7 Amazing Ways to Rank YouTube Videos on Google First Page in 2022 [3 BONUS SECRETS included]

YouTube – a platform where you can be anyone you want, a platform where you can truly showcase your talent to the world. As a Creator on YouTube, all you want is millions of views, subscribers, and rank YouTube videos on Google first page. Putting all the hard work and effort into creating YouTube content and not seeing any ranking or views can be heartbreaking for anyone. You have to be creative but smart too.

We generally get addicted to creating more YouTube content once our videos start to rank higher on YouTube search. However, this requires a deep understanding of how YouTube ranks your videos for the audience. In this blog, we are going to reveal strategies that really work for anyone to rank their YouTube content.

Firstly, We need to know how the YouTube algorithm works before creating video content for the platform. After you go through this guide, we can guarantee that you will be able to rank YouTube videos on Google first page in no time. It’s not an easy task but it is achievable, all it requires is sheer commitment. We have so many examples right before our eyes like MKBHD, Logan Paul, PewDiePie, Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes, and thousands of other YouTubers.

These are all from different niches, it means you just need to know what you’re good at and then begin your YouTube journey. You just need to be patient, stick with the rules, and strategies and then you are good to go. We need to know that from 18’ stats in the report of State of Inbound, 48% of marketers invest more in YouTube now, this is more than any other marketing/social platform available to them.

If you have a good YouTube following then all you need to do is publish meaningful and relevant content to your audience, the rest happens like magic (revenue, earnings, collaborations, etc).

However, consider the possibility that you won’t make good bucks in the first few years. As numerous popular YouTubers say, “The First Million is the hardest”.

Let’s dig deep into the strategies and hacks:

1. Content

This is the place where you have to unleash your creativity. Your content needs to be unique, attractive, informative, and valuable. People look for satisfying content, fulfill their search purpose, and provide value to their time.

So center your content accordingly, create playlists for different topics. The thing is, most popular videos are simply based on resolving a person’s issue or providing information like ‘How to Dos’, ‘iPhone 12 Features and Review’, ‘Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial’. It depends on your niche, curate content that you find interesting, and eventually, masses will start showing up interest in your content.                                       

2. Length of Your Video

It’s a popular fact that Google prefers videos that are at least 10 minutes long. Also, more views mean a higher ranking on relevant search queries. But we all know very well that YouTube continues changing its search algorithm, demoting content that’s clickbait and spam even though the audience probably loves this type of content. YouTube soon realized its mistake and it understood the slip-up quickly and began considering the commitment factors of masses in watching these videos.

While accumulated clicks are checked, the measure of the ‘loyal subscriber’ factor on your videos assumes a gigantic part like the like/unlike count, comments, watch time, total shares, views by location, etc. This required YouTubers to create more relevant content with seriously captivating storytelling to rank higher. This is what you’re going to do now; make your videos at any length, it can be of 2 minutes or 15 minutes but it has to be creative and out-of-the-box.

If your subscribers are occupied with your videos for an extended time, your videos will rank better. Yet, in case you’re simply extending your videos with fluff content just for the sake of making the video longer, you will not be able to keep a viewer stuck to your content because they’d eventually get bored of the meaningless content. Here’s a great blog that you must study to understand the logic behind YouTube video length.

3. Name of Your Video

Your Video title must be captivating, it should urge the viewers to click/tap on your video once it runs before their eyes. It must be a relevant, savvy catchphrase that triggers the FOMO. Just like on-page SEO and web copies, Google takes a look at the name of your video and shows it against similar search queries. This plays an important role to rank your videos on Google first page.

This means you ought to improve your video content (title, description, tags, etc.) BEFORE you upload it to YouTube. Your video title must have the following qualities:

  • Speak to the pain points of your audience
  • Make sure your title matches your video content
  • Know who you are producing content for
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Include your primary keyword at the beginning of your title
  • Use brackets in your title
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Resist the temptation to use clickbait headlines
  • Keep your title under 60 characters
  • Create videos tied to trending topics
  • Provide clear value
  • Use proven headline frameworks
  • Stick to how-to titles for educational content
  • Use persuasive words
  • Create listicle-style titles
  • Make sure your video title and thumbnail work well together

For more in-depth information about YouTube video titles, you can refer to this amazing guide on YouTube Titles

4. Description of Your Video

This is your area of play. Pour out your thoughts and feelings and describe what a particular video means to you. You can always write a journey on how you ended up creating this video or why you made this video. Add a link to your website to drive traffic from YouTube. Your videos may be astounding however you need a “Source of inspiration”. So, add up your social channels, give your community a ‘personal touch.

