A Guide for B2B SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic

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SEO is one of the most powerful yet underrated techniques to get new customers/clients for B2B companies. If companies are not making it a top priority, then it’s a mistake. B2B SEO can change the way of your marketing products/services and can enable you to gain an edge over the competition.

If your business website is not ranking for your target keywords, you are losing business every single day. Why? Because over 60% of B2B decision makers do not buy anything unless they do their research online.

If you are operating in a highly specialized niche or selling a product to an extremely targeted market, SEO can help you. Even if your resources are invested in other traditional marketing channels still SEO can help you to gain more leads at a cheaper rate.

You only need to implement an effective B2B SEO strategy, either yourself or with the help of a reputable SEO agency. To get a complete understanding of B2B SEO techniques, the following guide will be helpful.

What is B2B SEO?

By now, you will be aware of SEO, it is a method to optimize your web pages. It increases your chances of making your site appear in the search engine result pages when people search for a keyword relevant to your business.

B2B SEO is nothing but optimization of the key pages of your business website. They appear when potential clients or customers use search engines for work-related purposes.

Depending on your niche and solution you provide, you can get found by potential B2B customers who may be looking for what you’re selling. You don’t need to go to them they come to you, that’s the power of B2B Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

b2b vs b2c

Difference Between B2C SEO vs B2B SEO


A B2B company is different from a B2C company in many ways. In B2C, you have customer being served, marketing methods, and kind of budget it has. So, for B2B company SEO is different.

Usually, a B2B SEO campaign has specific goals that are related to sales/purchase process that is often longer than a B2C sale.

Factors on which B2B SEO depends:

  • The character of the product or service offered
  • The life cycle of each of your product or service
  • The requirements of your prospects or potential B2B customers/clients

Once you have clarity about your own B2B business strategy you will make a world of difference to your keyword research and content creation.

Let’s have a look at a few key differences between B2C and B2B SEO:


  • Product Tangibility

B2B and B2C companies sell different types of products and services. You need to understand your own product or service properly before launching a B2B SEO campaign. The objective of your campaign will be promoting/selling intangible products/services focused on catering the customers business, not an individual.

  • Performance Indicators

SEO campaign performance needs to be measured and evaluated on a consistent basis. In a B2B company case, this evaluation is based on different factors. B2B company does not look at the performance indicators used by a B2C company. For instance, the quality of the leads is more significant to a B2B business as compared to quantity.

  • Sales Life Cycle

The user intent in B2B is different as compared to B2C, this influences how SEO needs to be done. The information searched by a potential B2B customer is of a different nature as compared to a B2C customer. In a B2B prospect, there will multiple considerations, advice from fellow executives and a considerable amount of time are required before taking a decision. These all things naturally extend the sales cycle. Knowing this B2B SEO inherently needs to focus on different areas from the start.

  • Target Keywords

Keyword research can’t be ignored by B2B or B2C company. The type of research done for a B2B SEO campaign is more intensive and requires industry-specific and high-level intelligence. This approach enables you to understand the need for potential customers and the type of keywords your customers will be searching.

Important Areas to Apply B2B SEO


Before we move on how to leverage B2B SEO and its implementation to your business site, following are the key areas you should be focusing on:

  • The Homepage

There might be a problem due to which your target users or potential customers may or may not land on your homepage. To attract an audience, ensure that your homepage not only answers the “why” but also give a positive feeling of your brand to key business decision makers. This is your chance to tell your potential customer how your firm is qualified and capable.

  • Features Page

This is the spot where you give your prospects clarity how your offer can help them solve their business problem. It’s also a page where you can weave in keywords to draw potential customers when they search for related keywords in the search engines.

  • Comparison Page

Any B2B company when get searched, it is compared to its closest competitors. Why? The reason is that they’re either looking for a new solution to a problem or an alternative to an existing B2B solution they’re already using. Targeting such keywords with B2B SEO and ranking for them, you not only approached by potential customers but also experience a higher conversion rate due to high relevancy.

  • Company Blog

If your company blog regularly publishes great, relevant content, then you should optimize it for the search engines. This practice is best to attract the right business leads, educate them, and take them through various stages of a B2B sales funnel.

Creating and ranking right kind of bog will help your company to gather targeted leads. This helps you to establish authority and highlight expertise. Later, these leads can be further qualified through a higher level of content such as white papers.

seo techniques 2019

8 B2B SEO Techniques – You Need to Apply Today


There is no rocket science in making B2B SEO work for your website. If you are moving in the right direction and improving your site’s performance in the search engines, then you should continue to rank for the right keywords.

Following are some proven B2B SEO techniques to maintain your position in search results:


1- Think Beyond Keyword Targets

It’s a fact, Google has become smarter when it comes to understanding the user intent behind a search query. Due to this, you need to re-think your overall keyword research process and focus on building topical authority for your subject.

Keywords are still important for B2B SEO. However, take relevant topics into consideration when producing content.

