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7 Most Effective Ways to Rank Higher on Google Maps


Google Maps listing is an essential marketing strategy for your business to ranking higher on Google Maps. It would assist your website in getting searched by more customers, excel you above competitors, and generate more business. Merely, these benefits are achievable only when your listing has substantial visibility, and just because your business is listed. In a specific area does not mean Google algorithm will impulsively rank it for searches in that specific zone,

As a matter of fact, relevancy is one of many components that Google Maps takes into consideration. When ranking a business listing on a website. In the same way, whether you own a local business or a company with numerous locations; you will get a lot of favorable tips for ranking higher on Google Maps and boost your local business. Research demonstrates that Google Maps is the most preferable navigation application app for more than 67% of global smartphone users. With customers frequently looking past the first few results. When looking for a place to go, it’s crucial to ensure your Google Maps listing is optimized for relevant searches. Crucially, your listing ranks higher on Google Maps for such terms, the potential customers are probing for.

The first recipe for ranking on Google Maps is that the topmost three Google Maps listings will also pop up in regular Google Search results if relevant.

Another reason to rank higher on Google Maps is that the things you do to rank higher will enhance your listing and add several ways for consumers to engage with your business. A research states, 86% of customers using Google maps are looking up for a business that generates a lot of opportunities to boost engagement.

Most Effective Ways to Get your Business to Rank Higher on Google Maps

So what are the most effective ways to get your business listing to ranking higher on Google Maps? Similar to on-page and off-page optimizations for local website SEO, there are on-listing and off-listing optimizations for business listing SEO. But initially, you need to get listed on Google Maps and arrogate your listing, which will be discussed later.

1. Add Up Your Business

It’s obvious that you can’t rank higher on Google Maps marketing if you don’t have a Google Maps listing in the initial stage. If you already have a listing on Google Maps, skip that section. If you don’t have a listing or are not sure about it, comply with the steps below to add your business on Google Maps:

  • Visit www.google.com/maps/ or Google Maps app on your smartphone and search for your own business name.
  • If it displays in the drop-down menu with a location next to it, then you own a listing and skip to the next section.
  • If your business name isn’t pop-up in the drop-down menu, you’ll see an other option there to “add a missing place.”

As you click that, you’ll be asked to provide your name, category, and location.

Something to be noted here is that every person in the world can add up a business to Google Maps. So, even if you haven’t done so, it’s still better to check and make sure that your business listing doesn’t exist yet. Don’t you worry: Doesn’t matter who it is, the person who adds up your business to Google Maps does not have access to that listing. Only that person who claims the listing by proving ownership of the business will own that control.

2. Claim your Google Maps business listing

The next step in getting your business to a higher rank on Google Maps is to claim for your listing. It’s because when you add your listing, all you are provided is the name, category, and location; but when you claim your listing, you often provide more details about your business, and the more and more information a business listing contains, the higher it will rank on Google Maps. Most importantly, you can’t do any further steps if your listing is not claimed.

The prior condition to claim your business listing on Google Maps is having a free Google My Business account. If you already have an account, simply draw your Google Maps business listing, choose the option that says “Claim this business” or “Own this business?” and follow the further steps. If you don’t own a Google My Business account, leave this post and we’ll walk through creating an account and claim your business with it.

3. Add Information to Your GMB

For now, you own a Google Maps business listing and a Google My Business account linked with it, so you are prepared to optimize it for a higher ranking in local search results. As I referenced before, the more information your listing provides on Google Maps, the higher it will rank in the search results. For the addition of more information to your listing, sign in to your Google My Business account, and a dashboard will appear with several tabs.

Choose the “Info” tab, which contains your name, category, address, service area, hours, special hours, phone number, website, products, services, attributes, and description. So fill up these requirements carefully.

4. Upload Photos to Your Profile

Google likes it when you add photos to your listings. The first reason is it indicates that you have an active listing of ranking higher in results. Secondly, Google’s photo-recognition technology is progressing and Google is going to start showing images in local search results. The last one is the SEO rule that Google likes what its users like and users like photos in search results and if you do not upload photos in your listing, Google Map will show a generic map image on it.

So, to make your Google Maps raking better, add high resolution and user consumer attractive photos to your business listing that fascinate what it’s like to be at your business. This can be done by visiting the “Photos” tab in your Google My Business dashboard. In the Photos tab, you are allowed to drag and drop several photos and videos simultaneously. In an ideal case, you must have to upload at least one new photo in a day.

5. Respond Google Reviews

Google likes what users like, it’s not amazing that Google Maps gives ranking precedence to business listings with positive reviews. So, how to get positive reviews? Well, as you create a business listing, Google Maps automatically allows your business for reviews but that doesn’t mean you’ll access them.

You will need to be motivated in asking for reviews, and you will also have to respond to them. Responding to reviews whether they are negative or positive inspires them and diminishes the damage of negative reviews and your responses show other prospects how attentive you are to users and how timely you resolve issues. Reviews can be inconvenient, but unless your service is truly poor. As long as you respond properly you can extenuate and even revoke the damage of a negative review.

6. Integrate Your Google Maps Listings

Google will rank down your business with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one business. Remove duplicate listings and senseless information to ensure your listing will rank.

7. Regularly Post To Your Google Maps Business Listing

Similar to Facebook, you can publish posts that display on your Google Maps business listing. Posting on your listing frequently sends an indicator to Google that you maneuver your listing proactively. Moreover, when users are on search engines, they have high attention, so you can get your offers in front of your audience.

Must Experience the Benefits of Ranking Higher on Google Maps

A lot of things have been covered in this guide, so a quick review of all the strategies explained here for ranking higher on Google Maps:

  • Claim your google maps business listing
  • Complete the section of your Google My Business dashboard
  • Keep your name, address, and phone number coherent
  • Describe and categorize your business properly
  • Upload photos and posts to your listing regularly
  • Respond and get Google reviews

Amalgamate duplicate listing Google Maps Business listings are becoming more innovative eventually, allowing users to get the information instantly and make purchasing decisions.

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