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Proven Ways to Boost Business on Google: Google My Business

Once you are into the business world, Google ranking is what you need to worry about the most. There’s no use of your content unit unless it does not come up to Google’s expectations. In this world brands and businesses are trying their best every time to be on the top. Everyone is opting one way or another to boost their business.

Google made this struggle quite easy for us. Instead of finding hundreds of tools and websites to boost your business, all we need is to be a part of Google my business listings, and yup, that’s it! Google will help you itself to rank the highest among your competitors. 

Boost Business on Google

Even if I say that this has more importance than your business itself, Well, you can not wrong me! Don’t believe me? No worries! Keep reading on and know every tactic to boost business on Google!


How to Boost Business on Google in 2021?


Google My Business

Let’s hop on to the first step in boosting your brand, that is, verifying your business in Google my business (GMB) listings. GMB is the core of any business on Google, it is a free tool to associate and get the footprint of your business on Google and its different applications (Google search, Google Maps, etc.). It can help your clients to find your business and to unveil your story. Here, you can check your business and alter your business data.


Give Google Most of Your Information

Google will trust you more if you give it authentic information about yourself. It asks you a series of questions to make sure you are not a fraud and to provide your audience with a genuine look at your page.

There is also an option for you to skip this information but it is advised not to as your rivals may take this in their favor and eventually, Google will rank you lower than them.

Give Google Most of Your Information

Check Your Dashboard Daily

Checking google dashboard will help you maintain a record of your business statistics and will give you an upper hand. It will help you to make sure no one enters false information on your page. Also, check for the updates in the “Google Updates” Section. you can review them and set them as per your need. 


Advantages of Google My Business 

Google my business will not only help you rank well in Google listings but also gives you a handful of advantages. it covers every aspect of your business so far. Let’s see what this can help us in:

  • Data management

Google my Business allows you to have control over the data available on Google for your clients so that they can obtain valuable information regarding the items and services your business provides. When individuals discover your business on Google Maps, they can discover information such as your opening and closing hours, website, and road address. 

  • Collaborate with clients

Your clients and potential customers are your valuable assets. You can peruse and react to the reviews your clients leave for your business. Organizations that add photographs to their Business Profiles get 42% more demands on Google Maps, and 35% a greater number of navigates to their sites than organizations that don’t. 

  • Comprehend and extend your essence 

Discover experiences to figure out how clients look for your business, and where they come from. You can likewise discover data like the number of individuals who call your business straightforwardly from the telephone number shown on nearby query items in Search and Maps. To get the news out about what you offer, you can make and track the exhibition of Smart missions.


How to Rank Your Business on Google Maps?

In this article, we will take a look at all the ways you can use to boost business on Google and rank higher on Google Maps. The first step is to get listed on Google Maps and claim your listing. 


First Things First, Add Your Business to Google Maps

The secret to performing successful marketing on Google maps is, of course, to create a Google Maps listing first. You may skip to the next section if you already have one. We have mentioned all the steps you need to follow to add your business to Google Maps below:

  • Go to Google Maps from Google browser or pre-installed apps on your smartphone. Search for your business name.
  • If your business name appears in the drop-down menu with a location next to it, then congratulations, you already have a listing.
  •  If it doesn’t appear, then you’ll find an option to add a missing place in the drop-down menu. You will be able to enter your business name, category, and location once you click on this option.

Anyone can add their business to Google Maps. So, it would be wise to check if your business listing doesn’t already exist. But this doesn’t mean that it is also controlled by whoever entered it into the listing. Only those you can claim the listing and prove the ownership of the business have control over the list.

Add Your Business to Google Maps

Claim Your Google Maps Business Listing (very important)

Now, if you’re done with the first step then read what you need to do next.

The second step is to claim your listing. Claiming your listing allows you to add many more details about your business other than its name, category, and place. Business listings that contain more information are usually the ones that achieve a higher ranking on Google Maps. The rest of the steps in this guide too can only be followed if your listing is claimed.

Claiming requires you to first make a free account on Google My Business. Once you have an account, select the alternative that says “Guarantee this business” or “Own this business?”. Let’s grab popcorn and read through if you don’t have a Google My Business account. We’ll walk you through the process and help you claim your business.


Keep Your Business Name and Address Steady Across All Mediums on The Web

Imagine, you have a different name for every other purpose or place. Sounds weird right? Well, the same is the case with your business name. Google will not be so happy with your name and address confusing games. 

The consistency of information about your business determines whether Google trusts it or not. If you have a business called “HealthSure Fitness Center.” The name that appears on your Google My Business dashboard must exactly match this name. Any variations, slight as they may seem, such as H. S Wellness Center or Health Sure Wellness Ctr will make it difficult for Google to trust your business. Therefore, the name you chose for your business must be identical on all online platforms such as your official business website, Facebook, and others when providing address information to make sure that you don’t use any form or abbreviation that do not match the actual address, for instance, you shouldn’t use St. for the street. 

Keep Your Business Name and Address Steady Across All Mediums on The Web

Avoid Using Toll-Free Numbers – Use A Local Phone Number Instead

One thing to remember is that you should never give Google the impression that you are a scam or a cheat. Even one instance of you being a fraud in Google’s eyes will not do good to your business!

Toll-free numbers are typically used for spam which is why Google doesn’t trust them and therefore should be avoided. Instead, we encourage you to use a telephone number that has an area code of your location attached to it. This is a great way for clients to verify the location of their business and to rank higher in Google Maps.

Use A Local Phone Number Instead

Incorporate A Tracked Number

On the off chance that you use call tracking, utilize a tracked number for your essential business telephone number and your main number as your secondary number. This will get the greater part of your calls coming in through the tracked line so you can see the viability of your posting; yet with the principal number still in your posting, Google would then be able to coordinate with your number provided on your website and other listings.

