10 Actionable Strategies to Promote Your Content On Instagram

Promote Your Content on Instagram – 10 Actionable Strategies

Let’s Promote Your Content on Instagram

Statistics reveal that Instagram has around 500 million daily active users. With such user engagement, any small business can make it home with the right strategy. Yet, like on any other social media platform, it is crucial to implement the right strategies. Instagram is rapidly evolving and so should your tactics to reach your target audience. Therefore, in this post, we have enlisted 10 actionable strategies you can use to promote your content on Instagram and gain a massive following of committed fans.

Cross-Promote Your Content to Maximize Your Followers

One of the coolest things about Instagram is that it allows you to connect your company’s Instagram profile with other social media accounts.

If you already have a strong following on other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. It’s quite easy then, you can simply invite your followers to your new Instagram account.

You can also publish your posts automatically to other accounts through Instagram.

Make sure you add your website’s name in the Instagram bio box. So that your new followers can know too what your company is about.

It will create a good impression and will help them decipher how your product is relevant to them.

Make It to The Front with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have great potential to attract attention. Just like Snapchat stories, Instagram allows you to concatenate multiple pictures and videos that remain visible for only 24 hours. Small businesses can use this feature to keep their followers engaged by displaying impromptu content. Content such as little sneak peeks of the product or behind-the-scenes.

With Instagram stories, it is possible to “skip the line” and make your content appear on the front of people’s feeds. This can be your go-to option. If you have a lot of content to post and are unsure if it would make a good post or are worried about spamming your fans.

Use The Comment Section to Engage with Your Audience

Ever posted a query as a comment under a picture on a business page?

Chances are that the company never got back to you. This is because most businesses use Instagram only as a means to publish their content and not increase their Instagram engagement.

A lot of such businesses do not have the time to go through hundreds of valuable feedbacks that customers leave as comments.

Admittedly, it is not the easiest thing to do on Instagram either. But if you do get back to your customers it would show your determination to client satisfaction and dramatically boost your sales.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you are starting from scratch, then there’s no better alternative to getting more following. So, connecting with the people who already have one established. Yes, we are talking about Instagram influencers. Recently, influencer marketing has changed the marketing game for everyone, customers and businesses alike. Customers need a solid recommendation from someone whose advice they trust and this is where an Influencer comes in. An influencer can literally influence your prospective client into buying your product due to the high level of trust they have built with their following.

We are not telling you to get a Hollywood star to endorse your product-well, you can, if you have that sort of budget in mind. But ideally, any popular Instagram influencer with a decent amount of Instagram following would do just fine. It is perhaps one of the fastest approaches to get a flood of new adherents as these people already have a huge following.

The most effective strategy to promote your content on instagram

The incredible thing about Instagram is that a lot of famous accounts aren’t possessed by tremendous companies but are in fact owned by normal individuals and lifestyle influencers who have done a ton of the leg work to get loyal followers. When these individuals make a product mention or give a shout out, their devotees in a split second check the mentioned account and will without a doubt give you a follow.

We have two common ways to get your product or account mentioned by established accounts: You can either pay for a sponsored post. Typically, this can cost you up-to anywhere from $20 to $100 or more per post. Or you can establish a partnership with them.

Second method is the preferred one, but newbies can start with the first option.

So, reach out to someone who keeps their audience engaged. Choose people who fit with your brand image.  Analyze how often they post and how many likes and comments do they manage to get for each post. And then tell them you are interested in working with them.

They might even have some creative ideas on how you can collaborate on the product as a team. 

Start Engaging with Your Competitors’ Followers

There are two things you need to know about an engaged Instagram follower:

  1. Firstly, they are keen on your industry or the product you specialize in
  2. They admire the content you post

On the off chance that a client is following one of your rivals, this means that they’re without a doubt already keen on your industry. This fact alone makes it easier to attract their attention and get them to follow you as well. Starting here, you just now have to keep them drawn towards the content you post. 

Enlist your top rivals who engage actively on Instagram. Start sending requests to the first few hundred followers of your competitors. This progression alone will get you a couple of new supporters.

