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Expand Your Business – 4 Types of Digital Advertising

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Advertising is needed to tell about the existence of your brand or business. But as we are living in a digital world now, so digital advertising is needed to get online sales. To do the job, you need to create ads. It is a challenging task but can be easy if you are going to use the right tools.

Eager to know about the digital marketing channels for advertisement.

We will be sharing four types of advertising to assist you in expanding your business. The types are listed below:

1- Enhance your Online Visibility – Search Engine Marketing

SEM include PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement. In PPC ads you have the freedom to create your own ad, set the budget, analyze the metrics after your ads start running.

In PPC management there are two types of ads that you can run on Google. One is search ads and other is display ads.

Search Ads: This appears when a user types a certain keyword. These ads are very specific and act as a powerful way to get the right audience who are searching for a specific product with a specific keyword. The traffic you get from these ads are your potential buyers who are looking for your products.

With the help of this ads, you can easily attract the cold leads. Cold lead refers to people who do not know about your product or services. Time is needed to convince those people to buy from you.

To make your understanding better about PPC consider this example.

Suppose you are going to see your car. You will go to Google and will search for companies that can buy your car. You will type “sell my car”, after pressing enter you will get results. The first four results appearing and the last three will be the advertisements. If we look closer to the position of the companies you are dependent on the bid placed by each company on keyword and quality score by Google. The higher quality score indicates the relevancy of the ad and gets a better chance to rank higher.

Each ad you see has a headline, website, and description. You are given a limit of 30 characters to write headline and 90 characters to write a description. On these ads, you also see a rating, contact information or additional links also called an ad extension. This provides your searcher a detail about the company, services, or products.

Display Ads: Moving on to the next. These ads show up on other websites. These ads appear to those people who have searched for a certain product or service. They are targeted and see the ads who visit a website that have display ads.

With these ads, you will be marketing to those people who are not familiar with your brand. So, in this way you are going to build a brand awareness. These ads are a good way to access 90% of the people across 2 million websites. The numbers are huge but it is not guaranteed that it will help you to get conversion through your ads.

The ads are having graphics or photos with a text to encourage the viewer to click. The ads can be of different size. To get the right ad that offers more conversion do split testing.

Google Shopping ads along with Google display ads also fall into the PPC category. These ads have a picture of a product with a price. Well consider, if you are looking for a dining table, when you type the query on Google it will give you some pictures of table with prices given by various companies. In this way, you get the desired product in front of your eyes. So, if you are worried about is it an ad or not? To remove your confusion, on your right corner you will see “sponsored”. This is the proof that it is a paid advertising.

The table that appears does not guarantee that they are the best but usually, people believe that product on the first spot is the best. Well, if you are a seller and your product rank on first you will be able to grab the attention of potential customers. These ads are very helpful when you are having more than 500 products. You can upload your products to Google merchant center and develop your campaigns.

If you are having a small business then Google Shopping Ads is not the right thing for you. You can choose other ways of digital marketing and different advertisement types.

2- Socialize Yourself – Social Media Advertising

social media advertising

In social media advertising, you can run different advertising campaigns that you should think to run as a business owner. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin, and even YouTube can be used as advertising platforms. These platforms will assist you in generating leads, driving sales, reach to people, and brand awareness.

All these platforms have potential but here we will be discussing Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: It is one of the famous and old advertising places used in digital media marketing. Facebook Ads Manager is the tool that you can choose to create ads. You can also incorporate these ads easily on Instagram as well.

One of the best things about Facebook is that you can target a specific location, and even interest that your customers are having. You can run different types of ads depending on your business requirement. You can run ads for app installs, conversion and lead generation. Facebook’s add are incorporated into your user’s feeds. You have no idea how many ads you are going to see daily.

If we generally look you see an ad in news feed and some other are showing on the sidebar as well. You also get more add with content from your Facebook content. When you are going to create and make sure you create something attractive and creative so that your ad stands out in many.

Instagram: Ads on Instagram also integrated into the platform itself. It is hard to distinguish the ads from a regular post as they both appear same at first sight. Some of the differences that will differentiate the ads from normal posts are:

  • They will have a click button with a text “learn more” or “shop now”
  • You will also see a tag of sponsored as well on the post.

When ads are paid they show up and a user can click them to engage by commenting or liking the post. If you are planning to target audience at a global level, then Instagram is best because 80% of the users are outside of US.

