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5 Social Media Platforms – Pick the Best to Attract More Customers

social media platforms

Social media is a powerful tool in this digital world! No one can ignore the importance of social media because it is a great platform to put your brand in front of a new audience. Social media marketing strategy is an effective way to get a prominent place on the online world. Previously, people use to ask is social media necessary? but now the question is which platform should be the best for my business?

Keep one thing in mind, taking a start on social media marketing channels is not easy because you have to first build the audience, create content, engage followers and then make fans. You might not have the budget or time to perform all the tasks at once. So, it is better to get the answer of the question, which social media platform you will be using?

To help you out in this scenario, following is the guide to answer you about which platform is good for your business and you can attract more customers through it. Below, we will get an overview of the marketing structure on each platform and the offering of each platform in terms of engagement and exposure to your business.

Let’s get started!


1- Instagram Marketing

Instagram has emerged as a powerful social media platform. The number of people on this platform has increased to 1 billion in the past five years. One of the great things about this platform is that users are active on daily basis. So, a proper Instagram marketing strategy will increase the chances of high engagement as compared to other platforms.

The nature of Instagram benefits the business that is having a visual product. Due to this reason, a business that lies in artistic niche develops more on Instagram. While any business that is having a visual story to tell, attract and engage will also get benefit from this platform.

Instagram platform consists of images and videos but you also get the option of Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. If you want to excel on Instagram, then you need to post quality images. It should not be just a picture but story of your product. It should also highlight different aspects of lifestyle promoted by your product.

Instagram is a high engagement platform, so you need to be ensure that you are engaging your fans and followers in an exciting and new way. If you are getting the Instagram marketing services, then they should do the same for engagement.

Facebook now owns Instagram so, now you can use this platform and Facebook ad platform simultaneously. You can also target specific groups of people with your Instagram ads. The best part is these ads appear as native content in the user’s feed without disrupting the user experience. Looking to get Instagram marketing services, get in touch with an Instagram advertising agency to get the desired results.


2- Facebook Marketing

The social media marketing benefits can’t be ignored. There are many social media platforms but Facebook is still holding a vital place of all. This platform has 2 billion monthly active users that make it one of the popular network on the list. The 61% users have the age in mid between 25 and 54.

When you are using Facebook properly it will be a great platform that can benefit your business. You can easily develop relationships and generate leads along with attracting customers. If we talk about demographics, Facebook is having a proper community and this is the reason every small business is having a Facebook Page. Irrespective of your target either it is men, women, seniors, teen, high income or low income people, you can find the desired audience easily.

This makes the Facebook an ideal platform for the businesses that are having varied target customers. It not only helps you reach the audience but also help you to fulfill your business goals. The brands use their Facebook page for the following reasons:

  • Generating brand awareness.
  • Getting more leads.
  • Attracting traffic to the website.
  • Providing quality customer services.

Facebook is a versatile platform that is significant for any business irrespective of their size and industry. Now, let’s talk about the content that you can use on Facebook. You can post videos, images, quick text updates, post links back to your website and even a conversation in the comment section of the post.

The key element in Facebook marketing is to post content to show the different sides of your brand or business. Facebook gives you a wide range of audience but to attract them you need to do your best because the competition is very high.

One of the great benefits of Facebook is its Ad marketing. There are different types of Facebook Ads that enable you to attract your audience through ad targeted features. This is best for the businesses who know about their target audience. If you are planning to set up the Facebook ads then you should develop a proper Facebook marketing strategy for your business. You can also take help from by professionals as they will help you in setting up and managing your campaigns. Furthermore, get in touch with experienced companies to inquire about the Facebook advertising cost.


social media marketing channels


3- Twitter Marketing

Twitter social media marketing is best for those businesses who want to deliver the messages and want to communicate with leads or customers. This platform gives you the opportunity to put news, announcements, and important information in real-time.

Most of the users on this brand are under 50 so its ideals for brand that are targeting the younger audience. This platform is perfect for the businesses that are producing digestible content. Content like how-to articles, listicles perform well on twitter. Furthermore, simple content like images, statistics, quotations, facts, and images perform great on Twitter.

