6 marketing strategies

6 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies – Uplift your Small Business

6 marketing strategies for small business

Budget matters a lot in marketing process. Large scale business will definitely have a big budget according to their goals but small businesses are working within a limited budget. But they are trying to compete with large businesses to attract the audience. So, here’s a question how they are going to compete with a limited budget?

Honestly, there is no magic or back door to win the game but there are some marketing strategies that can help you in uplifting your business. These strategies are cost effective and they will do more for you in terms of marketing within a small budget. These strategies will provide high ROI irrespective of your industry or business niche.

Now, let’s discuss about the top marketing strategies listed below for your small business to boost your business:

1- Search Engine Optimization – Improve Your Ranking

First on the list, we have SEO. It is the key player in the marketing world. It is defined as a process to optimize the structure and content of your website. This is done so that your website becomes easy to crawl by the search engines. You can improve your ranking on the search engine pages by making changes to your overall website and create a content that focuses on the relevant keyword according to your business. The science behind this practice is simple. Higher you rank on the Google, more chances you have to attract the audience.

SEO is very significant for the small business. The reason is consumers who are searching for the brands in their local area use their mobile to find out their nearby location. So, if you have optimized your website and content for the purpose of local SEO, then there are increased chances that you will appear in these local search result done on mobile due to your increased Google local page ranking. Keep one thing in mind, for this purpose you also need to make your website responsive and adaptable to the mobile devices. Your website should have proper navigation and accessibility on a mobile device.

How you can improve SEO for your small business? Start the process with site SEO audit. You can do this by yourself or hire experienced SEO agency. You need this to know where your website stands in terms of search engine optimization. The audit will give you information about your on-page strengths, weaknesses, analysis of your website structure, and content.

There is no doubt about the significance of SEO. But this can be a tricky process if you don’t have proper knowledge or a competent in-house SEO marketing expert in your company. If you are not having the knowledge, then you will not be able to understand the ins and outs of optimizing your website for search engine like Google. One solution to this, is to contact our Boston local SEO company to improve your rankings on search engines.

2- PPC Advertisement – Paid Marketing

ppc advertising strategy

PPC known as pay per click is a type of advertisement in which your ad is shown to the people who are looking for the product or services offered by you. This helps small business to reach their target audience.

You can have a clear understanding from the name. You pay only when a customer clicks on your ad. Platforms like Facebook and other uses the pay-per-click model but we will be focusing on google PPC advertising, in which the ads are shown on Google along with other search engines.

Wondering, how PPC ad work on search engines? Allow us to explain this to you. In this, the advertiser bid on certain keywords that are relevant to their business. After this search engine uses algorithm to show the ads on search engine result pages according to their relevance, validity, and quality.

PPC keyword research plays an important role in PPC just like SEO. You have to bid on the keyword that will be mostly used by your relevant leads. To find the keywords, you can take the help of keyword research tools for free to pick the relevant keyword according to your business. Learn how PPC can help you grow your business?

PPC platform: You might have heard about Google Ads previous it was known by the name of Google AdWords. It can be termed as Google ads campaign management tool.  It is one of the most popular platforms for PPC advertisement. Since a large percentage of the user on internet uses Google as their search engine for getting knowledge about product or services. So, it is the best place to run your PPC advertisement.

Google use your keyword relevancy, quality of landing page, and other factors to give you a quality score. This score decides when and where your ad will be displayed on the search engine as per your related search queries.  

When creating your keyword list, you should ensure that you have added all the relevant, most searched terms keywords, and less competitive long tail keywords to get maximum output. As you know that search trend changes so, you should update your keyword list accordingly for your ad campaigns.

If we try to summarize the PPC process, it will be having 9 steps as listed below:

  1. Do a keyword research
  2. Create your ad
  3. Develop a landing page
  4. Setup your account
  5. Reviewing and Testing
  6. Launching your campaign
  7. Monitoring your performance
  8. Do an assessment of your campaign
  9. Perform analysis of your campaign to get a feedback.

To save your money due to a limited budget you should be familiar with the PPC advertising requirements. If you are not doing it right then you might be losing money as you will be charged on every click made by the user. What are you waiting for? It is better to hire a professional company for this task.

3- Content Marketing – For Engaging Content

Content marketing is heart of marketing strategy. In this, you create and publish quality content relevant to your audience so that they can spend some quality time on your website. The key ingredient to add in your content for making it engaging is by delivering the solution of the problem for your audience. Furthermore, you should understand their need and desires when develop content.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, which can be used to improve your SEO and produce SEO optimized content writing. In addition to this, it also helps you in building a relation of trust with your audience and promoting a good picture of your brand. As a result of these achievements, you get a good return on your investments.

