PPC? How It Will Help You to Grow Business

Pay Per Click is one of the advertising strategies to acquire customers along with SEO and Facebook advertisement. PPC advertising is often referred to as Google advertising, search engine advertising, or paid search. PPC ads show up on Google above the organic search results. Why you need PPC? Have a look at this statistic, this will clear up some things in your mind:

  • There are over 2 Billion people online.
  • 93% of online activities start on search engines.
  • Every second, there are 40,000 searches.
  • Per day there are 3.5 billion searches.

These numbers are evidence that PPC management services will bring audiences to your business. Now, let us tell you in detail for your better understanding of why you need PPC to grow your business:

1. A Way to Drive Instant Results

PPC advertising marketers and business owners prefer this because it is fast. It provides immediate results. You can advertise your products to thousands of people at once when they are searching for your business or services. This is the key difference if we compare PPC advertising and the benefits of SEO.

2. Create Your Presence and Boost Traffic

A simple example of how PPC works is, consider you walk into a store and as soon you enter, you find the desired products. PPC advertising also works in the same way. The advertisements given by a business or brand appear above the search results. The best thing is that your PPC advertisements are the first thing that appears after you type the query in the search engine. Your chances to convert the search traffic into your customers are more because your advertisement appears on top. If we look at the ratio, paid clicks to surpass organic clicks by nearly 2 to 1.

The traffic you get from a search engine is best! The reason is people are looking to find the solutions to their problems, so they come to you via your advertisement. By this, you can easily “pull” the relevant traffic toward your business. Furthermore, you don’t need to “push” out advertisements for persuading people to buy from you because the search traffic is already interested in your relevant products and services. Besides, it can boost your website traffic to a greater extent. Using this you can easily drive hundreds and thousands of clicks to your business website. The best part is, that people who are clicking on your respective ads are the ones who are interested in your business.

3. Increases Revenue, Sales, Leads, and Offline Sales

You heard it right! It increases sales, leads, and offline sales. Besides, search traffic is more converted as compared to other sources of traffic. It’s a fact that search traffic has the best conversion rates for most websites. By doing this, you are positioning yourself on search engines which in turn position your business to win more conversions. The target of every business is to increase their sale, so to achieve your target PPC is the right tool. If you offering great products or services, then PPC advertising will drive conversions for you. If you are doing it correctly and ensuring quality, you can get the returns on your investment doubled as compared to the price you have invested on PPC.

PPC will not stop here! It can drive offline sales as well. If you are having a store, your customers will visit that after seeing it in one of your ads. In case they have not done any purchase still their journey has started through an online search. This trend is increasing because now people are relying on search engines for guidance when they are planning a purchase.

4. You Can Easily Measure It

When you are investing your money, you need to keep an eye on the thing. You want the things that can be checked and measured. So, PPC advertising comes with this benefit. As a marketer or a business, you have the access to easily measure your return on advertising spend from your side. You can even track the advertisements, keywords, or ad placements that are driving the most return for your business. You can track several conversions you are getting by installing conversion tracking. With the help of these metrics, you can easily decide and plan your PPC advertising campaign.

5. A Great Advertising Platform and Build Your SEO

PPC advertising formats are better as compared to organic listings. PPC allows you to get more options that enable you to have to generate more results. These options will help you to enhance the value of your searchers. Few examples would be installing call tracking, site links, and customer reviews on your PPC advertisements. Furthermore, it is not risky as compared to organic listings. Due to this, your success is not dependent on the Google algorithm changes or a website’s optimization. Actually, PPC is more like a number game. The number that matters most is the money you are spending and the amount of money you are getting from your ads.

If you are having a proper understanding of PPC, then you can also develop your SEO strategy. It will help you to identify the search keywords that are more related and valuable according to your business. However, the value of search keywords will be determined by knowing which keywords are driving the most conversions to your business or brand.


6. It is Smarter, Gives Recognition, and Gain Market Share

As mentioned previously, it will give you an advantage over other forms of advertising. It gives you the freedom to advertise your products or services to your email contacts, website visitors, or the people who visit your store. This not only allows you to attract new customers but also to increases the number of repeat purchases from previous buyers. Through PPC you can build your brand integrity. In simple words, this advertisement will make your business recognizable. Awareness and communication are important. It is not a rule that your website visitors will always buy, but if you are keeping them aware, then they might purchase things soon.

PPC advertising will help you to gain a share in the market and this is only possible through customer attribution. Attribution is the number of times your audience has viewed your brand. If the number is greater, then you will have a greater possibility of conversions. Through your PPC campaign, you can increase the engagement that increases your connection to get more conversions in the future.

7. Helps You to Compete with Larger Business

Do or Die! PPC has made its place in the digital marketing world. If you are not using and wondering what is wrong? The answer is you are not considering PPC. Your competitors may be using and growing their business. If you are not advertising on search, then it is like you are giving your sales and market share to your competition by yourself. So, Think About It!

If we see a bigger picture, what makes a brand bigger? The reason today is that they are spending a good amount on PPC advertising. The amount they spend gives them traffic and makes it hard for their competitors to compete with them. But no need to worry, you can start it now. Some tips to get started and to compete are:

  • Target less popular, niche keywords that your competitors might have missed.
  • You can run your ads at different times as compared to your competitors.
  • Think critically, to slide in through the back door and get an advantage over large businesses. This is one of the important reasons to use PPC services for your business.

8. Adjustable and Provide Immediate Results

As mentioned above, Pay per click (PPC) gives instant results that make it a very suitable option in marketing strategy. One more benefit provided by PPC is that it is adjustable. If you are not happy with the results, then you can adjust them according to your requirements. This freedom is not available in another form of advertising. You cannot make the changes if you are investing in radio ads, tv ads, or print media. In PPC, you can do changes instantly to minimize your loss and get more conversions.

9. You Have the Control on Your Spending

What will be better if you can take control of your spending? Well, PPC is the option you need to keep the ball in your court. In this you set your budget, you can increase and decrease it whenever you like. In PPC advertising you are in the driving seat. Two things should be kept in mind when setting up the budget:

  • If your spending is less you may not get the desired results, so you need to look at the results before you set an appropriate amount.
  • If you are spending more on the wrong ad campaign, you may waste thousands of dollars.

One good thing about PPC is that you pay only for your actions. You will be only charged when someone clicks on your ad. For better understanding consider this, if you running an ad that reaches 10,000 people, but no one clicks it, no need to pay in this case. Furthermore, as you start to see conversions, you can set up your campaign, where you will only pay for conversions. In short, you only pay when you get the results. A huge benefit for PPC advertisers!

PPC is the Best Decision For your Business

Planning to grow fast with desired results and to stay ahead of your competitors? The only way to achieve this is to invest in paid search marketing, Right NOW! Hope the reasons mentioned above are enough to convince you that your business needs PPC. So, if you still having any questions about PPC advertising? Get in contact with Marketalist, an experienced PPC management agency that will increase your sales, ROI, and conversions through their effective PPC strategy.

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