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16 Tips to Refresh your Content Marketing Strategy


In today’s fast paced digital sphere you’ve got only a few seconds to make a good impression online. If your e-commerce website is hard to find, requires much time to load, is unattractive and difficult to navigate

Then you are at a risk of losing potential customers.
You need to fix these problems to uplift your business website and also focus on the content of your website. So, how you are planning to develop content that will grab the attention of people? Many professionals will provide you useful advice to overcome this problem by developing an effective content marketing strategy. Following are the sixteen tips to help you increase your sales and search engine rankings:

1- Ensure Your Content is Viewable

Do you know, more than 40% of the web’s traffic is coming from the mobile phone? Most of the companies do not pay attention to this point and their content does not appear good on the mobile device. When your content is not easily viewed by the customers, then you can’t convert them into potential customers because they are not able to know about your services or products.

For driving more traffic toward your content, you need to understand the content marketing importance. You should know how to optimize your website for smartphones and tablet devices. This will not only enable your reader to view your content but also learn about your services or products offered. One of the best solutions to this problem is to use a responsive design. It is becoming popular across a variety of screen sizes.

Moreover, you need to know that Google prefers mobile optimized websites and ranks them higher that are scalable to mobile devices. So, if your website is not providing a good cross-platform experience, then you are losing ranking on Google along with prospective customers.

2- Know About the Customer Journey

Knowing customer journey is also part of customer experience as it will tell you about the place of your customer when buying or availing your services.For establishing a better relationship with your customers you should know the customer journey. This will help you to provide the desired products they are looking for.

Customer journey will give a precise idea about the place of the visitor and the point where he will convert into the potential customers. Keeping this in view, go for intent-based content creation for satisfactory results.

3- Make Thing Accessible for Customers

Providing ease to search the desired product to your customer will benefit your business in a long run. As a business owner, you should provide smooth navigation on your website to enable your customers to find the desired product easily. Furthermore, keep one thing in mind that people read from left to right and from top to bottom.  You should feature your main landing pages in horizontal navigation or menu bar at top of each page with the subcategories listed below.

4- Integrate Keywords after Research

Keywords are like the magnets that are typed by the users on the search engine to find the desired product. Placing the right keyword within your content regarding the product or services will let your user find you. When they add the relevant keyword your content will appear if you have placed the keywords within the content properly ensuring proper relevancy with the product or services. This makes content marketing keyword research an important stage of your content marketing process.

You should take help from Google’s AdWords Tools that provide analytics for SEO, PPC, and social media consulting. Keep the user intent on top of the priority list when finding the keywords. Brainstorm the keywords that will be used by the users to buy a certain product or to avail a service. To create content that is having a proper amount of keywords, hire SEO content writers for the job from Marketalist, a reputed marketing agency.

5- Fabricate a Story

Content is everywhere but what makes it different and connected to people emotions? To grab the attention of your customer you need unique content that should be telling a story. Being said that, Storytelling will help you to keep your customers connected.

B2B companies may not be able to do the same thing but still, they can tell how the product is used or a brief story of how it help customers to solve their problem.

6- Craft Unique Content

Most of the time the e-commerce website just copy and paste the description of products and that’s wrong. People try to do this to save time but here you lost the element of uniqueness. The search engines are now smarter than you are and they want to see fresh and unique content for the website.

It is recommended to refresh your content after every three to four months. When you do this, it gives the search engine a good reason to crawl your website once again. Furthermore, if you are not interested to update your content, then prefer blogging. Adding new articles to your website will also provide a reason to search engine for crawling your website.

7- Product Reviews are Must

If your website is having products for sale, then provide your customers with a platform to access and compare your products. You can use schema.org to highlight your reviews along with a rating on your website for Google.

It will be beneficial because Google will use this information to create rich snippets for the SERPs. With these snippets, you get high click-through rate that leads to more traffic and sales.

8- Start Blogging

Creating great content that will assist you in building stronger relationship will benefit your business in the longer run. According to studies, businesses who share blog frequently get more traffic on their website. Blogging can be termed as one of the easy ways to generate new content as a part of your content marketing. The blog not only gets ranked on search engines but are also shared through email and across social media platforms.

9- Build a Relation of Trust

Every customer wants to find out can they trust the company. One of the best things a business can do to win the trust of customers is by sharing the testimonial of other customers on their website. These testimonials will tell the reviews of others about the product and services of your companies.

10- Prefer Quality over Quantity

Adding more content to your website does not mean that you will get high traffic on your website. Businesses need to understand that quality matters! You should shift your focus from the quantity of content to quality of content for better results. You need to ensure that your content is delivering value to your customers instead of lengthy useless content.

11- Integrate H1 and H2 Tags

You should use H1 and H2 tag in your content because these two are given importance after the Panda algorithm update of Google. These will help Google to understand your content and will definitely improve your ranking.

12- Optimize your Images and Multimedia

Images and multimedia are the two key things that get the attention of customers. It also helps the company to deliver its message in an interesting way. When you are embedding images or multimedia within your content. Then you should edit them properly. The size should be optimized properly for easy viewing for a mobile user and desktop users.

13- Write Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the content that never loses the relevancy. This content will help you in bringing customers to your website in longer run. For instance, if you are providing restoration services, then publishing a blog about hurricane preparedness or tips to get rid of water damage will be useful for your customers. Whenever a user will search the relevant content your website will appear in the search engine results pages.

Evergreen content includes how-to articles and videos. Looking to create evergreen content for your website? To solve the problem you should avail the content marketing services from a professional company.

14- Couple Content with Brand

When you are creating content, ensure that you brand it with your website logo or name. This practice will help you to get some credits and brand recognition even if someone shares your content but does not link back to your website. You can also add URL or HTML code that will link back to your website on graphics, video, or photos.

Additionally, if you are B2B business, then share your content on LinkedIn and Twitter. In the case of B2C business share it on Facebook.

15- Create Precise and Relevant Content

Those days are gone when people wanted to write lengthy content for the sake of SEO. Now the game is changed and using the keywords in a smart way matters a lot. You should focus on creating short and to the point article for your audience to catch their attention. A lengthy article without relevant content will definitely turn visitors off.

16- Make Your Content Shareable

For driving more traffic and extending your reach, shareable content is one of the best content marketing tools for your business growth. Most of the time people find it difficult to share the content on different social media platforms. You should make the step of sharing content for increasing the shares. Add the share button for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook on your blogs.


These were the 16 tips that can help you to improve your content marketing strategy. Want a comprehensive content strategy for your business? You can get your requirement fulfilled by contacting Marketalist, an SEO and Digital marketing company in Boston. The company offers experienced writers who will create content according to your business niche needs and will develop an extensive plan to fulfill your content requirements, ranking and consistent results.

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