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5 Blogging Strategies to Increase Sales for Small Business

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Increased Sales!!! Every business is looking to achieve this. Small businesses are especially struggling to enhance their sales and make it consistent. There are traditional sales tactics that you can utilize to increase the sales. Attracting potential clients is the main target of every business. So, for this, you need to look around and you will know that digital marketing services are the key paths to attract potential customers for your business and elevating your sales. Small business blogging! Yes, you heard it right, it is one of the way that can help you grow your small business.

Small business blogging can assist you in attracting the right audience 24/7. And in this way, you can easily generate leads that will result from product or services buying each month. According to HubSpot research, small business blogging can help you in getting 67% more leads in a month as compared to those who don’t do it. To make your understanding more clear, following are some statistics listed below:

  • In US, 61% of the consumers have bought something online after reading the blog post.
  • Small businesses blog generates 126% more leads.
  • Websites having a blog have 430% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links.
  • Through blog content, 70% of the consumers learn about the company.

One of the great benefits of blogging for business is that you will be positioned as an authority and a valued resource when your content is helping your target audience. When audience starts trusting your advice then the chances of buying the products or availing services increases.

In this, no pushy tactics are involved. So, it means that your sales will start at a time when your potential customers are prepared to buy your products or avail services. Furthermore, when your sales will happen organically, then you will see a good growth pattern. If you are planning to get consistent leads, then it’s time to take small business blogging seriously. In the below blog, we will be looking at the five tactics to do blogging for small business:


1- Constantly Publish Blog Post

Starting a small business blog can be one of the best tools that can be used in your digital marketing efforts if you are using it right. Consistency is one of the ways that can make or break your blogging efforts. You need to understand the importance of the blogging if you are looking to get more sales. More you will be consistent in your efforts easier it will be for you to achieve your goals.

Many of the businesses think that it is okay to post occasionally but that’s not the case. You can only win your audience trust when you are posting your blog constantly. No matter whether you do blog posting weekly or daily, your reader then expects something valuable from your blog and then it is part of your job to keep those expectations in your mind. According to the statistics, by orbit media, 22.5% of the businesses post blog on daily basis.

One of the great benefits of publishing a blog on daily basis is that you are able to drive more search traffic along with the social media traffic on your blog. Your every new blog will act as a new door to invite more visitors to your site. Furthermore, people get interested in your blogs and then you can easily convert your visitors to potential customers.

You might be having a question in mind; how do I make my business blog successful? Following are the ways through which you can generate more sales and  make your business blog successful:

Build an authority: This is not a hidden fact that people buy from those companies that have authority due to unique content creation. It takes time to create quality content but this will pay you in a longer run.

Stay loyal to readers: If you are not posting your blog for a long time, then your reads will move towards your competitor. This will decrease your sales and you will lose your reader loyalty ultimately.

Google should be happy: For business blog, search traffic is imperative. When you will upload the fresh content, then Google will favor your website as compared to other websites who are not posting fresh content.

When you will be posting consistently, your readers will spend a good amount of time in reading your content. This decreases your bounce rate and your web pages will be crawled by Google consistently. More traffic will lead to enhanced awareness that finally results in increased sales. To achieve your goals content is the key so, you should get content creation services from professional companies if you are not able to create it on your own.


2- Provide Extensive Information of Each Topic

On the internet you have a vast array of topics and still, there are many that need attention because they are unnoticed. There is no reason for creating a content when no one will read it. How this piece of content will generate sales when nobody knows whether it exists or not? A successful small business blogging does not mean that you need to create content that is important instead,you need to generate new ideas and should discuss every relevant topic in detail with your  audience. This detailed content will help you in getting more sales. According to the Orbit Media statistics, the businesses who are writing the content of 2000 plus words get strong results.

It’s a common belief that in-depth content is ignored but with this, you will get more links and shares. In this content, you are able to touch those points that nobody discusses. In this way, you can discuss your selected topics with a different angle and you will also get valuable content when you go in depth. According to statistics given by Michael Kitces, the content with 2000-3000 word count get share more on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (obsolete now), and LinkedIn.

