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4 Effective Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Google

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Today in the digital marketing world, everyone is looking for a way to increase the online visibility. No one can refuse the fact that one of the best ways to do this is to improve your ranking on a search engine. If you are planning to do it, then you have to work hard and invest some efforts.

We all know that SEO marketing strategy needs time before magic begins . You can’t expect that you are just writing the blog, publishing it and you will be getting the traffic instantly. You need to have a proper strategy where you are going to invest your time and energy to achieve your goals. When you will be having a plan, then it will be easier for you to focus.

No matter what! Whether you are going to launch a website for the first time or looking for a way to optimize your previous one. You can follow the below steps to increase your visibility to get found on Google:


1- Keyword Research -Take the First Step

SEO keyword research is the crucial step to increase your visibility on Google. Keywords and phrases act as an identity for your brand because your customers use them to find you on the search engine. This not only includes the one or two keywords, it also includes the long tail keywords as well. The users sometimes use long tail keywords to narrow down their search. In the process of keyword research, you need to do the following things:

Brainstorm to find the best: To trigger your keyword research, first, you need to brainstorm some potential keywords that are relevant to your brand, product, or services providing to your customers. This practice will give you a start to find the keyword that will help you to attract the potential traffic. When you are brainstorming you should also think about the long-tail keywords.

Keep one thing in mind that the list that you prepare will not be a perfect one. But this will give you a nice jump start to narrow down your keyword list.

Expand your Keyword List: Once you have compiled initial keywords list, it’s time to expand your keyword list. Some of the SEO keyword research tips are:

  • Do local keyword research. Localize your keyword by adding your business area along with the service you are going to provide. E.g. If you are giving SEO services in your local area Boston, then your keyword will be in this way Boston SEO company. In addition, you should also find low competition long tail keywords.
  • You can take help from the Google suggestion as they appear when you start to type.
  • Give a look at the similar searches. They are available at the bottom of SERP. Review and pick if anyone is relevant to your brand.
  • You should also look at your competitors by carrying out a competitor keyword analysis. See what they are ranking for and you may add some keyword from there on your list.

Find out Keyword Volume and Difficulty: After preparing your list you should investigate are those keywords worthy to be used? For this, you can look at the search volume of the respective keyword on Google Keyword Planner. After this, narrow down your keyword list to pick the keyword that are having high search volumes and relevant to your business.


2- Craft Optimized Content for Search Engines

The next key ingredient that you need to find on Google is the search engine optimized content. Now, you have made your keyword and phrases list so, it’s time to create content that revolves around them. Your content is important because it will be crawled by the search engines to find the keyword for providing the right results to users according to their search.

Content is an on-page SEO factor that helps you to boost search engine optimization. Content is one of the top three ranking factors considered by Google. So, it is best to invest in producing and publishing quality content. SEO content marketing just not only benefit your SEO strategy but also plays a vital role in your digital marketing campaigns. You need to produce a content that focuses on your customer needs and you can educate them properly about your products and services.

Great content is a prerequisite to achieve your goals. Now, you might have a question in your mind that how to produce a quality that is good from SEO perspective. We have the answer you need. When preparing your content strategy for SEO you should keep the following points in your mind:

Informative and Quality: A 500 words blog is fine but now many of the top searches are having a word count of 2000 or more words. This word count helps you make your post more engaging, helpful, and hold the reader’s attention for a longer period. But remember quantity does not means that you forget about the quality.

Easy to understand: If your business is related to a complex industry, then still you need to ensure your content is easy to understand. When you will write your content in chunks, use headline and bullet points. It will be easy for your reader to go through your content and will enhance the SEO value.

Update content: Google like the content that’s is updated and same is the case with the user. The website that appears on the top gives the most relevant content. So, it is very significant to update the content you should also update your top performing older posts so that they can be ranked again.

Rich Organic Keyword: The practice of stuffing keyword no longer exists. Now, you have used the keywords organically in your entire content. Your keyword should look natural instead of being used by force. Proper use of keyword will improve your keyword ranking in Google.  

When writing the content, you should also focus on the format of your content. This will help the search engine to easily find and understand your content. First, you should add your keyword in the first 100 words of your blog or website page. You should also add the keyword at the beginning of your title. Furthermore, you should also use your keyword at least in one of your H2 heading along with the description, meta-tags, and URL. If you are using images in your content, then use your keyword when possible in the title of your image, captions, alt text.


3- Pay Attention to Off-Page SEO Elements

Publishing quality content is the starting point of your journey. Your keyword research and optimized content will not benefit you if you are not doing off-page SEO to support it. Off-page work is required to drive traffic to your pages and show it to Google that they are useful and relevant.

Off-page SEO assist you in attracting the traffic and building quality backlinks. If a reputable and relevant website are linking back to your content, then this the proof that your content is useful and it is having a quality. This all will be done by having an effective link building techniques.

Off-page SEO activities are important to secure good ranking so, following are some of the activities that you need to do:

  • Share your content on social media platforms. More you will share, more will be the opportunities to connect with new customers and you will get backlinks to your content as well.
  • Write guest blogs as it will extend your reach and drive backlinks to the content. For this, you need to find the relevant blogs and publication that will allow you to post your guest blogs that will be relevant to your traffic. And don’t miss to link back your own website in the guest post.
  • Try to get the help of influencers by developing an influencer marketing strategy. The influencer of your industry will have the attention of your targeted audience. This will expand your reach and benefit your business by building the relationship with influencers and engagement with the content. In this way, there is an increased chance that they will share your content with their audience or even backlinking your content.
  • Do comment on other blogs. This is a way to build relationships with other blogger and you can take the opportunity to embed your link in the comment section when appropriate.
  • Join online communities like online industry chat forums, LinkedIn groups, and private slack channels. Join these communities to share the link of your content along with building authority.
  • If you want to draw more attention to your content, then you should convert your blog into a video. YouTube is a great platform and by posting video you will be able to interact with 3 billion active users. When posting video as part of your video content marketing, ensure to add a CTA in your video that links back to your website.


4- Monitoring and Testing

SEO is always changing because Google keeps on changing its algorithm. It is very important for you to stay updated with latest updates so that you can alter your strategy accordingly.

It’s not only the SEO practices that change but same goes for your keyword that your customer is using to find your brand. So, for a brand, it is important to analyze the web traffic and monitor the performance of different keyword. Furthermore, you also need to keep an eye on the potential reasons, if your rankings are getting lower. You should always follow the SEO trends and techniques to perform well and get more sales.

You need to keep a track of your strategy to find out which factors are having impact on the performance by evaluating your tactics and content. Another option is to try out A/B testing to see which content is best for your audience.

The A/B test is one of the good ways to see which elements are impacting your SEO and website traffic. In an A/B testing you will create a control and variable content. The second content will be similar to the control but will have one or two elements changed in comparison. After this, you will test these pieces of content to see which is best and liked by your audience.

A/B testing is a good way to analyze different SEO tactics but you can‘t only stick with the testing. You also need to analyze the data collected by tests to see your performance. Once you get insights from testing, then it’s a time to apply those findings in your future campaigns. In this way you can get the best results and a good return on investment.


Need Help to Increase Your Online Visibility?

SEO is a useful thing but it needs time and resources to get the desired results. For this, you need a team to do the work but if you are not having it, then you need to hire an experienced SEO company for the job. The company will help you in building and implementing the strategy that will increase your visibility on Google and benefit your business.

Marketalist can help you in this regard. We are having a team of professionals that will help you in achieving your goals. Our team will take all the required steps to increase your visibility on Google and improve your conversion through an effective SEO strategy. Still having questions? Ask us, we will answer them!

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