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5 Ways for Enhancing Customer Experience Using PPC Advertising

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Customer experience and advertising, these two concepts sound exclusive. Today, when marketers are planning for advertising initiatives, they are also thinking about the impact of advertising. This may sound normal but it’s a big problem.

Most of the time, the digital ad campaign is not focusing on the customer experience or helping customer instead, it’s often self-serving. Does this sound familiar to you?

If you are a digital marketer who is looking to increase the ROI, then your advertising should be according to the customer experience and needs. If you are not considering the advertising your cup of tea, then you can contact an experienced digital advertising company for satisfactory results. To avoid all the pitfall in your business you should keep the customer experience on the top of the list. Following are the areas on which marketers can focus to enhance their digital advertising keeping customer experience on top:


1- Provide Understanding and Emotional Appeal

It’ not a hidden fact that many of the customers fail to see the digital ads to help serve their own needs. Generally, many of the digital ads just focus on serving the need of business with an attempt to get one more sale.

The advertiser that target the need, interest, and emotion of the audience can get the potential customers. These elements convince the audience to open the ad and this altogether might change their perception. Advertisers can use the emotions that include desire, love, ambition, family community, sense of purpose, and adventure. Keep one thing in mind, your message in the ad should not be one dimensional because your audience is not one dimensional.

For instance, you have heard many ads that focus on the weight loss to look smart but it should not be restricted to this. It should also be focusing on the fact how a person can lose weight easily with minimal effort and look smart. This approach will be targeting a diverse audience.

Remember, a poor landing page user experience will impact your PPC quality score. If we talk about PPC advertisers, it is having less real estate to work in their ad copy. Consider ad copy optimization in which the advertising manager is asking a question, why people search for information about buying a car online? The answer is because they want an informed decision and get a good deal at the same time. So, a headline that is “Smart way to buy a new car” is telling well about the need and emotion of audience.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a strong and accurate sense of emotion then responsive search ads (RSAs) can help you out. They enable you to create adaptable ads that align with the text to show wide range of promotional and emotional message. It will also determine that which one go best with the various audience. Once you understand the need and emotion of your audience then you must accommodate all these in your ppc advertising campaigns.


2- Get Maximum Benefit from Targeting Opportunities

One of the big mistakes made by most of the people is targeting the wrong audience through irrelevant ads. To avoid this problem, advertisers are having a wide range of targeting features at their fingertips. All the means of advertising are aimed to target the right audience through ads.

If we look at Google advertising, it has three standards that include language, location, and device targeting. Even after the optimization of these factors still, advertisers miss the targeting opportunities. According to statistics, more than 70 percent of marketers fail to target customers with behavioral data.

If you can break the code, how the customer behaves online you can get a better understanding to boost your ad-targeting efforts. In this, Google’s in-market audiences can assist in digital audience targeting to target those people who have shown interest in the recent topics. For instance, a travel agency can target those people who have recently searched something related to traveling or website related to the topic.

Ad-targeting can be more sophisticated when you are using the third-party behavioral data. That data is collected by the publisher networks that rely on data aggregation tools such as IP addresses, tracking cookies, and form fills.

Furthermore, the user intent based targeting will help you to identify new and relevant leads to target. It will also provide you understanding about the consumer various stage in the buying cycle. Strategically getting benefit from this third-party insight will help you to optimize and customize your marketing message. In addition, you can find more ways to target the right audience at right time.


3- Enhance Website User Experience

When we are talking about the optimization of customers experience it is not restricted to a landing page or ad copy. When people click on your ad, they will reach to your website so what if your website is not providing a good user experience? If you are not focusing on this area, you are not able to provide a good overall customer experience.

It is imperative that you should enhance the user experience on the entire website so that a visitor can easily navigate through it when searching for products, services, or company information. Some of the important user experience factors are as follows:

  • Ensure that your web pages are optimized and scalable to the mobile devices and your content is easy to read on small screens.
  • Increase the loading speed of your website. Your landing page, homepage, and sales pages should load faster. Look properly for the elements that are slowing down your loading speed.
  • Proper navigation is essential. Your visitor should be able to navigate across the pages easily and easily get the information he is looking for.
  • Your website content should be providing the answer to the question of your audience. You should add supporting visuals and proper calls-to-action that enable the visitor to act and convince them to convert.

Generally, improving the user experience on the entire website is a good practice for lot of reasons. If your potential customer can easily navigate the website and get the right information, then this will be a great customer experience through the buying cycle.


4- Deliver According to Their Search

Many advertisers spend a lot of time and effort in creating targeted and dynamic ad that targets the need of searcher. They do this to direct them to a generic landing page after a click that fails to deliver the relevant and targeted message.  

Landing page relevance is a big issue that affects the customer experience. If you are relying on generic pages, then this affect the effectiveness of ads, customer experience, and ad revenue. When people click on a certain ad and reach to a generic landing page that does not fulfill their requirement, they instantly bounce back and look for the competitors. So, it is very important for you to optimize your advertising efforts and ensure that the landing page is closely related to ad copy and user search intent.

One of the good practices to do is that you should use similar words and phrases in your ad and landing pages headline. This will assure the customer that they will reach to the right place. For help you can use dynamic search ads (DSAs). This will ensure that your landing page, search terms, search ads are identical if you are not sure that which page will perform better. Furthermore, you can also choose AdWords targeting options to reach your audience.

For instance, the ad with a headline “same-day appliance repair”, the landing page copy should repeat the same to ensure that visitors have come to the right place and they have got the thing” same day appliance repair” they were looking for.


5- Offer Right Value at the Right Time

Time is very critical in ad relevance. You don’t just need to have a helpful and valuable advertising message but you need to deliver it at the right time to inform audience’s purchase decision and this can put them over the edge of conversion.

Using automation to target in-market audience with the help of Google Ads is a good point to start but this is not enough. Most of the people when search for a product they are having a purchase intent and will buy instantly. So, if your ad does not reach to them, they would have already converted elsewhere.

At this point, predictive advertising can help you. Using advanced data analysis and statistical algorithm, predictive technologies can be helpful. Advertisers can correlate between demographics variables, online behavior, and interest to track down what type of people are interested in products or services.

For instance, powerful predictive advertising could analyze first and third-part intent data and find out the women who read adventure novels will like to buy a special hiking boot. Keeping this in view, shoe retailer can target the potential buyer before they show any purchase intent.

Doing so, you are doing it at the right time. But what if your ad is displayed after 20 minutes a person has purchased the boots online. The answer is simple, it is annoying. Furthermore, the audience may also don’t like the fact that advertisers are tracking their online behavior. So, you need to ensure that you serve the right audience at the right time to stay ahead of your competition.



You need to put your customers on first so that you can work properly to enhance the customer experience with your advertising message. The tactics like emotional appeal, relevant landing page, easy navigation, all these propel your campaign goals that are click and conversions, increased revenue, and high ROI. To target the right audience and make your effort worthy, put yourself in the place of a customer to think creatively. Furthermore, if you are looking to get PPC management services along with other marketing services, you can contact Marketalist, a reputed Digital marketing and SEO agency in Boston. Our professional team will assist you in developing marketing strategies to uplift your business.

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