user intent in marketing

How to Figure Out User Intent for SEO and Content Marketing Success?

user intent in seo

The internet is a platform where people search for various thing according to their need. Now, the search ways have changed due to the voice assistants. When we are discussing the search intent SEO, it is all the user intent and the marketers have to figure out the user intent behind their search queries.

Once marketers understand the user intent, then they can create the content along with the optimization of existing content. In this way, the content is tailored according to the specific need of audience, problems, and questions that help in gaining the SERP visibility. When your visibility gets increased, then you can attract more traffic and can build trust with your audience.

User intent and content are linked together. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of intent and steps that can be used to create intent-informed SEO content marketing Strategy. Let’s get started:


Four Types of Search Intent

When we are planning to book a flight or looking for an online course and more, we all do a search for content. So, here we will be discussing the four search intent types listed below:

1- Navigational Search

This search intent is about the location. But remember one thing that searchers know about their need, they just don’t know where to find it. In this, searchers mostly use the branded keyword and even some specific products or services to get the exact web page according to their need. For instance, if someone is searching for Intel Computing Service, then the SERP will show the products and services along with the news related to the brand.

2- Information Search

This type of search is done by people who are looking to learn and seek knowledge. Searchers in this category are looking to know about a specific topic, ask question, and seek answers. Generally, this is the most popular type of search done by the user. It may comprise of short questions or phrases or sometimes more complex queries. Some broader queries might have large search volume and long tail queries while those are having complicated answers have low search volume.

The informational queries occur in the start of the funnel because searchers are facing problem and they are looking for the solution. Here the searchers are looking to get an instant answer for the questions instead of looking at other things or making a purchase.

3- Transactional Search

As the name indicate that transaction intent is about the purchase. At this point, the searchers are ready to convert they are only finding the right page and place to convert. Keywords at this point are very specific because the searcher is at the end of a funnel. Keywords here are sale, price, and buy.

4- Commercial Search

Searchers having commercial intent are ready to buy a product but before this they need some extra information. They need to get answer about the additional questions to know about their buying decision. For instance, if a person is confused between the two products, then he might be looking for additional information or looking for a guide to help him in making the right decision. In this search, the commercial intent keyword are used by the searcher to find the answers.


Developing Search Intent

Now, we will be discussing the three steps to develop the search intent into your SEO and content marketing by forming an SEO content strategy. These are the important points to understand the knowledge and make the strategic decision:

1- Analyze your Performance

Without any doubt, you need to understand analyze your content before you make a decision regarding the optimization. For this, you need to look at your content keyword map and see what queries you rank for and what’s your position in the SERP and most importantly the Google search ranking.

You can use Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster to analyze these things. Every search engine providing his own tool. Look at your content and see what characteristics are responsible for your search position. You need to find the answers for the following questions:

  • How your content is structured?
  • Is your content providing a specific answer to the query?
  • Do your keyword appear to match the query you are trying to rank?

You should collect data regarding these question and after drawing some solid conclusion you can find out the type of intent served in your existing content. Furthermore, this will also help you to identify the gaps in your content that can be filled.

You can also look at some additional perspective to get more understanding about the customers. You can have discussion with your sales team to know what customers are saying in their review? and what they are looking for? After knowing this, you can concentrate on the things to deliver accordingly to the need of the customers.

Our end goal is to understand the current state of the content and the opportunities through which we can create the content according to the user intent. You should document your finding before moving on to the next step.

2- Asses Your Competitors

There are chances that your content will not be on the first page that shows the competition. So, take out some time to analyze the content that is coming on the top against your priority keyword by doing a competitor evaluation. This practice will give you deep understanding of how the search engines determine the intent and why they have your competitors as the perfect match by showing on page 1 of SERP. You can also consult our Boston Seo Company to provide you assistance.

You need to get answers of the following question to evaluate the things properly:

  • Figure out either your content is perfect according to the intent or not?
  • What are the results on SERP? Are you competing against a similar business or brand? Are you competing with third-party websites like Wikipedia? Or what different types of content being displayed?
  • What is the length of the content displayed in the SERP?
  • How the content is structured? Are they having small paragraphs, bullets, header tag, CTAs or links are present?
  • How can I optimize my content to stay ahead and what gaps do I need to fill?

You need to get the answers of the above questions to take the right step. For instance, if you are trying to rank for a word that is having an information intent, then you need to give better information that is having a good structure and it should be a media-rich source to rank on top as compared to your competitor. You need to keep one thing in mind that competitor analysis in marketing is needed to know about the competition on the SERP. The competition is tough so, you need to prepare yourself for a tough climb.

3- Optimize and Create Content

Now, you are aware of your ranking and have collected the information on the search intent now, it’s time to get in action. After your analysis you will have found out the opportunities to improve your existing content. You will be doing it by aligning your content with intent based target keyword query and relevant cross links.

Moreover, organize, document, prioritize additional opportunities and make it the part of your content strategy. Furthermore, content optimization in SEO plays a vital role in achieving marketing goals. In this way, you can execute all this and evaluate your performance. Furthermore, you also need to update the content of the document like keyword maps, glossaries, and other significant SEO documents. This will help you in evaluating the performance and further optimization according to the results you are getting.



When you can understand the intent behind your audience query, then you can create content and can optimize it according to your audience need. In this way, you will be provided the thing your audience is looking. Content and SEO are the part of the digital marketing strategy. If you are having any problem in developing an SEO strategy or content marketing strategy, then you can contact the best SEO company like Marketalist. The experts will offer you result oriented SEO services according to the need of your business to enhance your ROI along with the content writing services to improve your content for better visibility and engagement.

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