Things to Know: Before you start your content marketing there are some things that you need to know for getting productive results:

  • First, make sure that you have collected all the relevant information about your audience and fully understand their requirements.
  • Developing a buyer persona is a good way to keep your audience in the center of your all marketing efforts. Buyer persona refers to a profile of your audience that includes information related to their preferences, needs, demographics, buying behavior and other information that are important to understand your customer properly.
  • After getting knowledge about your buyer, it’s a time to brainstorm some content topics. Begin the creation of your content with audience’s greatest challenges. When creating content keep in mind what question they will be asking? What information they need before a purchase? These are some points to start creating topic of or your blog, social media posts, eBooks and infographics.
  • When crafting content, it is important to know that where your leads are standing in the buyer’s journey. Different type of content and topic work well for different parts of the funnel.

You need to provide these three things to your audience so that they can make a purchase:

Awareness: This can be given with the help of blog posts, videos, quizzes, infographics, and social media post.

Consideration: For this, you need to provide newsletter, white paper to your audience along with the arrangements of webinars and events.

Decision: Audience will decide about the purchase after going through your prices, case studies, and demos.

Creating and publishing a content consistently is not an easy task. You need time and resource to ensure that your content is relevant and possess a quality to deliver the right message to your audience. If you are not having a good resource, then it is better to get content marketing services from an experienced company for frequent publishing of content.

4- Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for a small business. No customer is going to purchase from you on the first visit of your website. So, you need to stay in touch with your customers once they leave your website. Once you get the visitor’s contact information, then you can stay in touch with audience via email marketing.

Before you implement the email marketing campaign, you need to capture the contact information of your target audience. You can get this information through “lead magnet”, this is a good offer to get your visitor detail in exchange of their email address. You can offer your visitor an eBook, special promotion, webinar invitation or whitepaper.

After compiling the list of your audience, you can design your campaign to build relation with your customers. You can provide different types of messaging to your email list. Mostly, consumer get promotion or sale detail in the email. You can also deliver your valuable content like eBooks, infographics, blog posts, and other marketing content.

Furthermore, email newsletter is also one of the good ways to stay in the mind of your audience. You can tell them about your latest promotions in your newsletter. If you are not having an email marketing strategy for your business, then you can contact Marketalist, to guide you in a better way for uplifting your business email marketing strategies.

5- Social Media Marketing- Socially Connect with your Audience

social media marketing and optimization

The use of social media in your marketing is must! You should focus on building relationship with your customers. When you are going to plan your social media marketing strategy, first, you need to pick a channel on which you will spending your most of the time. Keep the following two things in your mind:

1-   You need to identify which platform is mostly used by your audience.

2-   Select the platform that will attract more audience for your business.

After the selection of your social media channel that you will be using to connect with your buyer. After this, you need to think about what type of content you will be posting? And how often you will be posting the content.

Create your social media content calendar to stay organized. It will help you to stay organized and post your content on time. In case, if you are not having the resources you can contact a professional company to get social media optimization services.

6- Facebook Advertising – Social Media Platform

Facebook is an important social media platform. There are total 2 million small to medium sized business advertisement ads on this platform. There is no surprise in this fact that
Facebook advertising services are effective and cost-effective ways to advertise your product.

You can reach to your desired audience on Facebook irrespective of your industry. Some of the Facebook ads statistics are as follows:

  • 0.90% of the CTR Facebook ads across the industries.
  • 75-90% images account for Facebook ad performance.
  • Facebook Ad revenue is $9.16 Billion.
  • 26% of the Facebook user make a purchase by ads.
  • 20% of the Facebook mobile ad revenue comes from the Instagram.

Facebook ads are easy. The first thing you need is to have a business page on Facebook. After this you will access the ad platform through Facebook Ads Manager. You can access this setting on the drop-down menu on your Facebook account. By clicking on “Manage ads”, you will be able to see all the features related to ads.

Once you have the business page and know about the Facebook Ads manager, following are the five steps that you need to do for Facebook ads management:

1- Choose your objective: You will get many subjective options between the awareness, consideration, and conversion phase of the buyer’s journey.

2- Define your audience: On Facebook you can easily narrow down your audience to target the relevant audience depending on the interest, behavior, demography, and connections.

3- Set up a budget: You are given the choice to set your budget for the ad. You can set the limit either on daily basis or on the overall life of the ad campaign.

4- Create your ad: Before you create a headline or ad copy you need to decide the format of your ad. You should include an image or a video in your ad.

5- Pick the place for ad: You can place your ad on different areas of Facebook and on Instagram as well.

Now, you are ready to take your campaign live! If you are planning to get the most from your ad, then you need to monitor it. If you find that one ad is doing good then it is better to see the factors that are making it better, however the factors can be the graphics, headline, or etc. You need to learn from your previous experience and improve your effort of creating ads for future. If you need help regarding Facebook advertising services, then experts of Marketalist can help you out. Our experts will guide you to implement best marketing strategies for your small business.

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