keyword research for SEO to rank higher in google

Why Keyword Research is Important to Rank Higher on Google?

Keyword research and SEO have always worked together synergistically. None of them can exist without the other. they both are dependent on each other and using them wisely can help you earn a higher ranking in digital marketing.  

Keyword research for SEO is something that needs a regular upgrade. In the 21st century, where the internet is the biggest and the most widely accessed platform for reaching the target audience, content needs to be as powerful as possible.

Amidst such high competition, our content should not only be well researched but also search engine optimized to achieve the highest ranking digitally. A keyword is one such powerful tool to boost your content and make you reach a bigger audience.

Do keywords still matter for SEO?

Keywords are those ideas, words, or topics which indicate the main theme of your blog or content. A single word or phrase denoting the whole theme of your blog. Keywords help you to optimize your content and increase its digital reach.

Do keywords still matter for SEO

Let’s explain it easily, whenever we want to search for something on Google, we usually enter a small phrase or a word to specify our idea of searching e.g., if I want to buy a folding table for my laptop, I will simply enter the keyword “folding tables” in search engine and the articles, brands or blogs who have used this keyword in their content will automatically appear higher on search engine results. A single phrase can help you get a higher-ranking order as well as more audience flow towards your website.

What Is Meant By SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. We all are familiar with search engines and their uses but what we don’t know about digital marketing is the optimization of content. In simpler words optimization is the process of enhancing the quality and appearance of our product or content. Through using this methodology, we not only improve the quality of traffic on our website but also expand the quantity of traffic reaching our portal.

What Is Meant By SEO

Building an SEO-friendly website aids in the digital marketing of your services or products, making you reach a bigger audience, organic reach without paying additional hefty amounts for promotions, etc. 

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO?

Using specific words or phrases which can represent your content idea easily and should catch readers’ attention so they can visit your website.  While selecting keywords. One should try not to use hard vocabulary, understandable language is always preferred by the reader, phrases should be as short as possible. No matter how good your content is, but the quality won’t matter if it lacks the use of appropriate keywords.

While writing an article, blog post, or product description for your website; you should be very clear about the topic and try not to include so many ideas or details in a single post. Having a clear idea in mind will help you a lot in extracting suitable keywords and enhancing your product visibility as well.  If you have selected the proper keywords and applied them accurately, it will give your quality content an edge over the other.

Which Tools Can Be Used?

Keyword researching is not as easy as it appears to be. There are a lot of factors that determine the strength and usefulness of your keyword. No matter how much we progress further in technology and tools, creativity always stands above all of them. 

Which Tools Can Be Used

Tools can guide you in extracting a suitable keyword but tools can’t think like human brains. Might be possible the keyword you obtain using a tool is already saturated and overused. So it is always recommended that a writer should be keen in his or her research about the topic and try to come up with his creativity, select a keyword which represents his blog theme, it is understandable and catchy. 

 It is advisable not to rely on these tools but you can take help whenever needed. There are numerous tools available at the moment, some of them are paid and others are non-paid. I am listing few free tools for keyword research below, so you can have a look:

  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool (free)
  • Soovle (free)
  • Ubersuggest (free)

How Important is Keyword Research for SEO?

Keyword researching is the backbone of SEO content. They both are interlinked and without considering them you will struggle behind your competitors in this digital world. Below are mentioned few top-notch benefits of keywords researching:

  • Engagement of audience

The content that you prepare must be built, keeping in mind what exactly your target audience is looking for. Irrelevancy does not have any place in the field of SEO. It is always beneficial if you research well about your potential clients, their fields of interests and needs, etc. We not only need a flow of visitors to our site but we need potential customers who can be engaged and turned into long-term clients. Using relevant keywords can help you to engage a bigger amount of audience easily.

  • Effortless digital marketing

Once you get a hinge of keyword research and use them properly you will surprisingly notice a boost in your product revenue without investing in any promotions etc. Keywords can serve as a major factor in the digital marketing of your services. Keeping yourself up to date with current trends and popular demands of customers, taking short online surveys, and understanding your targeted audience psychology will make the customer believe in your services. A healthy rapport with potential clients will lead to an exponential growth of your website/ products.

  • Boosting conversion rates

Boosting conversion rates

When the appropriate keywords are used only then the right audience will land on the page and buy your services. The conversion rate is the number of visitors who took the desired actions and turned into your potential clients. For example, a shopping mall can appear to be modernly built, installed with many shops but if it doesn’t have our required product, we will leave it as soon as possible which means visitors can’t be converted into customers.

  • Expanding the long tail efforts

This refers to using keyword research for SEO research to know about other queries related to the target audience. Long-tail search happens to be the most popular among all the investigations. If you have significant keyword research, it ensures that your phrases matching the articles are ranked higher up and consequently helps in business growth. 

  • Keyword placement

While keyword research is a crucial step in optimized content, the understanding of its proper placement is also essential. It has a significant impact on organic traffic. Alt text, URL meta text, headings, everything plays a vital role. The order of the keywords, if done appropriately, helps the content to have greater visibility.

