24 Things to Know for Effective Social Media Marketing

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How to increase online sales? A challenge faced by every business or brand! In today’s world, it is a very daunting task to start and stand out from thousands of other ecommerce sites. For attracting visitors to boost online sales, social media marketing is the thing you need right now! To give you a better understanding how it will be beneficial for your business? See the following steps and tactics to make your social media marketing strategy effective and way to increase your online sales.

8 Steps for Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Follow these steps to make your marketing strategies on social media more effective:

1-  Do an audit for your current social media presence, to know where you are standing. Outline on which network you are active, are your networks optimized that include photo, cover images, bio, URL, etc.). Find out which network is bringing most value of visitors, and compare your profile with your competitors.

2-  Learn and document the requirements of your customers. This knowledge will help you to sell your products and services well by knowing the need of customers.

3-  Don’t limit your understanding to the needs, also understand their problems, so that you can provide the solutions and can focus on buyer personas. Learn about age, location, job title, income, most used social platforms.

4-  Outline your social media mission statement to create a unique identity for your business.

5-  Identify key success metrics, if you are not able to improve them, then you can’t succeed. Few metrics are conversion rate, reach, sentiment, shares, time spent on a website. Work for all these metrics.

6-  Writing accurate and engaging content is the key to attract customers. Personalized content will do the job. Some ways in which you can create content is images, videos, blog posts, infographics, eBooks, interview and company news.

7-  Investing in the right social media management tool can take you a step ahead. Create your content calendar to post ahead of time. and schedule posts in your management tool according to your content calendar.

8-  Track your results, analyze your data and make tweaks to optimize them for better performance.

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16 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Speed Up your Online Sales

Today, no one can deny the role of social media marketing in increasing sales and building relation with the customers. The benefit is not limited to this, it also provide you a two-way interaction with consumers. Through this, you can get a valuable feedback regarding your products, industry, and even about your competitors. Furthermore, it is also an effective testing ground for various ecommerce brands.

Now let’s dive into the tactics that can help you to achieve your desired results:

1. Frequent Posting of Engaging Content is Prerequisite

As mentioned earlier in the step, content is the driving force to attract consumers. Outline your content marketing strategy to get better results. If you are looking to grow your following over the time, then you should post your content consistently. You should also see the posting frequency and engagement rates of your competitors.

How to Do: You should schedule your post to stay ahead. Hootsuite and Buffer are two helpful tools to schedule your future post. With the help of these apps you can schedule your post to your social networks. Other than this, you can also use various other apps to get this work done.

Learn more about the importance of content marketing

2. Produce Micro Content for Social Feeds

Today in this digital age, everyone is in rush. They are browsing, reading, learning all at the same time. So, people are looking for the things that are precise and have a value. The strategies of social media marketing work well on platform made for quick experiences just like Snapchat.

How to Do: For instance, if you related to fashion industry and you are going to tell about the tips to dress properly. You have total 12 points to tell. If you will divide the content into small pieces, it will be easy for the audience to read instead of reading the entire article, that need time.

3. Use Review App to Have Product Reviews

The reason to use product reviews is to create trust that help you to increase your online sale. You should post reviews directly to your pages. Content with reviews make the reader to engage with you about your products or services on social media platforms due to which online sales increases.

How to Do: Yotpo is review app that you can use. It automatically enable the customers to leave a review after they have made the purchase. Shopify is using this app for receiving reviews.

4. Engagement-Plan Twitter Chat with Your Audience

As mentioned earlier, engagement is must to stay in touch with your customers. This is important to keep your audience alive and updated about your products and services.

How to Do: Twitter is a great platform to connect with your audience. Take part in ongoing chat or start your own. Co-hosting will give you existing audience but if hosting your own chat then, this required advertisement. However, after this practice, you will be able to develop authority for your brand or business.

5. Make Sharing of Your Products Easier

You have heard that “Sharing is caring”. If your products or services are not easy to be shared then your marketing strategy is not up to the mark. This element is needed for reaching to your audience. Furthermore, make sure that your users can easily access your social media buttons for sharing.

How to Do: In some cases, you might have changed the look of buttons for sharing according to your website visuals. Due to which they might not being used or easily accessed by the customers. So, it is better to bring back the original color used on buttons. So, if you want to avoid this situation use an app AddThis. This app is having its own analytics and will assist you in optimizing positioning and layout.

6. Response Actively to Right Hashtags

The hashtag is playing an important role and make it easy to join a conversation and event by posting under the one related to your brand. If you are not able to find the relevant post, then you can use a tool like Hashtagify to figure out hashtags related to your target. Be careful when using the hashtags, every platform has his own working criteria like:

1-In Twitter one hashtags properly placed develop more engagement as compared to the tweets with three or more.

2-In Instagram post with more hashtags generate more engagement. There are even 10 plus hashtag in the post.

3- No need to use hashtag, simple post does a better job in Facebook.

