seo trends in 2019

7 SEO Trends of 2019 – Stay on Top of Search Results

seo trends 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that helps you in getting higher rank on the SERP and get more traffic for the business. In this, the technical aspects and quality of the content being produced are also included.The successful SEO will be responsible for the following results:

  • High ranking on the search engine result page.
  • Increased organic traffic to a website.
  • A high conversion rate of customers.
  • Increased Profit

Remember one thing! Success through SEO does not happen overnight. You need to invest time and effort to achieve the results in a long run. If you are not able to perform SEO yourself , then professional SEO services will help you to grow your business consistently and organically in the meantime.

Google’s algorithm changes many times a year and most of the time, it is not published. But Google has made its intent very clear. Google’s algorithm like those web pages that are relevant to the users need. Google prefer the following things:

  • High quality and relevant content.
  • Faster loading time.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive web design.
  • Content should be natural and in-depth.
  • Web pages that have many other pages on the web pointing towards it (e.g. backlinks)

Every day Google is trying to optimize the way of delivering content to the user in an effective way leaving behind the black hat tactics. For your ease, we have compiled the list of SEO trends 2019 that will be crucial in 2019.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in!


Local SEO

This may not be the newest trend but the rise of mobile majority market makes it prominent. It is important for the businesses that are on the first page of SERP, those in Google’s local pack, and those being geo-targeted ads for appreciable traffic. Three-fourth of the people will not move on to the second page. As a result, if you are a company that is dependent on the local business vs online and you are not having local SEO optimization, then you are easily giving a big share of the market to your competitor.

By linking your business with a location and building credibility in the community you can easily get the top three Google’s high visibility spot. Your first step will be claiming your business on Google. Almost half of the business owners fail to do this because they are not able to get an online engagement. Some of the other thing that you can do include:

  • Post your address along with the map on your website and copy the same address to your all social media account.
  • Add the location of your business along with the services.
  • You should target the location of your business when choosing the keyword for SEO and PPC. For instance, if you are selling THE furniture, then you can target something like “Furniture showroom Cape Cod”.
  • Pay attention to off-page SEO, SEO keyword ranking, Google reviews, social media, backlinks, and testimonials.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO techniques will help you boost your online ranking other than onsite seo of website. If you are a business owner, then you will know that Google reviews are the driving force for your business. The number of quality reviews is a primary conversion factor for the user. This is important for those who are browsing the web and will personally visit your business. You should encourage your customers to leave reviews as this will be a way to get feedback for your business.

Another form of off-page SEO is the maintenance of the social media accounts. Your account should be active and it should have frequent posts, correct business information, and engagement.  When you are having different social media accounts this will make your business legitimate in front of Google. This happens especially when they point back to your website through a CTA.

Furthermore, creating backlinks for SEO can be the backbone of your SEO strategy as part of off-page SEO service. Backlinks can be termed as links pointing toward your website that are hosted by third parties. Backlink acts a key for credibility in Google’s eyes. If various websites, influencers, and internal navigations are pointing towards a certain page, this show the importance of page without any doubt.

Long Tail Keywords

If keyword research is your strength, then this news is not for you. Moreover, the average business owners are not aware of the significance of keyword and the fact how long tail keyword search can make or break their strategy. Let’s have a little understanding about the importance of keyword for the growth of your business. If you are going to search for an electric car, then what will be your search?

  • “Electric car”
  • “Tesla electric car in Cape Cod”

You can see the difference, it is obvious. The use of long-tail keyword narrow down the search. So, you should identify the long-tail keyword for your business that can benefit you.

Long-tail keywords make many user searches because this is how the people naturally type. You can use long tail keywords tool for finding the right keywords. Even short tail keyword has many long-tail partners that can assist from different result pages.

Consider the example of a headphone, the keywords can be “best headphone under $200” or “best noise cancelling headphones”. It is all about knowing your niche and see what your competitors are doing. Long tail keyword use has two main benefits. One, it is having a lower competition and second, it is having a higher conversion rate as compared to a short tail keyword.

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Keep one thing in mind, people who use long tail keywords are further in the sales funnel. Their search is very specific, they have made the decision, and are ready to convert. So, if your are targeting the most relevant long tail keyword according to your business, then you will get more leads and sales.

Mobile First Indexing (Mobile Friendly Website)

If we look at the statistics, nearly half of all the traffic comes via mobile devices. This figure is rising exponentially. Google also said that they have shifted their algorithm towards the mobile-first indexing. According to this approach, Google will rank the websites that will perform best on the mobile devices.

Now, Google will not prefer those websites that are not scalable to mobile devices, have low readability, slow page loading speeds, and poor navigation. If you are looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve, then you must implement the following:

  • Go for big buttons, large typography, and aligned menus.
  • Use rich snippets so that Google can prioritize your content in a more content-rich manner.
  • Google AMP pages is another way to format your website for better responsiveness and properly streamlined to mobile devices.  
  • Increase your site loading speed this will enhance the user experienced and will lessen down your bounce rate.

Keyword Trees

With the passage of time, the Google algorithm is getting smarter. Now, you can do the activities of stuffing keyword or hiding keyword as whited out text in the background. Now Google does not crawl one keyword instead, it analyzes the keyword that is present in conjunction within the text.

Google is getting better in finding in-depth rich content. This approach is bringing ease for the SEO experts too. Now, experts need to focus on how you can facilitate your users instead of finding the ways to game the system.

Structured Data and Featured Snippets

Google is coming up with new ways to display search engine results. We have previously discussed Google’s local pack SEO and rich snippets. But things are not limited here. Some of the other ways of Google Display results are as follows:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Google Image
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • People Also Ask Boxes
  • Google Shopping
  • Google News
  • YouTube Video

For the business owners it is very important that their product appear on the top results and for this, they need to optimize their content. You should understand that what Google is offering you and choose the best format to support your content. Keeping this in mind, you can easily structure your data that supports the rich snippets.

Furthermore, Google also has some other ways that come with rich snippets/structured data:

  • Calories
  • Store Hours
  • Star Rating

Voice Search

Most of the people are using their phones every time, voice search optimization has become very popular and it is one of the latest SEO trends. In simple words, voices search is a new way to interface data. This is important in the following two ways:

  • 1 search out of 5 searches is voice search so you can target your audience by guessing what they will be saying to make a search. These searches are mostly made by using long-tail keywords and phrases.
  • Secondly, voice search local SEO lies in SEO strategy due to the use of voice translate. Web pages that are programmed for voice translation get a better chance to appear first on the SERP results and useful for numbers of users.


There is no doubt that SEO can make or break your business. According to statistics, nearly 40% of the e-commerce traffic comes from the organic results pages. So, if you are facing any problem regarding the SEO of your business, you can contact Marketalist, a digital marketing agency today! Our expert team will guide you in a better way and will make an effective strategy keeping your business need in mind so that you get the desired results to boost your business growth.

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