You need to develop trust with your target audience so that they become confident when they buy from you. When creating the content, you need to keep three small business blogging tips in mind as listed below:

It must be useful: If you are writing a content of even 5000 words that is not useful, then there is no need do it. It will be just a piece of content having no purpose. You should identify the problems of your readers and offer a real solution to help them out. You should offer them useful advice so that they can trust you and buy useful products to solve their real problems. Furthermore, useful content will give a positive image of your company that will compel your customers to buy from you.

It should be unique: If you look at the web, you will figure out that only a small percentage of a small business blog is having unique content. Such companies know the fact that unique content is engaging. The unique content will help you in securing a good position and your reader will get unique offering from your side in terms of content. This will also help you in making your products and services shine out as compared to others.

It should be entertaining: People on internet give a short attention and easily get bored from the content. If you are creating in-depth content, then you should also make it entertaining as well. You need to be creative when delivering information and ensure that you embed pictures to explain your information. When you will make your content entertaining, then people will be happy to connect with you and even buy from you.

When you have in-depth content, you will be able to build a strong foundation for creating relationships with your potential customers. In this way, you will be able to earn about more leads and sales along with a good brand image.


3- Embed Long-Tail Keywords in Your Blogs

To enhance your position in the Google SERP, you need to add long-tail keywords. By adding these keywords, you are able to drive relevant organic search engine traffic to your website. The 3 or more-word keyword phrases do not have huge traffic on their own but they can assist you in generating a good amount of traffic. According to studies, long tail keywords are responsible for 70% of search traffic, that’s a huge number. You might be thinking, how do you find the long tail keyword? You can take help of long tail keyword generator tools for getting the keywords for your blog.

Head keywords that increase sales are appealing because they are highly searched, so if you are ranking them, then you will get a huge traffic. The problem is that there is a big competition for these words so your chances to bring it on the first page of Google is not so easy.

Most of the brands are not optimizing long tail keywords so, small businesses get the chance to generate high and targeted traffic. Furthermore, these keywords are buyer-intent keyword so, they can increase the sales.

Selecting the longer variation of keywords even if  they have small amount of traffic will be a smarter move indeed. In this way, you will end up ranking variation and it will help you in getting constant traffic. So, if you have not created the content around the long-tail keyword now, it’s time to start doing this.


4- Integrate Product Mentions in Your Content

Relevancy is very important element when you are planning your blog content. Developing content that is relevant to your niche is essential. It is one of the imperative element in the small business blogging. When you are creating a blog that can be related to your product or services, then you should add reference to it.

The idea behind this point is to recommend your services or product as a best solution in a nice way. When you are mentioning your product in your blog post ,it is not all about selling it to the visitors but more about helping. In this way, you are giving a reference to your product or services that adds value to your blog.

A simple mention of your products and services in your blog can be very helpful,but, it should not go out of context. Here your content marketing strategy will play a vital role because you need to design your content properly that should be beneficial. You should mention your product skillfully in your blog.

Remember one thing, don’t be pushy in adding content. Your aim should be helping people in organically discovering your products or services. If you are doing something with force it is recommended to avoid this approach.


5– Add Appropriate CTA’s at the End of Content

When we are creating blog, it should have some purpose that useful to the reader. You are not only laying a foundation to get increased sales but you are also strengthening it slowly. Writing a good blog is half of the job done, the next part of the job is to convert your readers into customers.

You have developed trust and your audience are reading your content but now you need to show them the right direction where they can move to your offers. Your blog is the way to educate your audience and convince them to subscribe to your list or even do buying. In the end, you attract them toward the offers with the help of a call to action button.

If you want to get more benefits, then you need to place the CTA at the right place. For example, if you are placing your CTA at the end of the first paragraph, not many people will click even it is placed at the top. The reason is the audience has not read your blog yet. So, it is better to place a strong call to action words at the end of your blog post.

CTAs should be placed at the end of content and should be relevant to the topic. When people read or just look at your blog, CTA’s placed appropriately helps in conversion. This CTA should be detailed and should provide a good reason to the reader for taking an action. You should make it large so that it can’t go unnoticed.



If you were not using these strategies in your blog till now, you will be using it in the future. When you will implement all this in your small business blogging you will definitely see the results. Furthermore, if you are looking to get content services, local SEO services, and more, then you can contact Marketalist for the job. We are a Boston SEO marketing company that has expert marketers, content writers, seo experts to guide you in right direction to get you more sales for you small business.

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