How you can do this: Spend some time researching, analyzing and learning about your target audience. Remember one thing, B2B SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, so effectively use them together. If you find it hard to identify the keywords, consider taking help from our team of SEO experts in Boston for professional seo and content marketing services.

2- Personalized Content- Stay Focused

Quality content! It is the backbone of quality B2B SEO. Your entire focus should be on creating personalized content that touches your customer’s pain points. This not only enables you to produce the right kind of content but also help you in your keyword research process.

According to a B2B buyer’s survey (Demand Gen Report). Almost 70% of B2B customers say that website content that directly focuses on their need is what influences them the most.

Here are three key steps to creating personalized content for your B2B audience:

  • Collect data from effective means of communication such as email and mobile surveys.
  • Analyze the collected data to understand the needs/requirements of your audience to find their best solution.
  • Target their needs to create content pieces like industry news articles, blog posts, etc.

The idea is to produce high-level of content that not only provides information but also provide a much-needed solution.

3- Keep Content and User Intent Side by Side

Doing effective keyword research for your B2B website can be a cumbersome process. It is not easy to find keywords that go with your content marketing strategy .However, the process can be less difficult once you understand the importance of user intent.

Those days are gone when you were able to rank your page only based on the keywords. Today, B2B SEO is all about connecting your content to your target user search intent. Better the match, higher the chance of ranking.

4- Voice Search – Pay Attention

Is voice search significant for B2B SEO marketing? A big Yes! Today, regular consumers using voice search to find the nearest restaurant. On the other hand, business executives or B2B decision-makers use it to discover B2B solutions.

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Voice search in the B2B arena simply provides the users with a high-end user experience, especially the ones searching via mobile devices. It’s making business life easier.

According to a survey of Stone Temple Consulting, 40% people use voice search by themselves at their office. The same survey also found that business executives are comfortable to use voice search in a public place.

5- Take Benefit of Schema Markup

Google delivers the most relevant results to its users. In other words, if your web page doesn’t fulfill the need of search user, you will not be ranked. Therefore, schema markup has gained importance over the years.

Here’s how essential schema markup is especially for B2B companies:

  • Rich snippets that offer more understanding into the search result.
  • Answer boxes that assist users to find the exact answers they are looking for.
  • AMP results and reviews from customers.

It has been found that those websites who take advantage of schema markup have higher SEO visibility score.

If B2B brands can think creatively, then they can uncover many opportunities to integrate schema to achieve their marketing/business goals. For instance, B2B e-commerce companies can utilize a schema to show more information about their product and rating/reviews received by other customers.

6- Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

Optimizing meta descriptions on your web pages is important. These descriptions are the place to weave in your important keywords. In addition, it is also a great way to get more people to click through to your website.

Ensure that you do the following things in your meta description:

  • Addition of main keywords to the description. Google will highlight them when they match the query.
  • Keep them between 130 to 160 characters.
  • It acts as a “free advertisement” that needs to be engaging, compelling and relevant to the content on your site.
  • B2B oriented website should not ignore it. Losing traffic and prospective customers due to a poor description can be expensive.

7- Have a Mobile SEO Strategy in Place

Mobile usage is increasing day by day with no signs of slowing down. Without a proper mobile SEO strategy in place, you may lose money.

You need the following things to build a strong B2B mobile SEO strategy:

Is it Worth Investing: First figure out if it is worth investing your time and money? Start looking into your analytics data over the last 12 months and then analyze it over the past few years.

You need to figure out, how much organic traffic is coming your way via mobile. If you figure out that 60% – 70% of your organic traffic is generated from mobile devices then it’s time to design your strategy for it.

Define Your Objective: You need to define your objective for a B2B SEO mobile strategy. Some B2B firms might be looking for more leads but some just trying to get more views to their content to build a brand.

Knowing your goal and objective will help you in applying the right strategy and measuring the return on investment.

Choose Your Tactic: After understanding your objective you need to find out what tactic will be best for your site.

Following are the four ways or tactics that you can choose:

  • Responsive web design
  • Standalone mobile pages
  • Dynamic serving
  • Accelerated mobile pages or AMP

All these approaches are different in their own way but they deliver mobile-friendly content to your target audience. Furthermore, when done right, these tactics can enhance your B2B SEO efforts.

8- Stay Updated on Google Changes

Stay updated about the changes to get consistent traffic from your organic search rankings. Furthermore, ensure that your website always appears on the search engine result pages. For instance, if you find that Google is not displaying up-to-date information about your site, you need to fix it right away.

Google can make any change overnight. If you are not keeping track of changes either minor or major, damage may already be done. Stay updated to deal with the changes.

Proven B2B SEO Techniques for More Traffic


Everything mentioned above has been tested, performed, and proven to work. For a B2B company keeping SEO updated can be a full-time job. This job is financially beneficial if outsourced. So, it is best to contact experienced SEO professionals who are having expertise in B2B SEO. They will assist you in growing your business.

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