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12 Expert Tips to Upgrade your Content Marketing for More Leads


Many brands try to harness the power of content to generate more leads and sales. Its because the businesses now understand content marketing importance.

According to studies, content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing and cost 62% less than usual marketing budget. If your goal is to generate leads, then you should come up with an effective content marketing strategy for more effective results.

Hence, following are the twelve best practices of content marketing for lead generation that businesses can do to develop a good relationship with their audience:

1- Go for Webinars

Webinars without any doubt play a vital role in your content marketing process. The people who will be participating will become your lead. You can also get the answers to the questions listed below:

  • How many watched it?
  • How much time did they spend?
  • What part they viewed?

The list of benefits does not stop here. From a 60 minute webinars, you can create 1 short video and share it with your networks. This will serve as one of the best content marketing tools for your business.

Furthermore, you can use slides for developing an informative infographic relevant to your product. You will also require enough material to make a PDF or e-book.

2- Stop Doing Two Mistakes

Many companies are working and they are producing content without any quality. In a try to create more and more content they are developing the wrong content. This approach will never benefit your business because you are not having an effective content marketing strategy. Most of the time, the content is generated for the wrong audience that results in fewer leads. To boost the number of leads you should avail professional content marketing service to immersive content for your business needs. To get desired results, you should stop two mistakes listed below:

  • Creating content that is not useful for others and no one search for it.
  • Content created for practitioners instead of decision-makers.

If your organization can fix these two problems, then they will see an increase in quality leads.

3- Make Them Click

Outstanding content completes the half equation to attract the leads. To complete the other half of the equation, you need to follow the below strategies:

  • Precise targeting of your audience by carrying out thorough market research. (This point should give the purpose behind the generation of content)
  • You should deliver the right content to the right person at right time via right channel.
  • Provide compelling reasons to your visitors to use your data and also provide helpful insights according to their need.

A lead magnet is one of the significant and popular methods to get the data. You should also devise more lead magnet ideas for uplifting your business. You have seen that if you want to unlock a special content you have to provide your personal information that includes profession, email address, etc. You should keep one thing clear in mind that your content should help your target audience and place this point on top of your content marketing strategy.

4- Acquiring Contact Information

You need to offer a strong and compelling proposition for convincing your users to provide you email address or contact information. Come up with a compelling offer that visitor can’t miss. You need to embed a clear call to action, a lead form box, and way to provide your offering automatically to your audience for e.g. Mailchimp.

Furthermore, you should try to get less information from your audience. Here’s a situation, if you are asking phone number, email address, mailing address, and more, then the number of leads will be less. But if you are only asking email address, then you will get a high conversion rate.

5- Track Audience Activity

Tracking audience activity is one of the content marketing trends. You should integrate one or more call to action in each piece of content marketing. Your every page should provide a point of entrance for your content marketing offering.

The key to get content marketing success is by building appropriate metrics in your distribution along with tracking codes or UTMs before you publish your content. You need to use code based on your platform option, distribution date, presentation format, metrics, or any related goal for the comparison.

6- Call Them to Take Action

With higher search ranking you get more traffic which can later be converted into leads. To do so, you need to use clear and smart content marketing calls to action. You can do it manually or you can use a plugin like WordPress plugin “Append Content” to automatically embed calls to action on your every blog post.

Moreover, you can also use tools like Hello Bar or OptinMonster for customized call to actions according to your page that the user is viewing. Call to action is very important and you should add them for specific targeting.

7- Provide Something for Next Step

One of the important questions that you need to answer is what thing will trigger them to take action? You need to understand that not every interaction will become a lead for you. But you should provide something to your audience for moving ahead. The next step can be inquiry, refer, buy, share or more.

Your content marketing should be developing your audience. You should convince them that you are providing the best solution for their problems.

8- Continue Development

One of the great benefits of content marketing is that you provide information to your audience that helps them to know more about the subject, making a decision, and building a connection with the organization. If you are moving on this track, then this will provide a good piece of content that your audience can download and continue to develop the leads. E-books and checklists are best for such kinds of lead generation.

Additionally, live events are also one of the best ways to talk and connect with your audience by offering them a free piece of useful content that can be accessed by only those people who will come to your booth or talk.

9- Provide Easy Comparison

You should target comparison keywords. The buyers who are looking at your service may not get convinced easily for the thing they are looking to buy. The buyers will compare your product with the competitors to know the difference. To get more leads and more sales, it is suggested to develop landing pages for the ease of the shoppers.

To make your comparison engaging and to the point, you should avail the content writing services from the experts. You can hire professional companies to get the job done.

10- Subscribers is the Vital Key

One of the best ways to get leads in content marketing is via subscribers. You should be creating good content so that your audience can subscribe to it. Once you have gain subscribers fast, then you should make efforts to convert them into potential customers.

11- Go for Live Chat

You can use the power of Facebook Live and Messenger Chatbots for generating the leads. You should kick start the process by using the Facebook Live on a regular basis. You can also use third-party desktop tools such as BeLive.tv.

Consider doing a weekly live show between 20 to 60 minutes. You should pack the show with a lot of valuable and educational takeaways. You should also encourage your viewers to place a comment on your broadcast using special keywords to access your desirable gateway.

You can also use another powerful effective method that is Instagram Stories and IGTV. The business account with more than 10,000 followers will have access to the swipe-up feature for adding the links to stories.

Furthermore, any account can add a link to videos on IGTV where links in the description are active.

You should publish a snappy 15-second video story to convince your viewers to swipe up your IGTV videos that are having a link of a special offer. This will help you in driving your audience to the relevant giveaway.

12- Distribute Content in Niche Community

You should try distributing your content with niche communities like GrowthHackers.com, Zest.is, SaaS, Quora, Invaders, and Indie Hackers or any other platform where your ideal customers spend more time. This practice will help you to generate more leads. This method is effective when you are engaging with these communities and building a genuine relationship with other members.

The stronger your relationship is in communities, more the audience of qualified buyers will be interested in your product and these people will share their contact information with you.


These were the 12 tips that can help you to improve your content marketing strategy for acquiring more leads. Searching for a professional company with years of experience? You can get in touch with Marketalist, a digital marketing and Seo agency Boston to get the desired content for your business. The skilled crew of the company will create the content according to the need of your audience depending on your business niche so that they can get useful content that focuses on your customers’ pain points.

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