Tell them what you like to do in your free time on your social footprint. This will urge them to follow you on your social channels as well. Here’s a fact for you, Google recommends 1,000 characters long description. It means there’s a lot of play area here and you must attract people through captivating video descriptions.

So, points to keep in mind are:

  • Write a description of 180 to 200 words 
  • Use your targeted keyword in your description 
  • Write a unique copy for all of your videos
  • Do not stuff the keyword otherwise your videos will be penalized and they won’t rank higher

5. Make Playlists on Your Channel

Playlists are like a navigation bar on your channel. The audience can find the topic of their interest and navigate directly to that video. You should create a playlist and add the most relevant videos to it. Once people watch your video from one of the playlists, a relevant one from the same playlist will pop up, making them stick to the content.


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6. Use Customized Thumbnails

Thumbnails add the ‘creative’ factor to your videos. They act like clickbait for most of the viewers because apart from the video title, this is the second most glanced element before someone taps on your video. Adding a custom thumbnail to your video can improve your Click-through Rate (CTR). Furthermore, if your video content is connecting enough, the watch time of your video will increase dramatically, ranking it higher on search results. 

YouTube allows you to pick from 3 random thumbnail options once your video is uploaded. Most of the time, these images are scrapped out of your video and aren’t appealing at all. They do not get clicks because of being confusing and having no relevant text on them. So, you should take the best shot from your video, add relevant text, and utilize Photoshop to create a tempting thumbnail for your video.

7. Make your Channel Appealing

YouTube sees a channel without a profile picture, header, portrayal, and connections as spam. It is an extra positioning hack and boosts your channel. Your channel must be complete in all terms, it should have a name, a cool attractive banner with social links added up to it. You must add a description of what your channels mean to you and what it is all about. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Add up your social profile links
  • Add a clear profile picture and banner 
  • Write a good description of your channel and add the targeted keyword to it
  • You should subscribe to relevant channels from your channel. It suggests Google about you being related to similar content creators.

[BONUS] How Do You Get Your Youtube Video On The First Page?

Wondering about how to rank YouTube videos on Google first page? It’s not as troublesome as it may seem.

In 2022, if you want your videos to effectively rank on Google and YouTube, you need to do a few things right: 

  • You need to use your keywords in the voiceover. Google has voice recognition algorithms deployed on YouTube for a long time now. This will make your videos pop up when someone uses Google Voice Search to find details about a relevant topic.
  • Don’t simply stuff keywords into your videos; ensure that you label your video with related terms.
  • Get individuals to provide feedback on your videos. Essentially, you must ask questions like whether they like it or out, and what are their remarks on the content they just watched. Maybe they can send your video to their circle? Try to incorporate a source of inspiration urging individuals to connect with your video and it’ll help rank a lot higher on YouTube.
  •  Insert your video wherever it seems relatable. Share it on your website, your friend’s website, your social channels, etc. Both Google and YouTube would know whether your content is being incorporated in different sites or not.
  • It’s a smart thing to publish your content on as many sites as you can. You can even request others to do it for you since it’s relevant to them. All these will assist your video with positioning better on YouTube.

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[BONUS] How Do I Promote My Youtube Channel?

Think YouTube is only for gamers and pranksters? Reconsider. YouTube has the second largest audience network on the web that includes 1.9 billion unique. Dominating it is an absolute necessity for any professional creator. However, how would you benefit from this mass audience network? While using paid promotions and affiliate marketing to promote your channel, you can use a lot of other methods. Here are pro tips from our #1 tested tricks for promoting your YouTube content.

Each of the following tips is compelling and easy to implement – even by newbies.

