competitor seo analysis

A Helpful Guide For SEO Competitive Analysis

seo competitive analysis

Competition exists in every industry. It is the best way to focus on your goals and try harder to achieve the goals. SEO is all about competition and everyone is trying his best to achieve the higher ranking on the search engines.

How do you do a competitive analysis? Do you take help from tools or do some steps manually? Well, if you are having any problem in this process we are here to help. We will be sharing the eight best practices that will assist you in identifying your competitors, what they are doing to outrank you and how you can overcome this problem. Here we will not be mentioning any tools but keep one thing in mind that competitive analysis is not completed without the help of tools.

Now, coming to the 8 best practices to analyze competitors SEO are listed below:

1- Pick your SEO Competitor

Firstly, you need to identify your competitor because once you get to know about your competitor then you can make effort to improve your ranking. It’s a fact that you will also have other competitors different from your niche. They will be competing for the same keyword you are trying to rank for. In case, if you are looking to find out your top competitor then one who is appearing in the search on first page for the keyword you are targeting is your true competitor. No matter either if they are related to your business niche or not. 
If you are working in different niche then your competitor list will be lengthy depending on the services you are providing.

To find out your competitor you just need to write your business keyword in Google search and after that you will see the results that will be showing different companies related to your category. There will be companies who are also trying to rank for the keyword just like you, so write down the domain of your main competitor who is ranking on the top for your business keyword. To do the competitor analysis you can take the help competitor analysis tool and let the tool do the remaining work for you.

2- Analyze Keyword Complexity

Before you start to analyze
on page SEO or link building strategies, it is suggested to analyze the strength of your competitors. You can use the competitor analysis tools to know about the strength of the domain and then analyze the factor that include catalog listings, backlink data, alexa rank, domain authority, domain country and age, indexing in search engines, traffic volumes, and social signals.

Now after this just write down the information and see what things you are missing in your efforts to turn your weak points into strengths  for your business.

If your competitor is having strong SEO that is not easy to outrank him. You should also focus on the competitors that are having less overall score for the niche keywords. Want professional seo services for your business? Contact Marketalist today to get a free website audit and marketing proposal.

3- Find out New Keyword Opportunities

Have you heard about Term frequency (TF)- Inverse Document Frequency analysis (IDF)? This can be a helpful method to sprinkle the keyword in the content that are used by the competitors. This will help you to optimize the pages for the search engines. With the help of this you can also figure out the low competition keywords that were missed during the process.

During the analysis of TF-IDF you may find out that the top-ranking pages having your target keyword will have same phrases and terms. This approach is complicated as compared to other strategies. But you can’t ignore the fact that it facilitates you in making an extensive content strategy.

4- Inspect Your Competitor Backlink Profile

Dissecting the
competitor backlinking profile will let you know from where they are getting their backlinks. This information will assist you to create high-quality links for your website as well. In addition to this, you will also find new link opportunities. To carry out this you will need a SEO tool because you can’t do competitor backlink analysis manually.

5- Examine On-page Content and On-page Optimization

Having the knowledge and information of your competitor in
on page SEO can be a very helpful tool to move things in right direction. In this way, you can find out about their content and the keyword they are targeting.

You need to pay special focus on meta data, title tags, keyword in title, title length, and etc. Furthermore, you also need to know about their internal link strategy and use this feature as a benchmark for your on-site SEO practice.

Figure out what they are doing the best as compared to you so that you learn from them and also find out what they are missing so that you can implement that in your SEO.

During the analysis of content, consider the following points:

  • Topic relevancy.
  • Content or media created by them.
  • Word count and length of video.
  • The depth of the details given by them in the topic.

These points are significant because when Googlebot crawl your website all these elements play an important role.

6- Learn How They Get Benefits from Social Media

social media strategy

Social media marketing is an important part of a healthy SEO strategy. Social media is a powerful tool that can help you boost your business as compared to other SEO elements.

When you are using a good social listening tool you will get increase in web traffic and enhance the engagement with audience who are looking at your products.

When doing the research, you also need to figure out the following aspects in performing social media optimization:

  • The platform your competitor is using.
  • When they are publishing the content?
  • How they are communicating with their followers?
  • Which content is getting more engagement?

Moreover, you also need to see your competitor reviews as well so that you can learn what people are liking about their products or services. This will help you to make improvement in your social media marketing to build a better relation with your audience.

7- Study Website UX ad Structure

Do you know that now Google prefer websites that are offering best user experience? If we look at the algorithm changes in the past mostly were related to the UX. It focuses on the faster speed of pages, improved mobile experience, and enhanced search results.

So, keeping this in mind, if your website is loading slow, unresponsive, and navigation is hard then you need to fix this right away to avoid drop in your ranking.

You need to do the following things:

  • To enhance your crawlability, optimize your sitemap.
  • Give a boost to the your website loading speed through page speed optimization. You should do it especially for your high-value landing page.
  • Ensure that you have keep the searcher intent in mind during the website development.

As far as your competitor is concerned you need to inspect their click depth, and look their PageRank distribution. If you see that your competitor website is outdated and not having mobile scalability then this is the prime time to rank higher.

8- Do Efforts to Monitor Competitor Ad Spend

What? Have you done all to increase your ranking but getting no benefits? This might be due to the paid traffic campaign used by your competitors to increase their sales and conversion. Learn how you can win with PPC for your small business?

If you can track competitor Google Ads campaigns, then it is good to have a look at their paid posts, banner ads, promoted content, more to get the right knowledge how they are spending on their advertisements.  


Hope that now you are aware of the things that you need to do in the SEO competitive analysis. So, you should start making small improvements and keep an eye on your competitors to monitor their ranking. Once you do this you will get the desired results soon. If you are looking to get traffic and conversions, then hire our team of seo and digital marketing experts in Boston
 to help you achieve your goals. Our skilled team will assist you in online marketing to boost your business exposure and help you get more leads and conversions online.

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