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8 Unique Inbound Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business


Inbound marketing strategies can have some pretty impressive results for those who employ it. In the last post, we looked at some key differences between inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

We understood that the sole intention behind this type of methodology is to establish and maintain meaningful contacts with consumers and potential customers so that they get to fulfill their goals and desires at any stage of the funnel with you.

Inbound marketing is an umbrella term as it encompasses a broad range of tactics and strategies. In this post, we will try to go in-depth and explore different examples of the inbound methodology. We will see how it can be employed by marketers to expand their business.



Keeping a blog is an excellent way to generate more traffic and produce more leads. It is vital to keep your customers informed and educated as they make their way down the market funnel.

If you have picked the digital marketing route for your business then you must know how vital your website is to the process. And this is where blogs come in. Blogs can be beneficial in several ways:

  • Blogs can enhance your Website design and increase your Search Traffic 

Usually, when clients enter their queries into the search engine, they are not even aware of your business or website name.

For example, if your company ‘X co.’ sells mobile gadgets then your potential customer is most likely to type ‘mobile gadgets’ in his search engine rather than ‘‘X co.’’ Therefore, your website must rank among the top pages on the search engine.

By consistently posting high-quality blogs, with the most relevant search words and content you can increase your page ranking with search engines. Higher page ranking translates itself into more traffic.

Hence, it is important to keep your website active and publish blogs as frequently as possible. So that it can be detected as a more active and relevant website by the search engine. It’s a good tactic and one of the most important inbound marketing strategies.

  • Blogs can quicken the process of dropping prospective customers down the marketing funnel

A good blog keeps your clients hooked to your website.

By providing informational content through your blog that responds to customer questions and addresses their concerns, you will be able to transform traffic into qualified leads.

As leads return over and over to read your most recent blog entry, you will be building trust and setting up your image. So that when they have to make a decision, you will be their first choice.

  • Blogs give you valuable insight into what kind of information your clients wish to know

Thinking of new topics regularly also makes you think as your target audience thinks. When writing, you’re almost always thinking about what the readers wish to know and how to best impart that knowledge. 

  • Blogs can make you an expert in the field

Lastly, all that research you do surely does not go to waste. It improves your knowledge regarding a topic and that knowledge is precious. So, writing consistently on a specific topic or item also makes you it’s expert.

According to HubSpot, companies that prioritize blogging and publish them consistently on a regular basis are thirteen times more likely to get a positive ROI. Publishing at least 16 times a month increases web traffic by 3.5x and creates 4.5x more leads compared to companies that publish only a few times a month.

The more educational content that goes into your blog and the more frequently you post fresh content will ultimately decide how much faith can your prospects put into your brand as they make their journey towards the end of the marketing funnel. 



No matter how amazing you write, your prospects sometimes do not have enough time to read it till the end. So, another option is to provide them with a quick visual representation of useful information in an aesthetically pleasing format.  Besides, if the data you are sharing is particularly important. Then there is a decent possibility it will create impressive buzz around the internet. 

Infographics are a great instrument for visual correspondence. It’s one of the important inbound marketing strategies. The most creative infographics are usually the most effective because they capture the prospective client’s interest. Yet, these visuals should not merely lock in the client’s interest but should also help them comprehend the content in it. 

Infographics are utilized by advertisers to: 

  • Display your business’ accomplishments on a landing page or downloadable one-pager 
  • Send a visually pleasing newsletter to convey news or feature a new product 
  • Drive interest via web-based media. Or share the infographic on Instagram or Pinterest. 
  • Gather quotes from influencers, accumulate them in an infographic and compose a blog entry around it
  • Sum up key points mentioned in a white paper or digital book.

Whitepapers (One of the best inbound marekting strategies)


A whitepaper is a type of formally written, well-researched, educational content. It is different from a blog post in terms of its formality. Generally, clients who download a whitepaper expect to be provided with an in-depth understanding of the subject. They reckon it to be at a higher degree in terms of its thoroughness, profundity, authenticity, and worth. Moreover, it should be displayed in an alluring manner. The key benefit of a whitepaper over a blog entry or an infographic is that, apart from offering some incentive to prospective clients, you can require contact data from them which can quicken the conversion process.



E-books are another great tool to establish yourself as a definitive resource of valuable information. Typically, e-books are traded free of cost in exchange for contact data. It implies sincerity and genuineness on your part. E-books offer several advantages which make them an integral part of the inbound marketing process, such as:

  • It enhances your Credibility for long term purposes

Blogposts may help you bring your website among the top pages on the search engine but an e-book allows your business to establish more credibility in the term. Generally, people who download eBooks want to be properly schooled and educated on a topic so a viable design and execution of your message will upgrade your credibility.

  • It is light on the pocket

In spite of the fact that you do have to put some resources in the form of time and assets to create an e-book yet the total costs are negligible. It can take only half a month starting from the introductory idea, to content creation to distribution. 

  • Simple Distribution

Marketers often find it difficult to reach the right type of clients. Most advertisers offer eBooks by means of site download in return for a client’s name, email address, and different pieces of contact data. There are different alternatives as well. You can likewise extend your scope by making your eBook accessible through Amazon.com or other enormous online computerized independent publishing platforms. 

Case Studies

inbound marketing strategies

In marketing, companies write case studies in order to persuade their clients that their product or service can solve their problem simply because it successfully accomplished the same in the past. Naturally, when someone like you or me comes across a story similar to our own, we think that if it can work for someone else, then it can definitely work for us too. That is how powerful a case study can be. It motivates your prospects to paint a vivid picture of how your product can possibly improve their life by relating to another client, while they are still in their consideration phase. 



Video marketing itself may not be a new concept but the way a video is curated matters a lot. Marketers often utilize videos as a means to market their products or services. Your prospects do not always have enough time to sit down and read your blogs or e-books. Nor does everyone has long attention spans. So, a short interactive video breaks down the content in an easy and digestible manner and keeps your clients engaged. It is a great visual tool to explain your business to your prospects. 


inbound marketing strategies

Webinars are a type of seminar conducted online. It has the same lecture-style content but instead of presenting it to a live audience, it is addressed to a restrictive web audience. With this type of arrangement, you get the chance to give that valuable information in an engaging and amicable manner.

By being in direct communication with the brand builds more trust among your clients. You can also request contact information in the form of an entrance fee which makes the webinar a particularly good tactic for generating more leads.  

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Now that we have almost reached the end of our guide. It is important to realize that no matter how smooth your digital book looks or how fresh your web content is unless your prospects can really discover you on their front page.

Ideally, your page should either be in the center or at the top of the web search result page. Else, you’re not driving anyone to your site. So, create high-quality content and incorporate keywords to optimize it so that the search engines consider it to be relevant when your prospects search in their queries.

Or add links from reputable websites so that your content gets considered as one of the top-ranking contents too. The basic purpose is to make websites obvious to people because they do not generally visit sites they do not even know exist. 

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Now that we have discussed all ways you can reach out to the right people for your product or service. So, you can familiarize them with your awesome brand. You must have understood how to pick the right strategy for your brand. Because you do not need to employ all of them. If you have unclear thoughts about our inbound marketing strategies then contact us to curate an effective strategy for you business.

Just pick what suits your brand best and you will be good to go. However, if you are still confused and are struggling to find out the right strategy that will work for business then worry no more! We have got you covered. Feel free to contact our amazing team of professionals at the Marketalist. We are Boston’s Most Distinguished SEO Company and we will be more than happy to guide you through this overwhelming process.

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