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19 Ways To Repurpose your Blog Content

blog content repurposing

Creating quality content is very essential not only for getting higher ranking but also to make your audience happy. We all are aware of the fact that creating quality content all the time is not an easy job as it requires time and resources.

Keeping this scenario in mind, why not reuse the content that is already created? We call this practice content repurposing. You can use your previous content to give it a new shape and get benefits. Today, we will be looking at the ways in which we can reuse our previous content and turn into a new and productive piece of content:


1- Compile Internal Data to Case Studies

Case studies are good and provide information in a better way. It can be termed as a qualitative approach to target the audience. You can make case studies using the data of your business to give your audience an interesting piece of information with statistics.


2- Prepare Guides from Old Blog Posts

You would have created many blog posts in the past depending on your business and audience. You will have a large amount of information on various topics. Convert your blogs into guides by adding more information that is valuable and will help your audience in solving their problems.


3- Convert Your Content into Podcasts

Using podcast for marketing is one of the best ways one can consider. You will have a lot of published content that will be valuable and offering some of the best information to the audience. Nowadays, people still like to listen to other people. So, it is recommended to convert your published content into a podcast for content marketing that will be entertaining and offering information at the same time.


content in form of podcast


4- Prepare E-book by Collecting all your Interviews

If you are having many interviews on different topics and now looking for a way to use them all for content, then an e-book is one of the best ways to do it. You can embed all the important points in your ebook. The points can be pictures, videos, statistics or some kind of advice given by you or other experts of the industry in an interview. You should arrange all the section in a good order to make it a story.


5- Use Twitter Post to Share Statistics

Using social media platforms to share your content is one of the best ways to promote your content. A platform like Twitter is known as a place to say more in few words. You can use this platform to share your statistics related to an important topic. This will have an influence on your audience.


6- Create Guest Posts on Topic According to Your Expertise

You might have written blog previously according to your expertise in a specific niche. You can use those blogs and convert them into guest blogs. You can share the blogs on various guest blogging sites. This will also expand your outreach to an audience and get backlinks that will help you in improving your rankings. Thus contributing to a good link building strategy. Explore guest blogging opportunities to promote your content.


7- Prepare Infographics from Your Content

Most of the time many people are just creating the content, they are not making it engaging or attractive for the audience. Well, if you are looking for a way to make your content valuable, then convert it into an eye- catching infographics. You can also use infographics as an education tool for your audience. Share your infographics on social media platforms as well to engage more audience.


8- Create Valuable Blogs from Your Quora Q/A

You might be using Quora platform to give answers to the question that are related to your business to drive traffic to your website. On this platform, a large number of audience is asking the question related to the different niche. So, it will be good if you sum up some of Q/A that offers solutions regarding problems faced by the audience. Convert those Q/A into a blog and share it with your audience.


9- Prepare Video Out of Your Content

Visuals attract more people so content video marketing can really help in this. You can create a video by using your content on a particular topic. You can embed your content into videos to attract your audience. You might be familiar with the fact that videos have a huge impact due to the increased use of mobile devices. All the social media platforms are giving preference to videos so, you should consider repurposing content for social media.


video production and marketing


10– Prepare Slides to Share it on SlideShare

Looking for a way to extend your audience reach using your previous content. You can do it by preparing slides from your content and uploading those slides on SlideShare. It is a good platform with a good number of audience so, it will help to extend your reach. Prepare a plan for slide deck presentation and do it on a regular basis or intervals.


11- Transform Your User Testimonials into Quality Content

You may not consider this a good idea but this can work if you do it in the right way. Your customers always look at the reviews given by the other people before they buy any product or get services. It all depends on you to use the testimonials in the right way and at the right time. Remember one thing that you should keep the written or recorded message intact.


12- Use your Blogs to Make a Useful Online Courses

Content can be molded into different shapes and sizes. You just need to have that eye to see how you can do it. You can use your interesting blog that offers useful information to convert them into a valuable online course. In this way, you will be interacting with your audience and will be offering something beneficial to them through which they can learn.


13- Share Your Best Content Via Newsletter

You might think that newsletter is an old approach but they are coming back. You can think about newsletter content ideas to share some of your best content with your audience. In this way, you will be promoting your content and interacting with your audience. You need to create a list of subscribers by convincing your audience to sign up for your newsletter. Think creatively to attract them via an effective newsletter marketing strategy.


newsletter marketing


14- Create FAQ Page From Your Client’s Questions

You might not consider FAQs valuable. But they can be used to provide useful information to your customers who will be visiting your website. You can use all the question asked by your clients to make your FAQs page.Answer some of the important question they might ask on search engine.


15- Consider Content Syndication

Content syndication is an approach in which your content is taken by third- party website and they publish your content on their website. This helps you in building authority and building relation with others. The content can be in form of a blog, infographic, video, post, and more.

Create quality content and try to promote it by building relationships with others relevant to your niche. Moreover, if you are looking to get immersive and quality content, you can take assistance from a content marketing agency to create and market your content.  


16- Use Quotes as Micro Content for Targeting Audience

The online community likes to see the quotes. It is a form of micro-content that can be utilized to target a specific audience. You can be sharing the quotes of some great influencers in your industry or can try to make your own. But remember one thing that if you are making your own quotes then it is should be meaningful, unique, and memorable at the same time.


17- Break Your Content into Series of Emails

One of the best ways to repurpose your content is to split it into a series of emails as a part of your email content marketing. You can create content like “how to do”, “do you know” or break it into “tips or tricks” to guide and educate your audience. You can be sending them these useful content in form of an email to build a healthy relationship with your customers. Create your own email marketing template to use in your emails.


18- Shape Your Blogs into Webinars and Vice Versa

Last but not the least, you can also convert your informational blogs into webinars to share it with your audience and a way to have a better interaction. Furthermore, if you have previously done webinars you can also convert them into a blog post and share them with your audience.

Both situations are good in generating content and it’s surely a win situation. If you are having any problem in converting content, then you can get content creation services from professional companies to achieve your goals.


19- Split Long Articles into Smaller Blogs

Sometimes it happens that we have created a long content that is not easy to read as it requires more time. Most of the readers get upset after seeing such a long content. To avoid this situation, it is better to break your long blogs into smaller blogs so that people can easily understand them and can read them in less time.


Final Words

Hope you liked these ways to repurpose or reuse your content. Moreover, if you are aware of any other ways that we might have missed, share with us as sharing is caring. Let us know your thoughts on this blog.

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