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5 Things to Consider When Writing for Search Engines and Users

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You might be the person who wishes to write content for users and search engines in 2019. But the question is how you will do this? You can plan this by giving a look at those articles that performed well in 2018. You should pick the best content topic ideas that you shared on social media and in your marketing communities.

It’s a fact that most of the articles belong to more than one category. You should be using those articles that offer great potential to place your website on the top of search results. You need to look at those articles to get content writing tips when you are creating articles for your own website or your clients in 2019. Following are the things that you should consider when writing articles for websites and blogs for the search engines and users:


1- Authentic Data and Experiments

We are living in a data-driven society. People use data to prove their point of view, to inform about their next move, and to tell whether to invest in the solution/ strategy or not.

People collect data before they do anything. In 2018, according to Ahrefs, the top Google searches were related to maps, translation, weather, news, calculator, etc. This shows that all these are the basic ways to collect the data for making a decision. Moreover, people are also thinking about the voice search content marketing because voice search has become popular now.

One of the great benefits of marketing is that there is a huge amount of data points. We are more attracted towards number in the decision-making process.

We find those articles useful in which people are testing out various marketing theories and tell you to either try it or stop from doing it.

For instance, some articles like “2019 B2B Content Marketing Research: It Pays to Put Audience First”, “Do Twitter Ads Really Work? A Surprising Experiment: 17.2 Million Views from a Single Twitter Thread”, and more.

What should Marketers Do: It is not easy to collect the real data just to have data regarding a particular thing. Let’s be real no one has all that time to do it.

It is suggested to think about a project, figure out a hypothesis that you can test with regular execution of the project. You can think about a survey relevant to your industry and share it with maximum people.

Collect the data, run experiments, and write about so that others in the market can follow your lead.

The reason this Content Perform Well in Search: In today world, everything is on our fingertips. Thanks to Google, you just type it and you get it. You can collect data to support your project or your theory by doing a search for your topic and you will get all.

Curating data and numbers always perform well in the search engine results pages that are having a focus on marketing. To make your content best in all terms, you should get content marketing services from the professionals to get their assistance.


2- Strong Opinions Work Well

You are familiar that Google, laws and consumer changes with time and due to this marketing evolves after a certain period of time. You might have an opinion on something that is trending in the industry. When you are integrating your strong opinions in the articles as a part of content writing for digital marketing it will attract your readers.

It a common thing that when we read an article either we agree with the author or hate it, share the points with our friends who also think the same about the author. Such types of content topic ideas get many likes, comments, shares, and traffic due to their provoking nature.

For instance, here are some of the titles, Google AMP CAN Go to HellSometime All You Need To E-A-T is a Sandwich and many others. These are some of the articles that were shared across the social media platforms and received many comments. In short, the debate was heated up for these articles. Most of the time you need to place yourself in the discussion and become a leader in conversation to get traffic and build audience.

What Should Marketers Do: If you have a strong feeling about something, then being a content marketer, you should start writing it down. You may face criticism but that’s okay. If you are having an opinion, then prove it with evidence.

The reason it will Perform Well in Search: It’s a common question, how content marketing helps SEO? A strong opinion will not get a featured snippet for sure but it will get shares, comments, and attention of the audience that will help in improving the rankings. People who share their opinion are mostly experts in a specific niche and they have atopic authority to develop a controversial opinion. Due to these reasons, their articles get the attention of people and rank well because they are searched again and again. If you are not good at writing articles that are having a strong opinion, then you can get content writing services from experts to get the job done.


3- Applicative Insights and How-To Content

Proper understanding along with data as discussed above gives us a right path to think. The how-to content provides us with a direction to make the task easier. In SEO communities, people share their insights, data, failures and success stories, and that’s a good thing because it helps you to decide which thing is good or bad for you.

If you are having a problem you can go to Twitter and ask for help from your friends. You will get some advice for the solution of a problem. Such articles that are helping others can be created in form of How-to and when an industry leader does it, the impact will be on a large scale. For example, some articles like, How to rank for head terms37 SEO Horror Stories From the Front lines, and more.

What should Marketers Do: You should write down things and you will be surprised that it will be benefiting others in the same way. Just think of XYZ and try to do something different so that people can see your work and may pick one or two points from it.

If you have found something different, then it is better to go for how-to content writing for that topic.

The reason this Content Perform Well in Search: Everyone tries to search for the things that they are not able to do. So, when you are writing how-to content that offers a better understanding to other people will see your content and this will help in elevating your ranking.


4- Talk About Social Issues in Industry

People are more focused to talk about the trending topic regarding SEO, marketing, digital marketing and more. Most of the time the social issues present in the industry are overlooked. You should try to talk about the social issues to gain some attention of your audience.

There are many incidents that happen but most of the people stay quiet about it but if you are writing on the social problems they might speak up. Some good examples of such content are Let’s Talk about Harassment at Events: How We Can Protect Our Audience?#SEOCHAT Opens Up On Depression Within The Search Industry, and more.

What should Marketers Do: Stand up and break some barriers. Talk about social issues and think about the ways in which you can support other marketers. Some of the topics on which you can write can be how to hire the best people, Right time to quit the toxic job, why it is significant to take a vacation? and much more. When we are honest about the real-life problems and success in the industry, then we can help others and become a good resource.

The Reason this Content Perform Well in Search: Social Issues! It’s a fact. Many people before discussing the problem with friends or family search on the internet to see if this is normal? Is this happening to me only?

When you will be providing content regarding the issues that people are searching it will like opening a conversation for topics that matter. Google is working to provide support for sensitive issues. Most of the time when sensitive searches are made a suicide hotline number is shown as a featured result.

By creating the content, you will become part of the conversation that people are searching on the internet and using it for their issues. Moreover, to improve your content ranking in search engine, you can our Team of SEO experts Boston for the help.


5- Follow Industry Leaders

The search and market industry are having big names that are having a big crowd of  followers. Such people are having a strong opinion regarding a topic and some like it while others hate it. They have built their community by giving an opinion, sharing data to support their point, share trends, prepare how-to and more to attract readers.

They have produced a good amount of content on the internet and now they mentioned, named as author, or quoted at different. By analyzing the things, they are doing, and utilizing their conclusions, we can also move to the path of success.

Some examples of the articles by some of the leaders include Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report 2018, Local Search Hacks You Probably Haven’t seen Before By Darren Shaw, and more.

What should Marketers Do: If you are not a leader and don’t have authority yet, no need to worry. Everyone needs to start and after hard work, they reach the desired point. The leaders have gained success by sharing strong opinion, how-to, data, etc. Their work was liked by others and they produced good results for their clients.

You need to do the same for your clients and business. Furthermore, you should join online communities and participate in the conversation to build your identity. To make your content attractive and immersive, you can get in touch with content writing agency to make your content more engaging.

The Reason this Content Perform Well in Search: Big names in the SEO industry are ranking for a while. They are having recognition in the industry and they build domain on the basis of their reputations. This is all because they are having a large number of people searching for them by their name to read their latest content and thus the content ranks well. To further enhance your ranking, you should contact the SEO services company for expert guidance.


Final Words

Content is the key. You should try to create your content under the above-mentioned pillar and check if this increases your social influence or improve your traffic in 2019. Share your thoughts with us in the below comment section.

Moreover, if you are looking to get content writing services, SEO services, and other digital marketing services to improve the performance of your business on digital sphere, you can contact Marketalist, a digital marketing agency. Hire the professional team to achieve your business goals with proper assistance and get good ROI.

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