    • Learn and search for your target keywords through a promising tool like Google Keyword Planner.
    • Sweep the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for every keyword you want to create content around.
    • Change your keyword and add a longtail keyword, more relevant results will pop up. Take information and analyze it by adding words like “How To” or “DIY” in case you’re experiencing difficulty getting video results in SERP.
    • Pick a keyword that focuses on video content and suits your content.
  • Keep it simple and sweet
    • Incorporate your keyword(s) in the Title and Description of your video.
    • Do not create irrelevant content, i.e, the title and the video don’t add up. Your videos must always be relevant to the topic.
  • Be steady and patient (very important)
    • Use retention strategies like creating 2 parts (videos) for the same topic, offering giveaways and discounts by collaborating with different brands. This will make your subscribers returning to your videos now and then. 
    • Add your keyword in both the Title and Description of your video
    • Adhere to the 5000-characters limit 
    • Timestamp the description to help viewers navigate easily throughout your video
    • Add links to related playlists (more on this later) 
    • Incorporate a couple of relatable hashtags. Make sure to observe YouTube’s hashtags rules before you post them
    • Before you publish any video, ask yourself: 
      • What issue does this video tackle? 
      • Is it engaging?
      • Does this video provide any value to my viewers
      • Will it improve mood/knowledge in any capacity? 
    • Boost your estimated reach by sharing your content on other social media platforms. 
  • You can always rely on the powerful YouTube content sharing platform like Hootsuite 

Rank YouTube Videos on Google First Page [BONUS]

Regardless of whether you’re creating content as a social media influencer, a popular brand, or somebody simply trying to have a good time, you would love to rank your videos on YouTube and get more views on them. With thousands of videos being uploaded on daily basis, this may appear to be a huge achievement. Like Google, YouTube has its own algorithm that efficiently positions videos depending on numerous factors. The question is how would you beat the algorithm and rank up on YouTube? It all begins with SEO. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization simply refers to optimize your videos for specific keywords and relevant topics so that the video may appear first whenever someone searches for that topic. In simple terms, SEO is your best companion when you need your content to appear on the first result page.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube works just like Google: you search a term, hit enter, and the search engine fetches the most relevant content for you. YouTube algorithm chooses which videos would appear on top depending on various factors. The simpler YouTube can find authenticity and relevancy for your video, the higher it will appear in search results.

  • Produce Quality Content: 

There are a ton of factors that compliments the ranking of your video, yet quite possibly the most significant one is the quality of content. Quality is not an immediate positioning factor because it is extremely unlikely to analyze. However, it measures a huge part in viewer commitment – which is an instant positioning factor. The more individuals who watch and comment on a video, the better it will rank on YouTube. So, try to make your videos more compelling and interesting.

  • Offer a piece of valuable information. 
  • Show them how to accomplish something (DIY). 
  • Give them a crisp and detailed product review. 
  • The key is to make your video content meaningful.
  • Tags

While tags/labels don’t directly affect how well your videos position on YouTube, they do help your videos appear as suggested videos against relevant search queries. You can utilize similar keywords in your labels, yet additionally, you should scrape keywords used in other popular videos related to your topic. This should be done to make sure you’re also using all the relevant keywords in your video tags. For this you can use Social Blade, it’s a cool and helpful tool to keep an eye on your competition. 

Let us Get Your YouTube Channel on Top

The most important thing to rank YouTube videos on Google first page is “Relevancy”. As you keep on composing content, do introductions, post on gatherings and so forth make sure to continue to connect back to your videos when you can. The more connections you can return to your videos the better they will rank over the long run so continue stopping them any place you can. 

But if you’re having trouble completing all of the tasks on your own, give Marketalist a call at 617-383-9349 or email us. We are Boston’s leading digital marketing agency offering SEO, SMM, and PPC solutions to SMBs.

By using our in-house built and tested strategies, we can help you rank on YouTube:

  • Content Marketing and Video SEO
  • Video Description Copy & Tags Optimization
  • YouTube Ads
  • Organic YouTube Channel Growth

Our professional team, who has firsthand experience in assisting you and in reaching out to your target audience, will handle everything for you, so rank your YouTube content effortlessly with us. Following this, it’s time to take action and reap the benefits of your YouTube content. Get in touch with us by calling or visit Marketalist to explore all services.

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