Keep one thing in mind, Instagram is a mobile platform so your ad will only  appear to mobile users. It is also having a desktop version but no ads will be shown on the desktop. This is the feature where a Facebook advertisement is having an edge on Instagram advertisement. On Facebook, you see ads both on mobile and desktop.

If you are wondering which platform you should choose, then generally it is better to go for both. But it is recommended to do some research and find where your relevant audience is spending more time. As mentioned earlier, you can create ad both on Instagram and Facebook by using Facebook Ad Manager. Both these platforms are interlinked.

To attract maximum users using both platforms is the best to play safely. The reason is that there are users who might use Instagram but not Facebook that much and vice versa.

3- Build Interest and Show Up – Retargeting Advertising

retargeting advertising

You might be seeing some ads on the internet that are according to your interest. Have you wondered how this happens? If yes, then this type of marketing is called remarketing or retargeting. Now businesses, retarget their audience through emails and social media marketing.

You might have received an email in form of a friendly reminder. It will be about the product in which you were interested and they send you an email to tell it is back in the stores. This is one of the ways to ensure that your customers are not missing anything.

Talking about social media retargeting, it can be of several types. There are several products that act as a carousel of products. These are those products that have been viewed by the customer and now they are encouraged to come back to the website and continue shopping.

It seems like a regular ad but after clicking on it you will be directly taken to the website. There you can also see the other products you might be interested. Sometimes you only see one product that you have seen previously or added in your cart.

Similarly, discounts are also offered to customers on products. You can use both email and ads to do this. Implementing retargeting is better! What can be better if your customer sees your product on every site they go. In this way, they will eventually make their way to your website.

Don’t miss it! Retargeting can be a significant element in your digital marketing.

4- Get Attention of Customers – Video Advertising

video advertising

It is the part of social media advertising but can be talked separately when you are discussing the types of advertising. A video is dominating in the digital word because with video audience can see the content effectively without much effort.

If you replace the text advertisement with video, then this will be a good move for your business. Videos are the instant medium by which you can engage your audience.

You might think that creating video is a daunting task but it has worth in a longer run. Using this you can give information instantly to your audience and they will listen to you.

The importance of video can be measured that video ads are increasing and dominating your news feeds. To get an idea about the use you can see companies like Buzzfeed and the New York Times. Now, we will be sharing some ways by which you can embed video in your advertising strategy:

  • In your video tell about your product and its working. In this way, potential customer can decide regarding buying.
  • When developing video advertisement make them short but high quality to be uploaded on YouTube or other social media platforms. Ensure that they are attention-grabbing.
  • Best videos are those that deliver the message with sense but without the sound. The reason to do so is that many users are using Facebook and Instagram in places where they can’t listen to the sound.
  • Your video should have emotion and can be relatable. Your video can be happy, sad, sentimental, or funny.

When making videos keep emotions in your mind to attract the attention of your audience and show your product at the same time. If your videos are compelling users will spend more time and as a result you will get higher ranking on search engines.

Developing First Ad Campaign

Going to create your first ad campaign? It can be problematic. But as said in the beginning, using the right tools can help you in this work.

To make your work easy, we have listed some tips below. Have a look:

  • First, you need to select a platform where you will be running your ad. One thing should be clear that you are going to spend money but not much. Online advertising is cheap as compared to traditional advertising.
  • Create an ad that you will lie to click! Your add should be creative, catchy, and attractive to grab attention. You should show your ad to your friends or colleagues to take their feedback. If their response is good then it is ready to be tested.
  • A/B split testing is significant to get success. You don’t need to stick to one idea. Make multiple ad and see which one perform better.
  • Search needs engaging text and display ads need compelling graphics. Test them both to see the results. You can use both as well.
  • Define your budget and keep your campaign within that budget. You need to learn about the paid campaigns management to properly manage your budget.
  • Monitor your ad. This is very important because if you are not getting sales it’s time to change gears.
  • Combine different types of ads to attract more customers. You can use ads on social media, display ads, search ads all at the same time to reach the maximum audience.
  • You will learn during this phase. It is better to have patience if you are getting the desired results soon.
  • You should know about the metrics that are used in advertising platforms. Google ads and social platform give you metrics like conversion, CTR (Click Through Rate), impression, an average cost per click and more. Make sure that you have the proper understanding of these metrics.

Choose the Best for Your Business

These were some of the types that you can choose for advertising. If you are implementing them right, then you will be able to expand your business along with increased sales and step ahead of your competition. To achieve your goals related to advertisement you can get in touch with Marketalist, a
digital marketing agency in Boston, they got all the solutions for your problems.

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