In any case, we’re not only after supporters, we need to draw in devotees who will help spread the word about our image. To pull in those clients, you’ll need to speak with them.

On Instagram, there are three fundamental approaches to draw in with individuals- liking, commenting, and following.  

Now that you have effectively followed them, you simply need to like a portion of their photographs or make comments under their posts or both. This will improve the probability of the individuals following you back, and responding to your page. More you draw in with your crowd, the greater your return will be.

Incorporate Hashtags in Each Post

Unlike Google that uses keywords to search for relevant content, Instagram relies on hashtags to search for an item. For example, if your company sells leather jackets then you will have to enter a hashtag under each of your posts, “#leatherjackets” so that when prospective clients search for the item in their search bar, your company shows up on top of their page.

Hashtags are a quick and easy way to increase your visibility given that you are using the right hashtags. Usually, the most trending hashtags are the ones that get the most likes. Definitely one of the finest strategies tp promote your content on instagram.

But make sure that you are not making-up any random hashtags that no one is searching for. The key is to post pictures with the most relevant hashtags so that your page can appear in the most popular hashtags section of Instagram.

Plus, unlike any other social media platform, entering multiple hashtags is not considered crazy on Instagram. The maximum allowable limit is 30- this does not imply that all your posts need 30 hashtags but the point is to use them to increase viewer attention. 

Monitor Your Progress

Are you paying attention to the trends? Are you aware of the kind of posts which get the most engagement? Do you know which hashtags play out the best?

By closely observing such data, you will be able to tell what type of content speaks to your audience the best.

Tiny details such as a certain style of photo, a particular filter, or a popular hashtag make up a huge difference in the end. Therefore, it is essential that you collect information regarding your content so that you can improve your future posts and grow more followers.

Share Other People’s Content

Re-gramming is a speedy and simple approach to attract more followers. In contrast to other social media apps, Instagram doesn’t have a local method to share other people’s content.

It only has options for liking and commenting. Yet, there are outsider applications that enable you to re-gram.

Sharing other people’s content is probably the most ideal approach to begin building associations.

When you start utilizing Instagram for your private company, developing your own crowd ought to be your main concern. You need to get some eyes on your profile to get some underlying offers and commitment. 

Instagram Ads

Probably the greatest snag that prevents independent ventures from attempting online media publicizing is expenses.

When you don’t have a major financial plan, it’s somewhat harder to legitimize spending cash on publicizing. Instagram Ads, however, presents an extraordinary opportunity for small-scale, independent companies since it’s remarkably reasonable. 

The beginning is straightforward, assuming that you already have a Facebook Advertising account since it’s incorporated into a similar platform.

However, we suggest making custom picture resources explicitly for Instagram Ads as opposed to reusing similar ones you would for Facebook on account of how it’s shown on the feed.

Frequently Host Instagram Challenges 

There’s no denying the way that individuals totally love free stuff. Instagram challenges give your organization a fascinating method to draw in with current and expected fans. 

Promote your content on instagram by creating challeneges: 

  1. Make a subject for your challenge rather than the non-exclusive “follow us to win a free item” approach. 
  2. Create a custom hashtag for your challenge. 
  3. Make individuals label a companion and comment to participate in the challenge. This will help your challenge spread much faster. 
  4. Begin advancing the challenge, in any event, seven days before it begins to build up some excitement.
  5. Consider working together with different organizations or influencers to get much more reach. 

Make sure to read through Instagram’s promotion guidelines to ensure you’re doing everything to stay on track. Since the objective is to get faithful supporters, whatever you are offering for a giveaway ought to be fairly relevant to your industry. That way, you will not only attract people who just want free stuff but those who are authentically genuinely by your brand.

Still can’t make heads or tails of it?

Get on-board with Marketalist to Promote Your Content on Instagram

Instagram users love to engage so building up a dedicated following on this platform won’t be too hard. Yet, no matter how active the users may be, it still won’t work out for you if you are not using the right techniques and strategies.

Our team at Marketalist is pro at devising strategies for small businesses so feel free to contact us if you still can’t make heads or tails of it.

We are experts in generating high revenue for small to medium scale businesses through our in-house built Instagram strategies.

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