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Build A Strong Content Strategy for 2021 [Step-by-Step]

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Content is the key to unlock your success in digital marketing. Whether you are going to just start your content marketing or you are following the old one, it doesn’t matter. You need to update your content strategy to be innovative and focused.

According to a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 40% of B2B marketers spend 40% of the budget on content marketing. Today we will be discussing the content strategy and how to effectively develop it. However, if you are looking to make your content marketing strategy 2021 and need understanding? We have prepared this guide for you. Read ahead:


Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy? First, we need to build our understanding around this term. It is actually the management plan that you will create. It can be in form of writing, visual, downloading, and more. Content defines and acts as a medium to show your expertise in the industry.

Quality content helps you to grow your business online but for this, you need to do proper planning. However, if you are thinking about how content will be prepared? Well, you can get in touch with experienced companies like Marketalist to get content writing services. The professional writers will create content according to for your business requirement.


We have outlined some questions you must consider when developing the strategy


Who is your Audience?

Do you need to identify that who is your target audience? For how many types of audience you are creating content. Your business might have more than one type of reader so develop your content accordingly.

To get the different variations you can use different channels and content to engage your audience. Your ultimate goal should be the engagement with every type of audience you have in your business.


Are You Solving Your Audience Problems?

When you are going to create your content marketing plan, ensure that you are going to resolve your audience problems. They will come to you to find the solution to their problems. If you are enabled to answer their queries and fixing problems, then you need to improve your strategy.

Having a sound content strategy will help you to overcome the problems faced by your audience regarding your products or services. When your content will be offering an effective solution, your user will be more satisfied and will have proper knowledge of your products or services.


What Makes You Different?

We are living in a world that is full of competition. Your competitor will be having the same products as you. Due to this, your customer wants to know why should he choose you? You need to answer this question with your content. You need to prove to your customer why you are worthy and why should they listen to you.


What will be the Format of your Content?

You need to decide the format of your content. It can be videos, infographics, and blog posts. First, you need to identify the topics you are going to target and after that format should be decided to express your content in a better way.


On Which Channel You Will Publish?

Once you are done with creating content now, you need to publish your content. You can publish it on your website and blogs. You can even publish it on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, you also need to create a social media marketing strategy to use it effectively for the outreach.


How Creation and Publication will be Managed?

Creating and publishing the content is a tiresome task. In your content strategy, you should be aware of the person creating content, publishing it, and when it is going live.

Having a content strategy will help you to avoid clutters in your content management. You can easily outline your topics according to your business need. You always need to select the topics that are trending to grab the attention of your audience.

Incorporate the answers to these above-mentioned questions in your content strategy to make an effective plan. Doing so will give you defined guidelines to follow and act accordingly. However, if you need any professional help you can contact content marketing specialists to take guidance.


Reasons Why Marketers Need Content Marketing Strategy?

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This is an important question! You can say it is the root that we are trying to find when we are talking about the content. It is essential to understand the need for a strategy. Following are the reasons:

  • Content is the path through which we get traffic and leads. Furthermore, your fresh content offers you the flexibility to experiments with other tactics. The tactics like social media advertising, sponsored content, and distributed content will help you to earn revenue.
  • It also helps you to educate your audience and create awareness about your brand. All is possible with the help of content.
  • It is one of the important elements when you are going to get SEO services for your business. Content is the key player in your SEO. When your content is optimized and updated then your rankings are changed according to it.


Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Next, how can we create our strategy to get the maximum benefits in terms of traffic and ROI. You can do the following seven things:

1- Outline Your Goals

Every business is working with an aim. You need to define your goals. Gather answers for the below-listed questions:

  • Your aim behind the content marketing plan?
  • Purpose of producing content and content marketing plan?

Once you are clear about your goals, then you will be moving in the right direction to succeed.


2- Carry Out Persona Research

As mentioned earlier, you need to know about your target audience to create content accordingly. This is also termed as buyers’ persona. For those who are new in the market or just starting their business, this is very important them.

Moreover, you should not stick to a defined audience. Always do search for more audience. Look for ways how you can attract them to increase your outreach.

You can do market research to get an idea about your audience requirement and expectations. In this way, you can plan things in a better way.


3- Perform an Audit of your Content

Reviewing and auditing your content can be the key to success if done right. You need to see what you have been doing in the past years related to content. If you have limit yourself to certain formats like blogs, eBooks, then it’s time to moves on.

