12 Reasons Your Business Need Content Marketing

Content marketing for businesses

You have heard the phrase “Content is King”. Indeed it is because a business needs to communicate with its customers. Furthermore, they need to work according to the requirement of customers for building trust, customer loyalty, and generating leads. Communication is very important today, you can’t take your business up without it. Every business is trying its best to communicate with their customer through different techniques. For instance, they make how-to videos, share blogs, tips and tricks for the problems, eBooks, etc. Even if we look at the financial industry they have integrated apps, online knowledge centers, and various other tools to help individuals and business customers to achieve their financial goals.

To get all done as mentioned above, great content is the key to transfer your idea and message to your audience. According to some figures, content marketing generates:

  • 3 times more leads as compared to outbound marketing.
  • Drives 6 times higher conversion rates.
  • Potential for a 7.8-fold boost in web traffic.

For your better understanding, we have listed some top advantages that content marketing will provide to your business:

1. Improves Your Brand Reputation

In today’s digital market, your business should work to build trust with their leads and customers. If you are successful in building trust, then your business will establish a positive brand reputation. To achieve this, great content is essential as it is the key to better communication. If customers find your content good, then they start to develop an opinion about your brand. Furthermore, if your content is engaging, educational, and valuable, a positive image is created about your brand in front of the customers. It is said that 78% of customers prefer to know about the company via articles instead of ads. While 70% of people believe that companies providing custom content are interested to build a good relationship with them.

Besides, when your leads and customers see that you are frequently publishing content across platforms, they may see you as a leader in the industry. To build trust within the market, you can publish content through third-party publications or sharing your content with influencers.

2. Great Source to Drive Conversions

To know about the importance of content marketing, look at the conversion statistics. Following are a few stats that really speak about its importance when it comes to improving website conversions:

  • It provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods. (ABG Essentials)
  • 61% of online consumers in the U.S.  decided to make a purchase, after reading recommendations on a blog. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • As per the survey conducted,74% of companies surveyed, content has increased their marketing leads, both in quantity and quality. (Curata)
  • Video content also helps to provide great ROI and significantly increase conversions, according to 72% of businesses surveyed. (CrazyEgg)
  • HubSpot reports that inbound marketers can double their average site conversion rate ranging from 6-12% with their content marketing efforts.

Content marketing improves conversions as it allows you to connect and educate your customers. It’s not about building trust or only relationships, but also encourage conversions by providing consumers the information they require to make an educated purchasing decision. To optimize your content for conversions, ensure that you have appropriate and clear call-to-actions are a must. They tell the reader what they need to do next when making a purchase, getting more information about products or services, or contacting the sales team. Your reader must be clear about all the mentioned things.  

3. Improve Your SEO Efforts

The role of content marketing becomes clearer when it is helping you to build your business and improve search engine optimization (SEO). Besides, SEO plays an essential role in improving the online visibility of your business. So, if you are looking to improve SEO, then you need to create optimized content.


4. Provide Visibility in Search Engine

According to Tech Client, content creation is an effective SEO technique. The business sites that consistently post blogs, on average of 434%, more pages indexed by search engines as compared to those who don’t publish at all. More content means more pages to be indexed and will appear to users in their search engine results. However, more pages do not necessarily result in higher traffic, this provides your brand the opportunity to rank for more keywords. For instance, writing blogs on different topics relevant to your target audience gives you more chances to rank the keywords that these target users are searching for, on the search engines. More and quality content gives your visitors the reason to stick around. This means a higher on-site time positively impacts your search engine optimization. Does Google analyze the time spent on-site to know that either the website is providing valuable content or not?

Desire to consistently provide valuable content to your website visitors? You should! Get content writing services to enhance your content marketing game.

