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7 Top Content Marketing Trends for 2019 – Don’t Ignore Them!

content marketing trends in 2019

Content Marketing! It’s a time to get serious about it in 2019. Content is the core part of the digital marketing and without it you are not able to communicate and engage with your audience. Content is a central element that exists between the brand and customers. Through this, either you can attract your audience to pay attention to your brand.

If you can connect with your audience with the help of content and build a relation by focusing on their need, then you will see an increase in your sales. This all can be possible by availing the content marketing services. So, without any further delay, let’s talk about the top 7 content marketing trends for 2019 that you should not ignore:


1- Content Marketing Plan is Must!

If you are still not having a content marketing, then 2019 is the year where you should have one. It will help you to organize your content and achieve your goals. You need to think about the ideas for your content, create content, and publish it as a part of your content marketing strategy. These practices will help you to build a relationship with your audience to achieve your business goals.

Smart marketers are already working on their plans and are having a content calendar to engage and delight their audience. If you are one of those marketers who are happy to throw their content on walls of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, then this is not going to help you in 2019.


2- Say No Clickbait – Be Original and Relevant

According to Market Insider research, 78% of the consumer’s purchase intent is increased through the personally relevant content. It is very simple to do. Create your own ideas and create your own content. If you are good at generating ideas then you can hire a writer, consultant or an agency to help you out in creating ideas. You need to stat unique content writing for getting desired results.

If you are one of the lazy marketers copying the viral topics, headlines and fooling yourself that you are creating your own content, then you are wrong. You are just copying and pasting the content, this will not help you.

Now, consumers and decision-makers are getting smarter they are not trapped by the clickbait. They are only looking to see relevant content that can solve their problem easily and instantly. If you do this, then you can earn their trust.

Time is a great asset. You should create content that respects the mindshare and timeline of your audience. If you can do it then your reader, viewer, and listener will like you for this approach. In return, they will give you organic reach and will share your content with their friends or colleagues.


3- Voice Control and Search – Implement It

You will be planning and optimizing your keywords when typed by someone in the search engine on a device. But instead, now, you should think about how your customers are going to ask a question using their voice on their smartphone or Amazon’s Echo?

We see advancement in things and voice search optimization is one of that. Marketers can’t ignore the importance and power of voice search. Some of your content should have quick answers that must show up in a search. Now, you need to think the words that people might say using voice search instead of typing. Furthermore, if you are running a local business, then you should consider voice search local SEO to attract customers in your local community.

One more important thing, you can’t forget about a mobile optimized and responsive website. The reason behind this is most of the voice search is done on mobile. Furthermore, Google now, also prefer mobile-optimized websites in the searches.


4- Micro-Influencers – Try it

Micro-influencer marketing is not a new concept but most of the marketer’s misunderstood it. You don’t need to hire an international celebrity instead you can do it by getting in touch with a local or national leader in your industry. You can even look inside your organization, your employees and even your current customers can be your brand advocates.

You don’t need to find the famous influencers and bribe them to your post on their social media channel. Instead, you should partner with them.

Consider the option of creating co-created content and ask them to post this on their platforms and then you can promote this evergreen content. In this way, the content will last for years instead of a few minutes.

When you are getting into the influencer marketing don’t get trapped by lazy influencer agencies. They will hurt your brand instead of providing benefit. Micro-influencer marketing can be effective for a business of any size. It is one of the fastest ways for brand awareness and true connection with the audience.

Selecting the right influence is a key to success. You should also create an influencer marketing strategy. For this, you need to work on a program to build a relationship, set your goals, and measure your end results. You need to work, it is not just throwing money on influencer and wish to get overnight success.


5- Brand Storytelling

Learning how to tell a brand story is a skill that has not been mastered by all the marketers. Most of the people think that they need to talk about themselves and they want other people to talk about them. This is wrong!

Brand storytelling strategy goes deeper and should cover the three things as listed below:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing this?

It is about sharing your experience with your customers to attract instead of bragging about yourself. There is a big difference between these two things. In your storytelling you need to give the answers of the following question to engage your customers:

  • What is the story behind your success and brand?
  • What hard roads you have traveled to reach this point?
  • How those bumpy roads in your way to success created an amazing experience for your client and why?


6- Focus on Data-Driven Decision

You must prioritize your content marketing strategy, tactics, and plan on a data-driven decision. Keep one thing in mind, you don’t need to be the first marketer on every social media platform that launches. Furthermore, you also don’t need to be the best on every social network.

The thing you should care about is how you can serve best to your customers. When you are working according to the plan based on data and need of customers then you can focus on new things. When you focus on new things, you can try them if they are beneficial for you. Success cannot be achieved by being the fastest. You can only achieve it when you are selecting the right things to win.


7- Try New Format Like Short Stories, Video and Audio

Here are many questions that you need to ask yourself. Have you started video marketing? Planning to start a podcast? Have you tested the use of bot such as Facebook messenger for providing better customer service? If the answer is no, then you should do all this in year 2019.

The secret of success in 2019 is to try new things. You should look at the new formats and medium but you should ditch them instantly if they are not working for you.

If you have been trying long-format content then now you should try the short content. Consider short stories on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, if you have tried short format content, then try long-term content that will rank well in the search engine, will increase your traffic and provide SEO benefits. You can also consult with any professional seo company to help you in this.

Remember one thing, don’t just make a video or podcast instead you should come up with a solid content strategy that will help you to attract your customers. As mentioned above content marketing plan is must so you can share your content in a unique way by telling a good story that touches the heart of millions. Storytelling in marketing can be beneficial for you if you are using it properly.


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