The most unique thing about this platform is its real-time messaging. It is a great platform for customer service. When a customer is facing an issue, he or she can tweet your business and will get a response in real-time.

Twitter marketing strategy benefit your business in the following ways:

  • It helps you to generate leads
  • A way to build awareness.
  • It enables you to create a positive opinion.
  • Helps in building a community.
  • It provides support.

If you are regularly updating your blogs and enjoy sharing third-party content with your followers then you can easily get success on Twitter. Relevant hashtags can help you in enhancing your online visibility but you need to have a proper balance between third party shares, branded content, and re-tweeting content from users. If this platform is beneficial for your business, then get Twitter marketing services from experts.


4- LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin is an effective social media platform for B2B businesses that are looking to extend their reach and building relationship with their leads. It is having 260 million monthly users and is one of the most popular professional networking platforms.

It is not a platform that offers a good place to find and engage with your leads but it is also a good place for recruiting new talent. In addition to this, you can also promote your business and build your reputation as an industry leader.

According to the statistics:

  • 51% of companies get B2C customer through this platform.
  • 93% of the B2B marketers believe that LinkedIn is an effective website for lead generation.
  • 80% of the members want to connect with companies to improve their decision making.
  • 50% of the LinkedIn members say that are interested to buy from a company that engage with on LinkedIn.

Now, you can understand the importance of LinkedIn marketing. Following are the five LinkedIn marketing tips through which you can use a steady flow of new client on your LinkedIn platform:

  • Plan your LinkedIn marketing strategy.
  • You should position yourself as an expert.
  • Promote your company though.
  • Grow leads and new clients.
  • Follow on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a good platform for building authority in industry. You can share your content and publish it directly on the platform. This is a great opportunity to share your ideas, insights with your leads, customers, and others in the industry.

LinkedIn ads is also one of the great to reach your target audience. These ads help you to reach professionals and executives along with other decision makers. With these, you can target job title, location, industry, occupation, and more. This is an ideal platform for B2B brands who are looking to narrow down their ads and increase return on investment. If you are eager to know about the LinkedIn advertising cost, then you can get in touch with professional companies to get a budget-friendly estimate.


5- Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is another visually oriented social media platform. It enables the users creating visual digital bulletin boards and to organize them in different categories.

If you are having visual board and are operating under niche industries that Pinterest caters, then this platform is the best to develop connection and engagement with audience. Pinterest has 317 Million unique monthly users soit is a good place to attract new customers. If you look at the audience, then you will see an equal distribution between ages. Female percentage is more in the list of active users. Here’s a Pinterest marketing tip, you can easily search and pin things on Pinterest. The most popular categories are as follows:

  • Fashion
  • Weddings
  • Travel
  • Do-it-Yourself projects
  • Photography
  • Exercise
  • Food/Recipes
  • Beauty

One of the most exciting elements about this platform is that users who find products on Pinterest are more inclined to make an ecommerce purchase as compared to those who are finding product on other social media platforms. Over 90% of the users plan purchases using this platform. So, this make the Pinterest best for B2C brands having goals to boost conversions.

Pinterest ads manager can help you in a good way. Pinterest has promoted pins that are ads. User click on these ads to purchase various products. These ads just like the Instagram appear as native content in user’s feed when they search for particular terms.

Starting your journey on Pinterest can be tricky. You need to understand the platform and use it to your advantage. Similarly, managing content and ads can be a time-consuming task.

Which Social Media is the Best Fit?

Now, you are aware of all the social media channels. The answer to the question, which social media to use? The selection depends on the channels your target audience uses mostly and which platform benefits your brand. To narrow down the choices you need to ask the following question to yourself:

  • On which social media platform your audience exist?
  • On which platform your audience is most active?
  • Which platform is used by my audience for search?

After you review all the platforms and see what each platform can offer you and benefit you the most. After this, you will have your answer. Furthermore, if you are looking to get social media marketing services, then Marketalist, an experienced Boston digital marketing company is the right place for you. The expert team will help you increase your online presence and elevate your business sales.

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