5. A Cost-Effective Way to Bring New Leads

Still, wondering why content marketing is important? Lead generation is important for every business, be it small or large. Every business needs consistent traffic to grow and boost its sales. One of the best things about content marketing is its affordability. If we compare, it costs about 62% less than traditional marketing tactics. On the other hand, it generates 3 times more leads as mentioned earlier, according to DemandMetric. It is important to note that content marketing is time-intensive, and it needs time to get the desired results. According to the stats given by Social Media Examiner, 81% of marketers got increased traffic by investing as little as 6 hours/ week in their social media content.

6. Bring ROI For your Business

The importance of content marketing will be easily measured when you consider the return on investment (ROI). It is fairly affordable, highly effective, and many small businesses will see an impressive ROI on their content marketing over time. In fact, per dollar spent on content marketing efforts produces 3 times more leads as compared to paid search ads. The key to maximizing content ROI is by developing a content marketing strategy. Don’t just create content, it should have a purpose. If you are looking to get results and to make your money’s worth, then your content should be strategic in selecting topics, types of assets being produced, and your advertising methods.

7. Enable You to Showcase your Expertise

Consumers are eager to know about the experts they are dealing with to know the ins and outs of the industry. Content marketing enables your brand or business to demonstrate its expertise in the field by providing valuable knowledge that can help readers for more educated purchasing decisions. Whenever you publish a new blog post, you are telling your customers about your knowledge and provide solutions to their problems.

People will be more confident when purchasing from a company that is frequently publishing content, providing information, have experts to answer the queries, and providing an effective solution for their problems as compared to the company that is not doing these things at all.  

8. Help to Build Relationship with Customers

As we have previously discussed that content plays an integral role in developing trust and a positive brand reputation. The benefits of content are not limited to this, it also helps you to reach your audience. According to BIA Kelsey, 61% of SMBs say that half of the revenue is coming from repeat customers. From this number, it is clear that loyal customers are an advantage to your business. If repeat sales are in a larger portion, then you should find ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

You need to deliver easy-to-understand information to your audience. To get this done you can make how-to videos or use informative visual content to tell them more about your products. According to a study, 60% of the consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands. 70% of consumers feel closer to the company due to their content marketing.

9. Customers Look for Immersive Content

Have a look at some facts:

  • The user spends 20% of the time reading content.
  • 68% of people spend time reading about brands of their interest.
  • 57% of the reader reads content marketing titles once in a month.

So, the key to success is to provide the things desired by your customers. To create effective content for engagement, focus on the topics that are relevant to customer’s needs, interests, and solutions for the problem they are facing. Personalize your content to make your business different from others.

10. Set You Apart from Competitors

One key thing that can set you apart from your competitors is good content. User-centric and valuable content can make users select you instead of your competitor. For instance, if a buyer is researching certain products or services that can help him to solve his problems, then you should come up with effective solutions to problems faced by the user. In this way, you can easily connect with him with your unique content and this will create an identity for your business.

11.Significant at Every Step of Marketing Funnel

Now, let’s study the importance of content at different step of the marketing funnel:

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU): At the top of the funnel, your prospective customers know about their problems. They become aware that solutions to their problem exist. During this stage, content can educate them and provide them the information they need to decide which solution will be helpful for them.

Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU): In the mid of the funnel, customers are evaluating their options for products or solutions. Content at this stage of the funnel is meant to educate the audience on the different options available. They can now narrow down their choices and come closer to a final purchasing decision.

Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU): At the bottom of the funnel, your visitor is ready to become your customer. Content at this point is meant to give a final push of encouragement to the buyer and authorize them to make an informed purchasing decision.

These three steps are part of the smart content lifecycle.

12. It Supports Every Other Marketing Strategy

Quality content support every other part of your digital marketing strategy be it email marketing, social media, PPC ads, etc. These are the tactics through which you can attract and engage your customers. For Instance, if you are going for an email marketing campaign, content is the element that will drive it by engaging customers, so that they can move toward you.

With all the benefits mentioned above, no one denies the importance of content marketing for businesses of all the size. So, if you are looking for a professional writer for content marketing, contact Marketalist to do the job for you. Our experienced writers will write according to your business niche and will offer solutions to the problems your customers are experiencing to develop a better relation, trust, and engagement.

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