Get On The Board Among Your Competitors with Content Marketing

outrank your competitors with content marketing

Potential ROI from content marketing is the most common concept that  is misguided by many of the crappy marketers. Those types of marketers invest in content marketing and wait for overnight results. But when they don’t achieve what they want, they lose hope and give a statement that “CONTENT MARKETING IS NOT WORKING”.


There is never a night or problem that could defeat sunrise or hope !!!


They have stated and we have heard. Now the issue is how many of us do the content marketing in a way it should be? What are the hidden secrets of brands who have leveraged their business with strategic content marketing? How can I do content marketing that can help my boss get more business leads?

Ease your mind with proven content marketing strategy that we are going to share with you. You will definitely hit the marks with a complete focus and it will pay off in a way you were not aware before.


What Should I Do?

Before doing content marketing, make your content rich with quality, creativity and helpful information. Only then you can expect higher profit return from your efforts, some really extra efforts.

Therefore, make your time and money valuable with evergreen king of digital marketing. Earning your targeted audience loyalty strengthen your customer relationships and growth of the business. You can become a credible, authoritative resource the people can trust easily.


What is Content Marketing?

If content is “Engine”, then content marketing is its “Fuel”. It’s the Fuel that drives the Engine and lets you achieve you reach your destination. And to add fuel to engine, you have to pay some amount. So, content is nothing without content marketing. Well, we are not saying that you will have to spend huge amount of money on advertising your services through content.

Content marketing either its at small or large scale includes educational articles, webinars, e-books, videos, infographics and storytelling that grabs the attention of reader, compels him to read more and more about your product and ultimately decides to purchase.

You might be working hard to achieve the goals with free of cost content marketing, but could not define the reasons that keep you behind your competitors. So dollar have some worth !


Learn How The Successful Marketers Are Distributing Their Content

Statistics show that 75 % of the traffic on Google comes from organic traffic, while the remaining 25 % comes from PPC advertising where purchasing expectancy is almost < 50%.

If we take an example of brand awareness marketing of big firms, their solid content marketing strategy has helped them to generate the 10x higher web traffic in comparison to those who did not invest. So the exceptions to the rules are still there.


content distribution platforms

Read some of the contributing factors below for more better understanding of importance of content marketing.

Content Marketing ROI Statistics

  • 56 % of the marketers reflected on that personal content creates high engagement rate than formal content.
  • 37 secs is the median time observed by marketers that people spend. on reading article. In digital marketing term, it is called the dwell time.
  • 6x more conversions are observed through content marketing than old traditional marketing.
  • 3x more leads are generated at 62% less cost than outbound marketing.
  • 73% of the large organizations focus on sound content marketing strategy.


Get On Board With These Tips

  • Do the analysis of your current content marketing ROI and address the cost (if applicable), utilization and performance of the content. You can conduct content audit, look for some average costs, and envision the real content cost that includes copywriting fees, design of article, and cost of time for the project management.
  • Reiterate if your content is not being used or valued by the readers. Because, the content that never gets used is a waste of time, content and efforts of all the team members who were a part of this.
  • So, track the content marketing performance by its usage. For this you can audit your external channels for any metrics of usage. Whereas, for internal resources, you may ask campaign managers to provide usage reports.
  • After doing complete analysis, revise the budget for content marketing that can bring your benefits along with challenges. Because there is no primrose way to a bigger success.
  • Don’t ignore that PPC, social and promotional advertising have their own cost.Being said that, true content marketing includes production, distribution and ROI of the content.


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Hope you’ve got answers of all the questions. If you have any questions regarding content marketing then drop your comments below.

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