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Facebook Ads Not Giving Conversions – 7 Reasons You Need to Know

Facebook Ads Conversions

Facebook is an effective and significant platform to run your marketing campaigns. It is also an important player in most of the social media marketing strategy made by the businesses. Businesses are using this platform to run ads to get a conversion. But Wait! Are you facing any problems and your ad campaigns are not performing well then, this blog will be helpful for you.

How does advertising work on Facebook? In the blog below you will learn all the elements that are included in advertising along with the problems you face and solutions to overcome those problems.

1- You are Targeting the Wrong Audience

Selecting appropriate and relevant audience through
social media optimization is a key to success. In Facebook, the Ads Manager guides you step by step during the creation of ads. In this process, you must complete the Detailed Targeting box ( A box appears when you are creating your ad on Facebook to target audience that includes demographics, interest, behaviours, and more categories)

How to Resolve this Problem: To solve this problem, you need to target the people who are interested in you. You need to do this because you are investing amount on ads. Below is the list of people whom you should target:

  • It can be your existing customers.
  • People who have responded recently on a lead magnet.
  • It can be people in your mailing list.
  • An audience who has clicked on your ads and watched your videos.
  • People who are clicking on your website and are spending time on a particular page.

These people can be the right audience to whom you should target for desired results. These are the people who know you, like the work you are doing and they will be open to offers.

2- Maybe Delivering Wrong Message to Right Audience

Another reason that is affecting your
Facebook advertising strategy can be that you are targeting the right audience to make them your customer but your message may not be right.

How to Resolve this Problem: To resolve this problem you need to have a funnel marketing approach. This will help you to target people at different stages in their customer journey. You need to provide ads according to their position in the journey. You may require a series of ads for this but this approach will help you a lot.

Following are the three categories in Facebook campaign objectives that will support your approach.

i- Awareness: It is for the cold audience that you don’t know or whom you have not talked for a long time and you’re just trying to connect with them again for engagement.

ii- Consideration: This is for the warm audience who know you and they are thinking to buy from you.

iii- Conversions: This is for the hot audience who is ready to buy from you.

Keep one thing in mind that the ads you are creating for the cold audience is different from the ads made for warm or hot audience. To make your understanding, we can take help from the relevant models of TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. Funnel marketing theory is closely linked with a customer journey. In this, you take your audience through the conversion funnel to reach the place of conversion at bottom when doing Facebook marketing for small business or large-scale business.

TOFU (Top of the Funnel): In this, you will tell your audience about your existence. You will target them by your content, focus on their pain points, create engaging and interesting content. This content will help you to drive leads.

MOFU (Middle of the Funnel): At this point, you will understand your audience need and offer solutions to their problems. You should connect and build trust with your ads.

BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel): At this point, your audience is ready to buy and they are looking for offers like free trials, an online seminar, or online chat. Now your ads should be more attractive and engaging. You should provide case studies and testimonial so that your audience can buy from you.

Now you have the three models so now just compare your ad campaign with these for getting desired results. In case if you still feel to get some professional help, feel free to contact our digital and seo company in Boston.

3- Your Targeting Area is Wide

As said, you need to target the people you know but you may be going for interest and behavioral targeting. If you are doing so, then you should properly use Detailed Targeting tool ( A detailed box appears during the creation of ad that helps you to extend or narrow down your audience).

How to Resolve this Problem: Instead of creating a list that is increasing with every new interest you are adding, you should use Detailed Tool to narrow your target area. You can select this option to limit your audience. In this way, you will connect with less people and their will be a chance that they will convert and you will be able to get social media marketing benefits for your business.

4- You are Having Low Facebook Ads Relevance Scores

Facebook try his best to give the user relevant ad so that it can charge you less. You need to achieve the high relevance score by targeting the people who know you, know about your product, and have recently visited your website. If you are following this, then your relevance score will be high.

How to Fix this Problem: Facebook retargeting ads is the key to get high relevance score. You need to add attractive and relevant images with appropriate call-to-action context in buttons. Create an ad according to your target market then you will get conversions from Facebook.

5- Maybe Targeting Right People with Wrong Types of Ads

You will have a good video content on your website or on your Facebook page. People will be giving their response as well but when you are going to retarget them you need to do it with video ad. Don’t do it using a static image in your ad.

6- Ads not Linked to your Landing Page

You will lose your conversion if you are not having a proper landing page irrespective of a good ad. Your landing page should have a similarity in term of look, images, content that matches with your ad.

How to Fix this Problem: You need to design your landing page in such a way that it looks good with your ad and should have a relevancy when a user reaches to you so that he can buy from you. Make your call-to-action properly visible so that user can reach to the right place.

7- You are Selling to Cold Audience

You might have noticed in your news feed that you are getting the ads from brand that you even don’t know or never listened about them.
You will not respond to them, it’s a fact.

How to Fix this Problem: You need to go for retargeting ads. In this you are targeting the person who has seen your product or has visited your web page. They might have also clicked on the ad that you have given for your product or services. This approach will not cost you anything due to the reason that you are retargeting a small number of people that are related to you as compared to your reach to cold audience.


You can get conversions from your Facebook ads.  But if you are finding any problem then the above-mentioned reasons can be stopping your way to success. So, try out the solutions stated above and see the difference in your campaign. If you are looking to get
social media marketing services from experts, then Marketalist, a digital marketing agency Boston is the right place for you. The team of experts will guide you in a proper way according to your business goals.

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