How to Do: Being specific is the key to success. For instance, if you are a fashion brand then it is better to go for live-tweeting or covering high profile events to provide information what celebrities are wearing. You don’t need to just copy the hashtag, you must contribute in the conversation that is productive and looks natural.

7. Always Post a Trending Topic

People always search for trendy and updated things. If your aim is to attract more audience, than you need to give something new to your customers. You can choose the trend of hashtags as mentioned earlier or you can add record a clip using your voice to tell about the latest happening in world. AR is the good example of this practice.

For instance, Pizza Pops, explain about the hype of Pokémon Go Craze with a GIF. In tweet it was written: Note to self: throw the Pokeball, eat the Pizza Pop. Don’t mix them up. #PokemonGo #GottaEatEmAll

trending topic

8. Investing in Infographics is Good

To drive traffic and to build backlink you need to invest in infographics as they are good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The cost for the quality infographics varies greatly according to the skill of the person you are going to hire, but doing this will be worth the investment. You can always consult Marketalist, digital marketing agency for online marketing services.

How to Do: To get idea about infographics, visit Visually. After you have finalized the topic after research, outline the points you will add in your infographics. Your info should be precise. Send the detail to professionals or if you are on DIY route, then take help from tools like Canva or Piktochart. For instance, if you are selling appliances educate your audience about your product. Outline its main features, efficiency, cost comparison, why it is better than other product, and more in form of infographics. This message will be compelling. Many other sites of blog and even news site will feature it or link back to it.

9. Develop Quizzes and Create Interactive Content

Quizzes are way to interact with the people. Due to Buzzfeed, quizzes have made a comeback.

How to Do: These pieces of interactive content work well on social media platforms. You need to create a quiz that tells people something about themselves or about their knowledge. In this way, they are compelled to share it to reflect themselves. If you are building for yourself, Playbuzz is free of cost and easy to use tool for developing interactive content.

10. Place your Best Posts on Top of your Website

Engaging with people on different social media platforms is not limited to provide an opportunity to build an online presence. But it also gives a chance to those people who connect with you to see your content and social media feeds.

How to Do: You can do the following things:

1-You can do this by updating cover photos or banner. Create eye catching, photo and banner to boost your sale.

2-Your bio or profile should have links.

3-Strategically pin post at the top of your feed.

Keep those posts on top that have been liked or retweeted by many. This will show your customer engagement to the new customers.

11. Make a Complementary Board on Pinterest

It is a good way to provide an additional value to the customers. Provide information and deals on complementary products that you are not necessarily selling.

How to Do: For instance, if you are selling hiking shoes, feature products like water bottles, backpacks, or more on your Pinterest Board. In this way the other brand or website you are promoting on your board will take notice of the incoming traffic via your Pinterest account. But if they are not noticing this, talk to them to adopt the same strategy, so that they can send the traffic back to you.

pinterest boards

12. Work for Shoppable Instagram

For brands one of the biggest challenges is to do linking on Instagram. This problem is a hurdle for bringing  sales and traffic to your website. To avoid this, you need to make your Instagram Shoppable.

How to Do: You can put a virtual tag on your product photos. By this, mobile users can click on the price tag to know about the product detail for making purchase. It is a seamless way to meld Instagram and ecommerce.

13. Consider a Facebook Shop

What if we tell you that you can sell your products at Facebook! It can be a new way to sell your products on your Facebook business page by just creating a shop section.

How it Works: In this, you will connect your online website store with the Facebook shop section. Due to this, user can make buy products within the Facebook interface.

14. Participate or Create Your Own Facebook Group

Just like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, Facebook is also online community. You can join them to engage with the audience. There are multiple group on the Facebook, you can find related group to your business and can join to interact with the audience. You can also create your own group if you are having the resources. By creating a group, you can add member related to your business. In this way, you can develop trust, communicate with them and credibility in the group to make your members interested in your product or services.  

15. Retargeted Ads – Test it

For business pages, it is becoming difficult to pull customer to the News feed organically. Paid retargeted ads is a crucial component in many website marketing strategies. You get more control on targeting who want to see your content as compared to your audience by organic efforts. You can start this practice with as little as $50.

How to Do: Retargeted ads, will send ad to your users who visited to your website. You can personalize your ads based on the user behavior.

16. Go for an Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing is holding a significant place in marketing strategies.

How to Do: You need to find out an influencer who has already engaged the audience according to your target market. You can contact them to share your post. They may ask for a free product in return or payment depending upon their reach.

Effective social media involve great content, scheduling product-related post and improvising whenever possible. You should think outside the box in order to come up with some new ideas for creating unique identity for your business or brand. Looking to get SMM services for your brand or business? Contact Marketalist, an experienced social media marketing company to achieve the desired results. Our professionals and experienced team members will study your business and will implement the strategies that work best for your business to increase your sales.

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