Update Your Opening and Closing Hours Regularly

Google Maps tells clients about a particular business’s opening or shutting hours or whether it is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By keeping these hours updated, you can build your ranks as it indicates to Google that you are an active and reliable business. It will likewise keep the clients from making futile and purposeless trips to your store if it’s shut, saving you from their negative reactions and reviews.


Write A Business Description

Written content helps you the most when you want to boost business on Google, as it has the greatest capacity to cover much information about your work. It contains relevant keywords and all. So, the description of your business on Google Maps listing should give a higher perspective of your business to help attract guests and compel searchers. It should be written in a tone that lines up with your brand image. SEO should be kept in mind while doing so.

So, apart from the business name, make certain to include keywords regarding the products and services you offer in the description too so that your business’s scope of ranking can be widened. 


Properly Categorize Your Business

Regarding positioning, the class of your business as it shows up on Google Maps is vital. For your essential class, pick the one that best addresses the center contribution of your business. On the off chance that some other classes apply, pick them as optional classifications.


Transfer Photos to Your Business Listing

Google loves it when you transfer photographs to your listing. On the grounds that it flags that you are a functioning listing deserving of getting listed higher in the results. Businesses without photographs are less interesting to customers and may not position as high as listings with photographs. Both Google, as well as consumers, love to see photographs. On the off chance that you don’t add photographs to your posting, it will show a nonexclusive guide. 

Therefore, to improve your Google Maps positioning, you should post high-quality and convincing photographs to your business listing. You can do this by going to the “Photographs” tab in your Google My Business dashboard and snap on the blue circle with a white in addition to the sign. From that point, you’ll have the option to move a few photographs or potentially recordings on the double. Ideally, you should endeavor to add one new photograph a day.


Engage with Clients and Respond to The Bad Reviews

Engage with Clients and Respond to The Bad Reviews

Business listings with positive reviews receive the most rankings from Google. So to get reviews, first create a business listing on Google Maps, this automatically allows people to leave reviews for your business. However, you will still need to leave responses and ask for reviews.

Responsive businesses leave a positive impact as they show how attentive you are to customer feedback and needs. Bad reviews can be scary but you can mitigate the risk by providing exceptional product quality and services.


Consolidate Your Google Maps Listings

Don’t use multiple phone numbers or locations for your one actual business. Since anyone can add information on Google My business, keep checking the listings regularly to make sure that there aren’t any duplicates and redundant information which might affect your listing ranks.


Make Regular Posts on Your Account 

Adding images and any other thing other than written content attracts more attention from users. Just like Facebook, the posts will appear to others on your Google Maps business listing. Posting regularly ensures Google that you are a proactive business and regularly update and maintain your listing, which is a huge factor to consider when ranking. Your posts could be of any type like images, call to action (CTA) or links to your other web pages, or anything. It will increase your chances to be liked by your potential viewers.


Have A Responsive Website (Very Important)

Apart from taking action directly on your business listing, other optimizations can support you in attaining a higher ranking on Google. The first is to ensure your site is responsive, which implies that it functions reliably across any gadget or screen size. This is because Google Maps have a connecting link to your site, and almost 60% of Google searches happen on cell phones.

So, if your listing takes searchers to a site that requires squeezing and zooming, has broken connections, or has delayed responsiveness, your Google Maps positioning will suffer.

Have A Responsive Website (Very Important)

Add Local Keywords to Your Website

Keywords are the best way to improve your SEO and rank your business higher in the Google rating list. using the right keywords will lure more traffic towards your business hence converting viewers into potential customers. This is one of the best ways to boost business on Google.

Another way to boost your Google Maps ranking through your website is to use it for local search. This will determine how high your Google Maps business listing ranks. We would suggest you incorporate location-based keywords on the main/landing. pages of your site and to add them to all headings, images, and texts on your site. 


Insert A Google Map on Your Website

Another approach to rank higher on Google Maps is to insert a Google map on your site, which most organizations do on the get in touch with us page. Installing a Google map is simply one more method of disclosing to Google that your business is found where your posting says it is.

Utilize the very location that you have on your Google Maps professional reference. Open Google Maps and look for your business, this way you can install Google Maps on your site. Look for an option to ‘Share’ and then select the tab that says ‘Embed a map’.

Insert A Google Map on Your Website


Let’s Conclude

We tossed a ton at you in this guide, so here’s a speedy recap of the relative multitude of techniques we covered for positioning higher on Google Maps: 

  • Create and guarantee your Google Maps professional reference 
  • Complete each part of your Google My Business dashboard 
  • Keep your name, address, and [preferably local] telephone number steady across all mediums on the web
  • Properly portray and arrange your business. Make sure you do each step!
  • Add photographs consistently 
  • Get Google surveys and help your viewers understand your business more.
  • Have a responsive site to create more engagement
  • Add local keywords to your site to increase your SEO 
  • Insert Google Map on your site

To boost business on google for long terms you should follow quality and white-hat work according to Google’s guidelines.


First Page of Google, Guaranteed with Marketalist!

Now you know most of the tactics to rank higher in the Google ranking list. But the wonders of google listings do not end here. Business Listings on Google Maps are getting further developed, permitting customers to rapidly get the data they need and make educated buying choices.

Follow the tips in this post to get your business to appear at the highest point of Google Maps, and you’ll encounter the expanded permeability, commitment, and income that joins it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now and boost business on Google!

You can always take the guidance and expertise of the Marketalist. We are Boston’s leading Digital Marketing agency and have been in the field for more than 10 years now.


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