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5 Steps to Create Extraordinary How-To Content

how to content writing

Content Marketing Strategy! SEO strategy is incomplete without this important player. Today every marketer understands the importance of content. Content can be for anything but when we talk about optimized content then that’s a different story.

Optimized content writing refers to the content that is crafted to deliver the message of your brand to your relevant audience. Why you need this? You need it to create interest, engage the audience, increase your traffic, and get conversions.

If we look at statistics, today, 74% of the internet user read the content to know about the products as compared to traditional methods of advertising. Now the audience is not interested in looking at the products or service on your website but they also look at your content to see something useful.

Before we move on to the steps that will help you to create how-to content, let’s discuss the importance first.


Importance of “How-To Content” in Your Content Strategy

In simple words, how-to content can be termed as instructional content. The content that’s providing you some instruction or telling you how you can do a certain job. This content will play an important role in your digital marketing success.

To get productive results you need to think the ideas that can be used in creating how-to content. When you are going to introduce a new product to the audience, it makes sense that you have to create how-to content to instruct and give information about your product to your audience.

The audience is looking for information and shows interest when they get the answer to their question. Other types of content grab attention and benefit your SEO content strategy but the how-to content is a way to connect with the audience and convert them to customers.

If you are new in the content strategy game, no need to worry! You can still fuse your content with instruction content to make it worthy. To help you out following are the five steps that will help you to create extraordinary how-to content:


1- Search is the First Step

Search is the first step in the ladder for creating how-to content. Coming up with ideas to create a how-to content can be easy when you are launching a new product. You can easily write about it.

But when the time is different you need to think and search for the topic to write down the content. To move in the right direction, you need to do some research work.

Start your content research by checking your analytics or using different tools that are developed for content creators. Such tools will help you to generate topic ideas trending according to your industry.

For instance, a restaurant can make a how-to video of making recipes for home parties or family function. In this way, the restaurant will be sharing the recipes and will be assisting the audience to make the recipes.

Don’t limit yourself when doing research. You can use polls and quizzes to get new topics and you can engage with the audience as well.


2- Plan the Way to Deliver the Content

Everything requires proper planning. Once you have got the idea about the content you will be writing, now you need to think about the medium through which you will be delivering it to your audience.

The medium can be a blog or an email. You can also go for a video if it goes well with your subject. You should keep one thing in mind that now people like to see videos and with the help of visual, they get a better understanding.

So, now you have different mediums, so you need to think properly which is best for your business. Other types of content can be created easily but this how-to content need attention to make it right.


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3- Don’t Forget SEO in your Strategy

The idea of stuffing keywords in the content was an old practice. Now, SEO experts are fully aware that the idea is to create content that is helpful for the users not for the search engines.

How-to content development can be difficult keeping the element of SEO-friendly content writing in mind. To make things easy, first, you just need to focus on the content. Create content that will be interesting, informative, and relevant to the target audience. You need to add these three elements in your content because today search engine loves to see them in your content.

When you will be creating content for a user you will naturally embed SEO in your content. Let’s make this clear for you.

How do I make “how-to content” SEO friendly? When you are creating “how-to content” you start your content or give a heading with the phrase “how to..” or “how to do it…” Your audience also searches the answer for their question by typing “how to” or “how to do it”. If you are doing this practice, then your approach will be automatically aligned with your user intent. You will be creating content that focuses on the person need not the search engine. If you are having a problem regarding the SEO for your business, you can contact our Boston SEO agency for the help.


4- Sprinkle Some Visuals

Visuals are important for how-to content if you are not going for a video format. Without visuals your content is dry. People will come to read but they will not be able to develop interest and might not come again.

When your audience loses the interest that is negative for your business. To get rid of this situation, you need to add visuals in your content to make it more interesting. You can add the image of the process you are going to explain or anything that is relevant to your topic in form of visuals.

Moreover, if you are not able to add infographics, images, or graphics then you should break your content to make it visually easy to read and understand.


5- Split Your Content

Once you start getting benefits from the how-to content you will desire to create more. But most of the time when a company reaches the height of success risky choices are made. They create content that is not like by their audience and their audience think that they are out of idea.

To avoid this problem, you can split your content that you have created early and was liked by your audience. You can create a series of how-to by stretching your content.

Referring to the example of restaurant recipes we discussed above. You can now give your audience how-to content for making instant recipes for function, home parties, school function, etc. You can also share how to make recipes that can be served with different types of drinks. In this way, you can create new content or video, that will be small and your audience can easily understand it.


Final Words

In the end, you should only focus on how you can create a good and informative how-to content for your audience. Start your search for new ideas to make it interesting.

You should stick to the topic relevant to your business and pick the medium to share your content. In the start, pick a medium where you feel comfortable and later share your content and information with the world.

If you will be following things properly then there is no one to stop you from becoming a reputed and respectful brand. People will love to read your content and will wait to see what’s coming next!

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