google my business optimization

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing to Rank High on Google Maps/Places

google my business optimization

In order to reach great success with Google My Business, you must apply precise optimization strategies that are up to par with most of the digital marketing agencies. This is critical to any company who wants to turn up in Google Search Engine Maps. Though, before that you must understand the importance of Google My Business listing optimization. How can your ranking for Google My Business listings come on top in the Google Search Results?

Google is the boss of the internet universe. They stay in charge by keeping everything in-house. It’s handful of neat features will help you promote your business to potential customers. Up-to-date Google My Business listings get the benefit of their business ranking higher than other businesses.

Sometimes constant changes in product SEO can baffle lots of businesses. But we have assembled a beneficial guide for optimizing your Google My Business listing. It will help you by using broadened brand reach and gaining more exposure to customers.

Start with Google My Business Listing Claim and Verification

The first and foremost step to local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to claim and verify a Google My Business listing for each of your business locations. This is important because getting on Google My Business listing will help you boost your business’s recognition. It increases the chances of showing up in Google Maps, Google’s Local Pack, local search engine findings and general organic rankings.

At the first go to google maps/places, conduct a general search of your business. Enter your Business Name and City to check if you need to start off branded Knowledge panel.

You can search for your business by entering Business Names, Addresses or Contact Numbers on Maps. There might be possibility of seeing older business listings or you may not find it on Google Maps. This problem only occurs if you are trying to create duplicate listing.

Given that, if you don’t find your business listings in search results, you can either achieve goal of your business search or go into Google Business, sign up and create a new listing. Once you have provided all the information of your business and verified it, your business listing will go live.

Claim and Verify your Business Listings

After your business listing emerges on the Google Search Engine, the next step is to own your business listings and claim its ownership right away. Some business owners might find it crazy, but keep it in mind that any Google user can create a listing. If you do not verify your listings, there is greater possibility of publishing misleading details on Google. That’s why it is a priority to take control of your business information and claim it without any further delay.

Here is an example of an unclaimed listing for a better understanding:

In the main, there are number of interesting features that can only be achieved if you verify your business listing. Non-verified listings are not given access to Google My Business messaging and Google posts features. You cannot even respond to reviews and answer the questions related to your business.

How to Request Business Listing Ownership?

If you want your business to have a public presence and solid identification then request its ownership. And try to manage and update your former business information. If you find that someone else has verified your business listings, get in touch with the person currently claiming it and take hold of your business at the earliest possible moment.

What’s more, you can also fill out the Google My Business listing ownership form by following their instructions. They will ask you to share your info with the current owner to continue or they will ask you what your relationship to the business is and what level of access you’d like to have. You’ll then select the ownership option, add your phone number and submit the request to Google.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email for your requested access. Here they will mention that process will be completed in 7 days. Keep this email safe and wait for the response. After a week, you will be either granted access to ownership or your request will be negated stating that

Your request to access (xxxx) on Google My Business was rejected”

Scroll down to the bottom of the email, where you’ll be given an option to “Appeal” the decisions. If you click on the link, you will be given steps to verify the listing again through postcard and phone number. Thus, providing more details as requested by Google.

Don’t make the ownership of your business seem obscure by using the bulk-feed method. If you have tried to create and verify listings in this way, things become more complex. It will ultimately lead to rejection of your ownership request. Putting it differently, you’ll need to know who currently owns the verified listing, in order to be given access as a manager. However, this works best for franchises. There may be corporate head-office ownership of the listing where you can add yourself as a Manager. In this way you might get full access to listing.


Try to figure out the current owner using the claim ownership steps as clues. Apart from filling the form again, you can see that (XXX.COM) already has ownership.


If you recognize an email address that connected with your business, you can add it and request access as a Manager.

Suggest an Edit Option

It is suggested to add complete and accurate details of your business offerings so that is easier for users to find. However, if anything goes wrong with the provided details, Google My Business gives you access to suggest an edit by following the edit link.

Remember that this feature is accessible to all Google search engine users who make an attempt to update and report the business information. This is a way to gain access and change business hours, set a primary category and other important information. However, this is an unhealthy practice and can harm your unclaimed business listing. This should only happen in the case that you rarely use your business Gmail account and someone else has claimed your business. Moreover, you might have no guidance of authority to suggest an edit and your business may be marked as closed by local searchers. It is suggested to check your account on a regular basis. In this way, if receive a notification alerting you of a change in your business listing, you can easily fix it in your dashboard by clicking the link given in the email.

Stay updated and aware of potentially damaging threats by searchers. It is the best defense against antagonizing and immoral user edits.

Have an Idea of this Place

Here is another outsourcing mark of Google My Business listing that prompts the users to answer questions relevant to your business. Despite that, these questions are auto-generated.

There are various types of questions related to your services that people are searching online for.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Listing.

Follow the best practices to optimize your Google My Business Listing by adding Business Name, Address, Photos, business hours, Primary Category, website and phone numbers and so on.

