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10 Ways to Win PPC Battle for Small Business

small business ppc marketing

Everyone is in a race to compete in the digital marketing world. Many businesses are competing to win the race and to get maximum ROI. Google is a platform that has given the world opportunity to search the desired things within seconds. Now, it allows the businesses to use this platform for advertisement too. This approach of advertising is known as PPC (Pay Per Click). PPC can help small businesses to compete with larger businesses.

What is PPC management? Before we move on to the ways to win the PPC battle for your small business, let’s have a little understanding about PPC and its offering.

PPC – Pay When your Ad gets Clicked

When going for digital advertising, PPC is one of the ways to advertise quickly and make money. In this, you can set up a campaign in minutes. You can also pause and optimize it when needed. You can easily make money in the first 24 hours of your ad if any user clicks on your ad and are ready for purchase.

PPC can be termed as a way to make cost-effective Google paid ads. As the name says pay per click. So, you have to pay only when you receive a click from a user. Your ad will be showing to millions of people but you will only pay when your ad gets clicked. You don’t need to pay to appear in searches. You are only paying for the user who are interested in your product or services and click on your ad. Small business PPC is good because you can allocate the budget per click according to your preference.

Options for Deep Targeting

In PPC advertisement, you get deep targeting option to attract the right audience. The ads campaign created in PPC can be termed as
Google retargeting ads. It allows the business owner to target specific locations, keywords, and demographics. Now, you have the remote control to drive your advertisement. With the deep targeting option, you can be very precise and can easily ignore the audience that is not relevant to your business.

For instance, if you are having a business of car washing your ad will not be shown to the people who are interested to know about the restaurant or buying pizza. A business owner can easily target the keyword in their ad that is related to their business. Due to this, you can easily show your ad only for the target keyword to the relevant audience.

Win Small Business PPC Battle- 10 Ways to Do It

If you are running a small business then you will have a limited budget for the PPC campaign. You can run the campaign yourself or get professional help by contacting our 
Boston digital marketing agency for better assistance.

Following are the ten ways that can save your money and time to win small business PPC battle:

1- Have a Look at Search Term Reports

This is a very helpful feature as it allows you to see the proper search terms typed by people when your ad appears. Furthermore, you can also see how some popular searches are made and if that is not included in your PPC plan you can add it right away!

This tool has been ignored but it can be very beneficial to hit the right search that will be profitable for your small business advertising.

2- You Can Schedule Ads

A small business owner has to handle all the tasks himself, he is wearing different hats all day. He may not have enough time to properly focus on PPC and might have a fear that his money may get wasted if proper monitoring is done.

But that’s not the case in PPC. Let us explain you this with an example. If you are  having restaurant or a business that gets traffic in certain hours, then you can simply pause your ad campaign when your audience won’t be searching your product or services. So, scheduling ads is a nice way to handle this situation and it will save your money.

3- Develop Dynamic Search Ads

If you are not planning to hire an expert to monitor your ad campaign, it’s okay. You don’t need to worry about. Google Dynamic Ad feature present in the ad creation tools helps you in this regard. In this, most of the work to finalize the ad is done by algorithm, you can say it a smart ad. This is an important part of the
Google search campaign that requires your less effort.

Google analyzes the most used keyword of your website and matches them with consumer search queries. With the help of the algorithm, Google enables the user to reach best landing page according to their search. Learn how you can grow your business with PPC?

4- Addition of Negative Keywords

We have talked about the search terms, this option is better because it allows you to add a particular keyword as negative keyword. You can instruct Google not to show your ad when that particular keywords are typed in search bar by the users.  

Consider this example. If you are having a local Gym and you are running a PPC campaign to promote it. Your ad might appear when someone types home fitness because it is related to your category. But if you add the home word in the negative keyword, then the search will be very specific. So, in this way people who are clicking on your ad might not click because you are not offering them the services they are looking for.

5- Website Visitor Retargeting

Google retargeting ads also known as the display ads is a very helpful feature for small Business PPC. Once you know about the people who are visiting your website, Google allows you to retarget them through display ads as a part of Google display campaign. This is another chance for you to convince your audience to get your services or products. If you are doing it right, then you can pull a good amount of sales.

6- Raise Bids of Converting Keywords

PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing helps you to reach your target audience. You can easily figure out that which keyword is bringing people to your business. Knowing your keyword, you will get better result from your ads. Keep an eye on those keywords that are bringing more sales for you. In addition to this, if you will increase the bid on those keywords you will outrank your competitor.

7- Go for Split Testing

PPC offers flexibility and here’s one more. You can run your campaign as an experiment alongside the actual campaign that you have set up. Google will split your budget to run both these ads and you can choose one that provide you with the best results. You can use the data to make changes or simply delete one.

You can try this method when you are planning to test different creative ads for a similar audience.

8- Regularly Check your Quality Score

The quality score tells how well your ad and landing pages are offering solution to the user search query. Ads having a low quality will cost you more per click as compared to the high-quality score ads.

How do I improve keyword quality score? You can improve your quality score in a number of ways. One way to do this is to embed the keyword in the ad copy itself.

9- Get benefit from Google Analytics

Google is offering free tools to business owners and advertisers to view data regarding their online business. To link your website with Google Analytics you just need to enter a code.

In Google Analytics you can get a good amount of data about your website. You can collect knowledge about your website visitors and can plan accordingly. Your information about the popular location, time spend by visitor on website, most visited web page, etc. This all elements will help you to create a productive ad.

10- Analyze Online Search Impression Percentage

You can easily monitor the number of online impressions your campaign is receiving or missing. This can be a friendly way to check either your ad is shown against the certain keyword or not. Depending on the results you can increase the bid to uplift the ad relevancy to get high impression percentage.

Final Words

These were some of the way that can help you to win the small business PPC battle along with a little understanding of PPC. Hope this will be very helpful. If you are looking to get professional help in the advertisement of your business you can hire Marketalist
adword certified professionals to get the assistance. It is suggested to make the small business PPC part of your marketing plan to get good results.

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