behavior that include dwell times, CTR,bounce rate, etc.


Amazon Search Algorithm

1- Follow a higher purchase intent that tries to sell a product.

2- Define relevancy by purchase behavior that focuses on conversions after the search.

When optimizing Amazon algorithm, remember the following:

  • Sale velocity is the key factor.
  • If you want that users find you, then you have to go for paid ads.
  • Create great content to attract users. For this, you can use images, reviews, unique description, promos, etc.


10- Implement Creative Link Building

Link building is still alive. It may not bring an instant result but it is one of the reliable method to build long-term and sustainable growth for the business. Some of the ways through which you can do quality link building are as follows:

  • Get links from the sites that are using your visual content without a reference.
  • You can win links from your speaking events. Share the clip on other platforms as well. You can earn a link when people blog on or retweet your speech after the event.

These were some of the ways to build links but there are more out there. So, search and find more. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with link-building companies for help.


Final Thoughts

Next year will be bigger and we will see more about the video content, micro-influencers, and more. Whatever the future holds, just don’t forget the basics. Furthermore, if you are looking to get in touch with the best SEO company to improve your ranking, then you can contact Marketalist to get satisfactory results.

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