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Strengthen Your SEO through Optimization of Question Keywords

question keywords optimization

The searches that are related to questions are done in significant number on Google everyday. According to statistics given by Internet Live, the question searches were near 3.5 Billion in 2018. Whereas, in 2017 The Jumpshot study published on Moz predicted that 8% of search queries were phrased as questions. So, from these statistics, it is cleared that if you are optimizing your website for question keywords it will make a difference in your strategy. In SEO strategy the prime focus is on SEO keyword ranking and the traffic received on the website.

In this blog, we will be discussing the way through which the Google gives the answer for the question-based queries done by the user and how you can rank under the featured snippets? But before we move ahead let’s first discuss the basic things that include an understanding of algorithms that trigger the search process to answer the keyword question.


Question Keyword and Semantic Search Relationship

The searches that are related to keyword suggestion are present below the auto-suggest and they are all powered by semantic search technology. There is a significant relationship between question keywords and semantic search algorithm.

Semantic Search: Semantic search meaning refers to a search that is having some meaning. The semantic search includes factors like user context,understanding of natural language, entity recognition, and query stream context.

When talking about semantic search, the hummingbird update of the Google is also very important that was launched in 2013. The new Google Hummingbird algorithm update was better as compared to the older algorithm that focuses on the keywords. Today, Google pick the identities from the search and figure out the relationship between identities to provide accurate answer according to the search query.

Q/A Phrases: When a user tries to search an answer, a query is made in form of question phrases. Google makes an effort to answer the question. For instance, if you a user has asked, “which is the largest tree in the world”? The answer to this question that will be shown is fetched by Google from a knowledge graph or it is extracted from a website.

Featured Snippets: The answer to a question is displayed in form of featured snippets. This answer box includes the summary of the answer that is taken from web pages, title of the web pages, and the URLs.

Now, we will discuss the types of questions that are answered by Google. By this, you will be able to identify the keywords and plan content to give a boost to your SEO strategy.


Types of Question Answered

The ways of searching are evolving and now Google is more focused to provide better results. The prime focus is on voice search. So, the website having right structured data have an opportunity to rank below the featured snippet in the results of Google. The different types of answers for the questions given by Google are listed below:

1- DAQ (Direct Answer Questions): These questions start with which, where, what, who, when and Why etc. The user might type a question, what is the name of our planet? In this, the user intent is to get a direct answer that is “Earth”. Google predict the right answer by using the power of semantic technology and give the exact answer to the user.

2- SAQ (Short Answer Question): These types of question start with can, why, etc. The searcher may ask a question, why the sky is blue? The Google uses its mechanism to give the correct answer for the question.

3- LAQ (Long Answer Questions): In this type of question, the user is requiring information in detail. For instance, a user may ask, how to make pizza at home? The answer to this question given by Google will include various steps to tell the complete procedure for the task.

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Finding Question Keywords

Now, after knowing the types, we will see the techniques to find the question keywords that can be included in our SEO strategy. There are many methods and keyword research tools that can assist you to find the appropriate question keywords.

You can use the tools like SEMrush Topic Research, AnswerThePublic, Ubersuggest, Seorch, Keyword Tool, and InstaKeywords to find the best question keywords. After the identification of keywords, you can take the step to improve the keyword ranking for a website.


Ranking Page for DAQ (Direct Answer Question)

If you are planning to range your web pages for DAQ, you need to optimize the following factors:

  • Answer the question in the start, it should be in the starting of the first paragraph.
  • Place the question first and then write the answer so that Google can easily tag your webpage. For instance, if the question is what the full form of CIA is, try to write your answer like, “The full form of CIA is Central Intelligence Agency”.
  • Don’t end the answer instantly instead elaborate the information.
  • You need to provide a good piece of information to improve trust on your website.
  • You need to provide extensive but relevant information so that Google can see that you are a reliable source for users.


Ranking for SAQ (Short Answer Question)

To rank for short answer questions, you need to do the following:

  • You should write the content in Q/A format. Write the question first and then answer with proper explanation.
  • Your language should be easy and it can be easily understood by a 5th grade student . To achieve your target, your Dale-Chall score should be 5.0 to 5.9 or your Flesch-Kincaid score should be between 65-70.


Ranking for LAQ (Long Answer Questions)

To rank your web pages for the long answer questions you need to do the following:

  • Answers that are extensive are better explained through video on the diversified topics. For instance, if your query is regarding, “how to paint a house?”, then Google will provide you a video that is explaining the whole procedure.
  • You can try LAQ searched that uses the text-based tutorials, step by step tutorials that will enable the people to learn the technique of a task by following the steps. For instance, if the search is regarding, “how to get rid of mold?”. The user will get some steps that need to be done in the answer box.
  • You can also answer some questions in a list format.
  • Ensure that the language you use is easy to read. You should outline all the important points and use the heading tags to focus on your main topic.
  • You should use images wherever possible because without the images your tutorial will not be complete.
  • Remember one thing that your main heading should match with the question asked. This point is very significant and helps you to improve the relevancy score.


Relevant Structured Data Addition to SAQ and LAQ Keywords

One of the imperative steps that you need to follow in SAQ and LAQ keywords is the addition of appropriate structured data. You can select one of them that fits best in the answer to your question:

Products: This is useful when people are asking a question regarding specific products. You need to follow the instructions under the product markup page. Moreover, you need to ensure that you test the page using structured data testing tool before starting the promotion.

Videos: If going to add video, then read all the instruction carefully mentioned under video data type before uploading the video. You must information like description, duration, thumbnail, and upload date. After adding the details, you should test it using structured data testing tool.

Recipe: If you are having recipes on your website, then you need to ensure that you have added recipe schema markup on all the pages. Learn the ways of adding recipe structured data. For testing, you need to use the structured data testing tool.

Q&A Pages: The web pages that are having information in form of question-answer format are referred to as Q&A pages. The pages contain more than one answer to the question.

Voice Format: This is still in Beta version. Soon the speakable data type will change the game of voice SEO. For instance, if you are having a newspaper website then you should ensure that speakable schema identifies the sections present in the article and provide an answer to the user in voice format.


Answers of Question Keywords You Need to Avoid

As discussed above Google also uses the Knowledge Graph to give the answers to the question. In this case, no website link or features snippets is shown in the answer box.  For instance, if there is a search query, “What is the height of Eiffel Tower?” The answer given for this query will be extracted from the Knowledge Graph and due to this Google will not list your website in the featured snippets. So, in this scenario, there is no need to focus on SEO regarding such questions that is giving no credibility to your website.


Use of Performance Report to Optimize Search Performance

The performance report will give you important metrics regarding the performance of your website in the Google search results. This report will help you to identify the pages that are seen in rich results along with the suggestion to enhance the performance.



There is no doubt that question keyword optimization will transform your SEO strategy. You can stay ahead of the competition if you are able to grab the position in featured snippets. If you are appearing in the answer box you will get more traffic and natural links. In addition, if you are looking for professional help, then you need to hire SEO experts of Marketalist, a Boston Seo services agency.

Our expert team will provide you advanced seo services and implement content writing skills/best practices on your behalf  that will really direct your business on right path. We will not only improve you question keyword ranking but also build your strong presence on internet world that will ultimately result into increased traffic on your website. Give us a call to inquire more about our digital marketing services.

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