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16 Ways for Driving Traffic to Website Other Than SEO

ways on increasing website traffic

Businesses are now aware of the benefits they can get from Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing the sites and content for a search engine like Google is the best way to drive the traffic and get potential customers. What if we tell you that SEO is not only the way to increase website traffic? Yes, it will be interesting to know.

Today, we will look at the ways that we can use to drive more traffic that results in leads and customers. There are many tactics that can help you in driving traffic to your website other than SEO. You just need to identify the tactic that will work properly for your business and after that focus all your efforts on it. Below is the list of the ways to drive traffic other than SEO.


1- Listing Business on Online Directories

One of the simple ways to increase the traffic is to list the business on online directories and review the websites as well. Many of the sites give you permission to add the information about your business and linking it with your website. In this way, people are able to find on these local business directories when searching products or services that are relevant to your business.

You should find out the business listing directories that are relevant to your business or area. You should also ensure that your business is listed on the review sites like Yelp. Furthermore, you should convince your customers to leave a business review on your website. These reviews will attract people to your website and they will learn more about your business.


2- Creating Good Content

Content is the central part of your marketing strategy and it plays a vital role in SEO. People are interested to visit the website that is having great content creation strategy that offers value and solves the problem of a reader. If you want to take benefit from the content to increase your website traffic, then you should create great content and mix it up. This will also help you in SEO and will make your reader interested in your content when you are following content marketing trends.  

You need to create a blog of 800 or long post of 1500-2000 words. You should provide information in depth so, that your reader gets the desired and relevant information. This approach will offer you a great chance to connect with your potential customers. If you are not able to create content, then you need to get in touch with experienced companies to get content writing services.


3- Stay Active on Social Media

Staying active on social media platforms is one of the greatest ways to get high traffic. In this, you need to ensure that you are sharing your blog posts of the website on all your social media platforms. Moreover, you also need to stay active in the comment section that increase your social media interaction. Start a conversation with your customers by answering their question and show your gratitude as well in the comments section.

When you are communicating with your users on social media they will follow you and will visit your website to know more about your products and services.


4- Craft a Social Media Strategy

As we have discussed, be active on social media platforms and doing this in effective way, you need to have a social media marketing strategy. Irrespective of your target audience, if your audience spends some time on social media platforms, then it is important for you to identify those platforms.

After the identification of those platforms, you can easily reach to your relevant audience and can attract them to your website via social media ads. For instance, Facebook is one of the best social media ads platform that is having advanced targeted Facebook advertising features. You can use all those to narrow down your search and target the relevant audience to attract them towards your services or products.


5- Guest Blogging on Relevant Sites

If you are looking for a way to extend your reach, then your own blog is not only the way to do it. You should go for guest blogging opportunities and post a blog on relevant sites that will be valuable for the audience. In the guest blog, you are able to link your website that will assist you in driving more traffic on website pages or blog post.

The key to success lies in selecting those sites that are having an audience relevant to your audience. Once you pick the site to post your guest blog next, you need to think about the topic that will be relevant and focus on the need of your audience.


6-Inviting Others to Guest Blog on your Website

You need to invite others on your website via guest blog to increase your traffic. When you will be having guest bloggers on your website, then this will help you in creating great content for your audience.

If you are planning to accept guest bloggers, then it is better to set some parameters. For instance, some of the parameters can be what type of content you will accept? What will be the purpose of content created? You should make your guidelines clear so that guest bloggers can submit the appropriate content on your website with enhanced guest blogger outreach.


7- Go for PPC Ads for Organic Efforts

For immediate results to get the desired traffic, paid search can help you in a good way. This can be the ideal way for organic search. PPC ads on Google appear when user type for certain relevant keywords. The ads appear on the top and this boosts your brand visibility. If you are not expert in this field, then you can take the assistance of pay per click experts to get the desired traffic on your website by investing your money and time in right direction. To get the best PPC advertising service you need to get in touch with experienced companies for satisfactory results.


8- Don’t Forget Email Marketing Strategy

An effective email marketing strategy can be a good way to drive more traffic on your website. In your email you can embed the important links that will attract visitors to your website. If you are not having email marketing list, then you should create one now.