Add Your Business Name

Add the name of your business without keyword stuffing, even if it works well at first. For example: your business might be located in Boston, but if your city is mentioned in your business name then there is no need to add “Boston” as a keyword too. This is considered to be spam by Google. Along with this, you might face issues regarding Address and Phone Number of your business listing.

Mention the Complete Address

Although, Google denies suite numbers as part of the business address, this practice is still common among business owners. For example, they can place the suite number (# 1580) in the second address line. This helps their customers easily find their way to the business address.

Add Photos and Images on your Google Listings

Businesses with photos are 45% more likely to get requests for directions. In light of this important information, photos only serve as a conversion factor. They don’t contribute to your business ranking. Adding photos to the Google My Business listing is the easiest method to reach a huge number of customers.

You can also add a cover image with a business logo for identification. You can also capture photos of your team, storefront and anything else that exhibits your business to millions of Google search engine users.

Business Hours

It is necessary to add your regular and accurate business hours in Google My Business Listing. In this way, searchers will be able to plan their visit to your business place. You also have the option of adding special hours in advance for holiday or special events.

Add Appointment Hours

It’s another impressive Google feature. Google My Business interface allows customers to make appointments and book visits online to your business. If you are a running your business in the US and partnered with scheduling providers, you’ll be able to see a booking button automatically added to your listing. It might give you an edge on your competitors.

Select Primary Category

Selection of a primary category has a great impact on local ranking factors. This states what the primary category of your business is. Make sure to accurately categorize your business and its purpose, considering that this category will be published generally.

Furthermore, you can also add and update additional categories that are related to your business for a more advantageous reach to internet users. You can also have a quick look at the categories of your competitors by right-clicking on the map listings and clicking “view source”. It will display primary categories of their businesses, giving you ideas for which categories to add in your own business.

Mention Service Areas of Your Business

Let people know which areas you serve. For that, you need to provide a service areas address on Google.

Provide Accurate Phone Numbers

Google My Business listing gives you an option of adding a primary phone number and additional toll-free phone numbers.

Add Description of Services

It is the new feature of Google My Business listing, nevertheless, it is limited to only service businesses. You can add categories of specific services in your dashboard i.e. the add section. Add the item, item name and item description in a box with a 1000 character limit. In this way, your current services will be displayed with affluent details on Google My Business dashboard.

Get Attributes

In terms of your business type, you will be provided with different attribute options like Highlights, Popular for, offerings etc.

Upload Videos of Your Business

Adding videos is quite a new feature in Google My Business listing where both users and businesses can upload videos. (Read Google Video Guideline here) So, take advantage of this feature to bring in local attraction of video lovers. Nonetheless, you can only upload a video of up to 30 seconds, where its file size should be no larger than 100MB with a 720-pixel resolution or higher.

You can create welcome videos providing a brief history of your business, create testimonials of customers, interview with employees, owners and customers.

Businesses can also report the videos for removal if you find any content offensive, copyright or you have privacy concern etc.

Incorporate Local Ads

Using a label will be helpful for those who are using AdWords for incorporative marketing. This label allows you to sync your Google My Business Listing to AdWords Campaign. Thus, giving you edge of adding local extensions for your ads and manage the PPC campaigns smoothly.

Make sure to use appropriate tracking methods, if you are investing money in AdWords. In this way, you will get the conversion data and the success rate of how many users are making clicks to call from your ads. Moreover, you can track your business’s call-to-action campaign with the help of AdWords Location Extensions Phone.

Call-To-Action Tactics

Try adding your business links to your post whenever you post anything on Google My Business listing. Make certain that every single post gives various options that lead to a call-to-action. You’ll see various options like sign up, get offer, buy and so on. In turn, you will get searchers to your website in a specific time frame.

Respond to Various Questions

Don’t risk the reputation of your business with little to no information provided on Google My Business listings. Keep in mind this is a crowd based, out-sourced hallmark where any user can ask questions and give answers too. Be proactive and add more details of your business services, which will help the potential influencers reach the ultimate decision of purchasing a product from you.

What Can Business Owners Do?

Entrepreneurs should monitor the Q&A’s and manage Google My Business settings in such a way that they receive email alerts. He/ She can provide answers to searchers thus heightening engagement with promising customers. And if you find irrelevant, off-topic questions, you can e-report them to keep your business profile safe and clear.

Add FAQs Into Your Listings

If you have FAQs placed on your website in advance, you can easily get it from there and add in business listing to make it accessible for users.

Reviews Play A Critical Role

Your client reviews have a huge impact on your business ranking. They can also help you stand out from competitors (but google can’t permit you to post harmful reviews about your competitor, Read guidelines Here ) and fascinate new customers who are searching for services related to your business. This feature of Google will bring in more business and customer leads as google wants your Business to grow more.

If you don’t have Google reviews, you can simply create your own email template and link it with your Google My Business listing. Consider asking customers to leave a specific review. There are tons of software options in the business world to help you achieve this. Good reviews uplift your business and its reputation by a benchmark.

These were some important points to consider for Google My Business listing optimization. We hope this guide helped you get a better understanding.

Local Listings Still Not Working?

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