  • Increasing organic reach

By placing up to the mark keywords matching our niche we introduce our product to the targeted audience. When that particular audience, related to our niche is being funneled to our website, automatically our organic reach is increased

  • Increasing on-site traffic

The success of the digital markets depends upon the audience which lands on their website. The greater people visiting your website, the more they are engaged, and traffic to your site increases. Using keywords and optimization of your content can also allow you to increase the onsite engagement of the audience.

  • Higher ranking in search engines

It is a general rule of thumb that the frequency of visitors decides the fate of our ranking. If we somehow, through the implementation of keywords engage a bigger mass on our website, we will automatically rank higher on the search engines. Our website will be suggested by the search engines to the new visitors.

Factors Affecting Keyword Research

Relevance of keywords

Keyword relevance is the most critical factor when SEO is talked about. The conversion rate depends upon the selection and thorough study of keywords.  But it would be best if you also made sure that the keywords you enter also match the content. According to you, you would not want to see your conversion rates low even after you had put in the best keywords. Make sure you study well, use research tools, knowledge, and experience to put in the best keywords with the article’s maximum conversion rate.

Factors Affecting Keyword Research

Search volume of keywords

One major factor that affects the keywords research to an extent where the results let you know about how well you performed during the keyword study. 

Competition of keyword

Let’s clear out with the help of this example. A new bakery shop in the town serves the best cakes and cupcakes. The location of the shop has three more bakeries in the neighborhood. Though the taste is not as good as the new bakery, it affects the clients. On the other hand, a bakery owner sets up a shop in a location where there is no other bakery in the close vicinity. Who do you think will have a better chance to have more clients? The one with lesser competition. But the quality matters too. Likewise, in the case of keyword research for SEO, while less competition is the main factor influencing the content, high search volume needs to be checked simultaneously.

ROI of keywords

How valuable a keyword is, has a significant impact on the research. The more the keyword is useful, the more likely it is to have the conversion rate as it is known that long-tail effects attract more traffic than smaller keywords. This is because the possibility of searches gets more with many words attached to a single keyword. These things are supposed to be taken into consideration while you decide to do optimization.

Intent of the keywords

Does this affect the SEO of content? Yes, it does, without a doubt. You can get the users that are your targeted audience. This results in more conversion rates and boosting your organic reach

How to Select Keywords?

We have already discussed the benefits and factors affecting keywords. But this all information will simply be vain if I don’t mention the strategies to follow when selecting a keyword for your blog/article/product etc. here are a few basic things that will help you in choosing a suitable keyword.

Geographical area

The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered in understanding the geographical location. The place you will initially launch your services and where the content will likely reach the maximum number of potential clients. Also, search engines know the region or the geographical area from where you post. Hence, claiming something that is not true would lower the article’s rank instead of boosting it. Moreover, make sure the keywords that you use are the ones that would directly impact the audience of the area.

Identify the relevancy

After you are aware of your location and taking care of the geographical area, you need to ensure that the keywords you have or will select have relevance to the content. Just because you found keywords that have low competition and higher success rates, you can put them into your content is a bad practice. Unless they have relevance with the content, there is no point putting them across. Search engines are spies. They would either block or rank your article much lower once found doing this malpractice.


This step is the most neglected while selecting a keyword. This might seem not very helpful in optimizing the content but is actually of great importance. Adding keywords suffix helps a lot in ranking the article higher. The words used should be based on the business or the service you deal with or should target a specific niche.


Once you have followed all the steps described above, the next step is organizing the research results. While you are researching the keywords, you would come across numerous keywords, but it is impossible to put them all into the content. 1% of the total words in content is what keywords should consist of. Like 1200 words, content should have 12 keywords as a standard procedure. So, organizing the keyword research in different volumes like geographical area, merge a word google suggests, and similar categories would ensure that you have the best keywords and make your work easier.

Create phrases

With an organized list of keywords, the next step is to combine them in words. Keywords in geographical, those in AdWords and Google, all need to be combined in a phrase or a short catchy sentence. There are online tools available too that can make your work even easier. Just put in the keyword research, and they would give you the keywords in a merged form. But again, I would suggest showing your creativity.

Checking the keywords

Now, you are at a point where you have the keyword phrases ready, and what you need to do next is check them or check their value in Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a free online tool that lets you check how valuable the keyword phrases you have come up with after long study and research. You can check up to 100 keywords/ phrases at a time. This will also show you the list of Google suggestions, if you want to use them you can use them freely.

Follow up

The ultimate goal of the entire hard work is to rank the article higher in the search engine, Google being at the top. After you have checked the value, the next step is to follow up with another tool by Google that the name uber suggests. This is a kind of confirmation that you would take before you finalize the keyword phrases. All you need to do is add a keyword here, and it will work on the advantage of Google’s tool and give you the result about the searches on Google.


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