Boost Your Business Sales 12 Tested Methods

Boost Your Business Sales: 12 Tested Methods


Started your own business but don’t know how to improve your sales?

You are in the right spot.

In this article, we have boiled down 10 tried and tested methods to help you understand how to boost your business sales.

We will focus on the strategies that can be employed to convert your leads and make them perform more sales. These are advice that every successful businessman will give to you.

So, continue reading if you wish to know the secret formula to increase your sales for small businesses.

Here are few powerful strategies to increase sales for your business.

How to Boost Your Business Sales in 2021?

Be Honest in Your Business

As obvious as it sounds, this principle applies to how you present yourself to your clients in a business.

Ever come across a company that’s small scale. But presents itself as a large multinational corporation on its site?

It’s dumb to assume that your clients won’t be able to notice. Today’s customers are hypersensitive towards fraud and dishonesty in marketing. So, do not make claims that you can’t fulfill.

Being dishonest in your business will only damage your brand credibility.

If you’re a small company. Then be upfront about it, no need to hide. Let your clients know who you are and take pride in whatever it is that you do. There’s no need to become something you are not.

In fact, many consumers choose smaller businesses. Precisely because of their more personalized services. Prioritize transparency and business authenticity in business and your prospects will sure prioritize you.

Focus on The Existing Customers

Boost Your Business Sales

Instead of attracting new customers, try to maintain your already existing customers.

According to marketing professionals. The best sales prospects are those customers who choose to become permanent customers. Instead of turning into strangers after their first buy.

Focusing on these customers will enable you to increase your sales dramatically.

You cannot neglect your existing customers in the hopes of making new customers. That strategy won’t help you maximize your profits.

Study Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is not enough.

You need to study their strategies and analyze what they offer. Learn from your competitors and then beat them at their own game.

Recognize their weaknesses and work on your strengths. So that you can outperform them. Let your competitors motivate you to boost your sales and increase customers to your business.

Innovate and Consistently Enhance Your Products

Prioritize customer satisfaction. Simply watching your clients leave your door with some products or services is not enough. You need to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with their purchases.

This type of satisfaction is achieved by ensuring that you deliver them the maximum quality products that are uniquely yours. Do not give them any reason to explore more options in the market. Let your creativity attract your prospects.

Use Ad Extensions to Increase Your Sales

Ad extensions allow you to expand your ads by increasing their click-through-rate (CTR). It’s no sweat and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime. The extensions are available in both Ad words and Bing.

They improve the user experience by providing extra links to the products people want to purchase. Its main job is to increase the total number of clicks. So, the clients can interact more with your business.

It will save your prospects time and make the purchasing process easier. In the end, they will prefer your site instead of your competitor’s simply because it allows them to purchase their desired product with much more ease. 

Display Testimonials and Trust Signals to build more Credibility 

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable assets when it comes to increasing your sales.

Legions of fulfilled customers do not only dramatically influence your brand credibility but can also influence customer decisions regarding your product.

Thus, make sure you add effusive reviews and testimonials from your previous customers, your hardcore brand evangelist are your best friends.

Testimonials can appear anywhere on your homepage, landing pages, product page pricing page. Likewise, another option to consider in your sales boosting journey is to include trust signals.

These can help remove any client suspicions and make them feel more secure in their choice to patronize your business.

Trust signals can be in any form depending on your business but putting any professional accreditations or amazing rundowns of happy customers to the forefront is a sure-shot unique way to boost your sales in any business.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Over-Deliver

Everyone loves free stuff! The more you give to people the more positive image you will build for yourself which can lead to an increase in sales. Look at what you are offering them.

Find out simple things that can be given for free. Test samples, trial memberships, rewards, and incentives- it can be anything.

Giving things for free is necessary for you to improve your business perception as it can tempt people to buy your products and services ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

Curate Detailed Buyer Personas Based on Research

Let us break it to you this way:

If you aren’t already creating buyer personas for your potential clients. However in this case, you are in some serious trouble with your business.

And if you are, then we challenge you to create even more detailed buyer personas than you have in the past.

Instead of relying on the basic demographics, your client persona should dig much deeper into the personality of your potential clients and should answer questions like where they come from, their age and income, what makes them interested in your business, etc.