You should ask your current customers to subscribe. You need to include a CTA on your website that will attract your visitors to connect. After this, you need to brainstorm the ideas about what type of emails you will be sending to your customers. To consistently stay connected with your customer you can consider email newsletter service, as it will also facilitate you in attracting more traffic. Also, to get email marketing service for your company, you need to contact skilled companies to get the best results.


9- Find Connection and Build Relation with LinkedIn

Social media platforms integration in your business can benefit in number of ways. To build connection and building relationship with your targeted audience, LinkedIn is one of the best platform to do it. Staying active on LinkedIn let you build professional relations and build relationship with your potential customers.

There are two ways in which you can use LinkedIn advertising options. One is that you should share content on the platform to attract audience. Secondly, you can connect and engage with others on the platform to build connections. When you think that you have wrote something valuable that will be beneficial for your connections then you should share on LinkedIn. Through sharing you can attract audience to your website by embedding the relevant link in the post.


10- Video Content – Create It and Share It

We have discussed the importance of content that is shared in form of eBooks, blog posts and more. But video can be useful asset to assist you in attracting the audience.

According to studies people retain the information in form of video as compared to other form of content. So, this make the video content marketing a great tool to capture the audience attention. When you are publishing the video on your website it will engage your audience and will increase your conversion rates. You should find the relevant topic and create a short video to engage your audience.


11- Write Answers of Questions on Quora

Giving the answers of questions on Quora is one of the best and free way to advertise about your business. Quora is one of the platform on which you can ask question about every topic and can answer. Using this platform, you can give answers and connect with your leads. It is one of the platform that can help you in driving back the website with the help of relevant content.

You should find questions on the platform that is related to your business and answer them properly to provide solution to the audience. In this way, the person who has posted the question will see the answer along with the other people who are searching for the same question.


12- Host Webinars on Important and Relevant Topics

Webinars are one of the ways to drive traffic on the websites. People love to learn when it is free. It is one of the easy way to share knowledge with your target audience. If you are planning to host a webinar, then you need to follow the below steps:

  • You need to find out the topic on which you can speak and it should be interesting and relevant to your business.
  • Decide the platform you will use and develop the visual materials to keep your audience engaged.
  • You should create a specific page on which you will collect registration for your webinars. It will include the information regarding email address, name, and other relevant information.
  • To get most out of your webinar, add a link of your website and describe little about your brand during the webinar. You should also come with follow up communication to ask your attendees if they are having any further questions.


13- Interview Industry Influencers and Leaders

You need to give a reason to your visitors to come to your website. For this, you can interview the industry leaders and influencers. When you take interview of influencers/leaders and posting the content on your blog, then you are building trust with your current readers and attracting the new readers as well.

Online influencers marketing will help you make your blog popular and it will help you in building an authority within your industry. If you are thinking that influencers interview is only for brand, then you are wrong. You will be excited to learn that many of the influencers are ready to chat, you just need to reach them. Just make a list of influencers and leaders related to your industry and take their interview to develop a post that revolves around certain topic.


14- Partnership with Other Business

Doing partnership with other large business is another way to increase traffic for your website. You should partner with a local company or business that will compliment you in giveaway promotion. If you want to make your partnership valuable, then you need to place something on the table. People will be attracted to enter the giveaway when they are receiving something valuable. It is a two-way trade so, both should be providing valuable returns to each other.


15- Promote Content on Medium

Promoting your content on medium will help you in attracting the traffic for your website. Medium is a popular site that many people visit to find informative and relevant information. You need few minutes to repost your content to attract Medium readers to see it. Once you have posted content on the medium you can also share it on the social media platforms. If your content is engaging audience then medium itself starts promoting it within their website. After your content is promoted you will see an increase in traffic coming to your website.


16- Do Attend Industry Conferences

Conferences are good way to stay updated about the latest happening in the industry. It provides you an opportunity to connect with professionals, potential customers and partners related to your business. When you are speaking on a specific topic at conference you will be able to become a leader in your industry with the passage of time. This effort and investment of time will help you create a better visibility of your company website.

This was the list of ways that you can use to drive more traffic to your website. You need to try these ways and see which one works better for your business. If you are looking to get help from professionals, then Marketalist, Boston’s seo experts agency is the right option for you. You can hire professional SEO consultants and marketers from the company to move your business in the right direction.

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