seo goals in 2019

12 SEO Goals to Get Inspiration in 2019

seo goals in 2019

New year means a new beginning for everyone. Digital marketers are also looking at some important and best goals that they can set to improve their ranking on a search engine in 2019. The new year has started so, you need to make your new SEO goals 2019 to excel professionally in your field.

We need to communicate with each other and should share our ideas to define our goals and work as a community. In this blog, you will be seeing some of the goals that you can set in 2019 to get ahead:


1- Embrace New Technology and Its Connection with SEO

Looking for setting SEO goals that can offer you good opportunities? Well, the advancement in technology is one that can help and it is unstoppable. Every day there is an addition of new technology that can benefit us in certain ways. We need to keep our eyes open and see the new technology that can couple with SEO to provide us benefits.

The new emerging technologies like VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Augmented Reality may be used in SEO in coming future. You might be wondering can these be used in SEO? Well, there is the possibility, who knows we might be using AI for the title tags, insights related to reporting, meta description, and more. This can be the new direction in which we might be moving soon.


2- Long Tail Keywords Still in the Game

We see lots of trends in the digital world but sometimes  large number of things comes from the past as well. Same is the case with long tail keywords. These are the keywords that get the attention of few people in SEO. Only a few understand their importance and embed them in their content to improve their ranking.

Long tail keywords are having less competition and they are used by the audience when they are finding some very specific services or products. Its important to figure out those long tail keywords. Then you can target them in your content according to your niche to get benefits.


3- Stay Updated by the Algorithm Changes

Staying updated with the changes in the industry really helps you to take the advantage and stay ahead of the competition. The Google algorithm updates are not just the updates you should worry. These updates offer you the opportunity to generate new ideas, better results, and good content. You just need to scratch the surface to get things that can be valuable for you and select the best SEO techniques to improve ranking.

The digital industry sees a shift in minutes and if you are not updated about the changes you will be left behind. You should know about the latest trends and also their impact to make arrangements accordingly. The adaptability will help you in the longer run. For instance, now the Google Photo enables you to do a search based on the picture that is taken on the mobile. So, this is the change we are talking about and there will be many more in the future. To stay updated, keep your eyes open!


4- Learn About the Impact of Voice Search

Voice Search SEO is also a game changer in the area of search. Soon, our all search will be triggered by the voice. Implementing it in your SEO strategy for website can be beneficial for you. Now, you should focus on creating such content that can be easily accessed by the audience through voice search. Because this is the next big step towards success that companies will be taking. By using the voice search if your audience can get the desired products and services, then what could be better than this? You can see this advancement by looking at Google voice assistant, Alexa voice assistant of Amazon, and many more.

google voice search

5- Analyze, Adapt, and Go for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets or you can say “zero position”. Securing this position should be your goal in 2019 and this will benefit you in driving more traffic to your website. Appearing on the search engine result page has become a difficult job due to the frequent use of mobile. Mobile first indexing and the voice assisted devices have changed the game of ranking.

You need to look for a new way to secure the Zero position in the SERPs. This is only possible by getting yourself placed in featured snippets. You must pay attention, analyze the mechanism, create the content that can be shown in the featured snippets to make you more visible and driving more traffic on your website as compared to your competitors. You should pay attention to such techniques and tools that will open new ways for you in SEO.

Do you know about smart voice assistant devices made by Google named as Google Home and many similar to it by other companies? With this, there will be an increasing demand to get a direct answer by using featured snippets in form of quick answer boxes. The things like FAQs, How To, Q&A searched all will be supporting the idea of featured snippets in 2019 and this will be getting bigger.


6- Pair SEO with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

In 2019, we need to couple SEO with CRO to get benefits. This need to be done this year as it will be a new step towards the benefits that will be bringing more people on the table. So, what are you waiting for, do it before it is done by your competitors.


7- Personal Branding – A Must Do Thing

Personal branding will be more important this year as you think. Most of the digital marketers are working to uplift their client business or working to take their agency to a prominent place. But keep one thing in mind that you should also focus on our personal branding as well. The digital market is changing and to hold your place in the market it is essential to make your own identity.

Here are some personal branding tips for you. You should stay active on your social media accounts and interact with people. Focus on writing, networking, and speaking. This will help you make your identity in the market. And when the market changes you will have your name at a prominent place. Furthermore, you should also create your personal website with your own domain name.

personal branding

8- Organize Yourself

Many marketers are doing their work but they are lacking proper organization. But now you need to arrange your things either it is daily goals, weekly goals, and yearly goals. Being an SEO expert, you should update your list and get organized to work in a productive manner.


9- Pay Attention to Links

Link building is one of the important building block in your SEO strategy. 2019 is the year where you should pay a lot of attention to your link building strategy. If you want to keep things smooth, then it is recommended to do a link audit after every 4 or 5 months using backlinks audit tools.

Focus on fixing your outbound broken links and getting quality backlinks from authority websites. You should now focus on quality instead of quantity of link. A large number of links that are useless will not benefit you but few quality links can improve your ranking and will last for long.


10- Enhancing your Page Load Speed

Now things are moving at fast speed. Everyone is in hurry so your website page should load faster. If you are not focusing on page load speed optimization on your website you are losing a good number of audience that visits your website but quit because your page loading speed is low. Analyze your website and if you find the page loading speed slow, then it’s time to improve it it to get benefits and let people see what you are offering to them!

Your loading speed should be less than 4 seconds. You can optimize the speed by reducing the HTTP requests along with minimizing the plugins and pixels on your website.

Page Load Speed Optimization

11- Become Expert in Storytelling

This idea is applied to multiple areas. As a SEO company, you should be better in explaining to your clients that how SEO is helping their business in form of a story. Simply telling about the numbers in your report is not enough. You should get better in showing how SEO is improving their business by achieving all the business objective and the KPIs.

Furthermore, you need this skill if you are working as a speaker or teacher. You should be better in telling a story that is having a deeper message and take the listener and students to the path of learning.


12- Ensure that Your Clients Stay Happy

Making your clients happy should be your top goal this year. Listen to them and focus on their need to provide them with satisfactory results. Learn from your previous mistakes or take help from your colleagues or managers. Doing this can help you achieve your goals to make your clients happy.



It is the time of year where you need to set new goals and get inspiration from the goals that can help you in achieving more. Hopefully, you will be setting some of these goals for you. Moreover, if you are looking to hire a professional local SEO company Boston MA, then Marketalist is the best choice for you.

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