Usually, the more you know your targeted audience the more you will be able to understand their needs and the better you will get at delivering it to them. 

Ensure Customer Satisfaction by Offering A Money-Back Guarantee

Risk aversion is one of the most powerful factors which can influence a consumer’s decision not to buy something. This type of decision is based on fear and skepticism and it emerges as a counter-strategy to mitigate a potential loss.

Oftentimes, this perceived risk is associated with loss in financial terms. What if you are promising fake results? What if the product is not as good as promised?

What if the customer regrets it immediately after buying it? Even small purchases can carry huge, long-term remorse.

Hence, it is essential to overcome this potential scenario by comforting your clients and telling them that their investment is secure with your business and will be refunded in case they don’t get the result they want.  

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Trillions of dollars are lost each year in online merchandising due to incomplete shopping carts. This is a huge amount of money, but the good news is that it can be recovered by nailing the checkout process. 

Ensuring a smooth checkout process can have an incredible impact on your conversion rates. Just as you need to create user-friendly websites for your clients . For better navigation purposes, you should focus even more on the checkout process. So, that your clients end up making the purchase. 

Cut out any extra or unnecessary steps in your checkout process that could discourage a prospect from converting. Skip un-required fields in forms. Make sure your check-out page doesn’t time-out. Otherwise your clients will get annoyed at having to start over again. 

Try Tiered Pricing

Chances are that when you go to a store to buy something, you always pick the mid-range option.

Meanwhile, this strategy is utilized by marketers to sell the item in the price range. The one they want it sell it.

At restaurants too we avoid both the cheapest as well as the most expensive dishes. In other words, we leap towards the mid-range ones. Good businessmen know how to use basic human psychology to their advantage.

Marketers employ this technique for strategic purposes i.e. to force customer choice.

Similarly, customers must choose from among different options presented to them. Totally based on different cost ranges and attributes. They must choose an option that appeals to them. Amid compromise on the one which doesn’t.

This strategy is also known as decoy pricing. The same principle is applied to increase online sales. To clarify, offer your clients multiple tier pricing structures to choose from. 

Active Engagement with Prospects on Social Media 

Think of a time when you sent a company a comment or a question on Facebook or Twitter. They immediately responded to you back, felt huge, right?

What kind of perception did you build off that brand based on your experience?

Providing quick and honest answers to your customers’ queries. Undoubtedly, one of the best methods to attract more sales. The more attention you pay to your customers, the more likely people are to buy from you.

This result is unsolicite social feedback or advertisement due to word of mouth amongst the clients. This kind of brand exposure is simply invaluable. 

Think of Your Clients in Terms of a Long-Term Relationship  [BONUS]

boost business online

Unfortunately, the customer experience usually ends for clients after they pay the money. However, it would seem weird if you forget your customers as soon as they have given you their payment details.

Giving attention to your customers is as important in the later stage of the funnel process as it is in its earliest stage.

If you want your customers to become repeat customers. The ones who share about your business with their friends then take them in a long-term relationship. Not one-time transactions.

To earn loyalty and ensure that your sales increase with time. You should develop a thoughtful follow-up practice. Send them follow-up emails, contact them through social media. Offer them free stuff- just make sure you don’t overdo this part. Or else it could become annoying.

So here are your 10 secret weapons to boost your business sales

To summarize all of the above details, we have talked about: 

  1. Being honest in the business
  2. Focusing on the already existing customers
  3. Innovating and consistently enhancing your products to stay ahead of the market
  4. Making use of ad extensions
  5. Showing testimonials to build more credibility
  6. The power of over-delivering 
  7. Curating buyer personas based on research
  8. Money-back guarantee to improve client confidence and satisfaction
  9. Combatting shopping cart abandonment 
  10. And finally, offering tiered price structures to hit the right price range
  11. Direct and responsive engagement with clients on social media 
  12. Thinking in terms of a long-term relationship

All that being said, if you truly want to implement this strategy and make x10 more leads for your business then you just need to contact Marketalist.

We’re a client-driven digital agency in Boston. With a team of marketing prodigies who are always ready to tackle every hindrance. Everything that keeps you from thriving in your business!

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