Do an audit of your content and see what you can add further to make your content more effective. Similarly, change the format of your content, go for videos, press releases, infographics, and much more. When you will be having diversity, you will be able to attract more audiences.


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4- Go for a Content Management System

You need to get your hands on a content management system. Some of the significant parts of the management system include content creation, publication, and analytics.

You can use various software to manage your content like HubSpot. Using that you can easily produce, plan, publish, and can measure your results.


5- Think Creative Content Ideas

To turn your efforts into better results you need to brainstorm creative ideas. For help, you can use various tools. Some are listed below:

BlogAbout: This tool helps you to generate unique content ideas. It gives you some headline formats with blanks which you can fill any subject that is in your mind. When you are thinking about new topics then you will be able to grab your reader attention.

HubSpot’s Website Grader: This tool helps you see your position in the market. From blogging to social media marketing, it assists you in all thing. Furthermore, it will provides you a detailed report to improve the areas.

Feedly: It is a well-known RSS feed. Using this you can stay updated about the trendy topics regarding your industry and can get new ideas as well.

BuzzSumo: This platform provides you with a trending content and ideas for your content. It also offers market research tools, one of the tools determine which content is trendy and liked by the audience. This will give you a precise idea about when you are going to create it.

CoSchedule: This tool analyzes the headlines and title. It also provides a review regarding word selection, length, search volume of a keyword, and grammar.

content submission platforms


6- Identify the Type of Content You will Create

As we have discussed this point earlier, you must think about the type of content you are going to develop. There are various options you can consider. Have a look:

Blog Posts: It is good to interact and engage your audience. You need to update your blog on your website on regular basis. Your blog post should have a word count of 1000- 2000 words or it should be according to your reader preference.

eBooks: This is a lead generation tool. Your audience can easily download them after submitting their contact information. These are lengthy, in-depth and published less frequently as compared to blogs.

eBooks serve as next step for inbound marketing. After reading your blog your reader might need more information so here with the use of calls-to-action you can land him to your eBook page. If we see a bigger picture in this way business who are creating eBooks have a new lead for the sales team to get in touch.

Case Studies: It is also termed as Testimonials. This is a good way to tell your customer your success. How you help other to achieve their goals. One of the interesting things about case study is that it can be written in various forms. You can create a blog, eBooks, podcast or even an infographic to represent a case study.

Infographics: If you are planning to arrange your data in a compelling way, then an infographic is the best way to do that. In this format, you can share a large amount of data ensuring ease and clear understanding.

Social Media: You are publishing your blogs on your website. But wait! If you are looking to expand your outreach share your blog posts on different social media platforms. Some of the social media platforms on which businesses usually post is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Pinterest, and YouTube. Nowadays, social media optimization is becoming necessary as social media is vast platform to engage user.

Templates: It is one of the handy content formats and generate leads by providing great value to your audience. With templates, you are saving your audience time and help them to succeed. So, it turns out to be a good way to engage with them.

Videos: It is a great and engaging that is shared across social media sites and website. If you are going to experiment this, then you need investment. But as visual marketing increases, videos are 40 times more shared on social media as compared to other content.

Podcasts: With the help of this you can tell your audience about your brand if they are not having enough time to read your content. If we look at the numbers, in 2018 one third population of the US has listened to podcasts.

Other than this some other list of content formats can be, How-to’s, charts/graphics, Book summaries, FAQs, Tool Review, Illustration/Cartoons, Vlog, Opinion Post, SlideShare, Quizzes’, Polls, Mindmap, Company news, and much more.


7- Publishing and Managing Content

Now coming to the publishing and managing part you need to make a calendar. With help of a calendar, you will be able to publish content on your website. On the other hand, develop a social media calendar to promote your content on social media.

When we are publishing our content, it is a sort of marketing we are doing with our content for our products and services. Let’s says when we use social media platform like Facebook, then our publishing and sharing content on the platform can be termed as Facebook Marketing.  

Remember one thing some topics are very specific and they need to be added on time. So, put them on priority as compared to other topics. The trendy topics may be the factor behind the increase in traffic.

It’s a lot of information and it’s not easy to handle all. But to succeed you need to manage the content and publish it in time for your audience. If we look for a big picture, content marketing for business is one of the pillars holding an effective digital marketing campaign. Now we are living in the digital world. You get everything online so, you need to work according to the changes occurring surrounding you.

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