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How to Secure Position 0 on Google – A Complete Guide

Google is the king of the online world. If you want to be visible to the world you need to follow the rules and regulation to secure a good position. Things are changed now, previously people tried to get the first or at least tenth position on the Google page. But now they are trying to securing the position 0 on Google. Here we will be discussing interesting facts about this new concept of 0 positioning on Google Platform:

What is Position 0 on Google?

Position 0 is also referred as featured snippets. If you are looking for the answer,
what is zero ranking? Here is the answer, the search results that appear on the top of SERPs above the normal search including position is known as position 0.

position 0 on google

If we talk about its importance for the marketers, it is definitely their favorite place due to its visibility. In this, Google shows the snippet of their content that helps in boosting the click-through rate that results in an overall increase in ranking of a website.

What is a Featured Snippet?

Featured snippets appear to be tiny boxes that appear first at the beginning of the textual organic search results in Google. The snippets give you a section or a quote of content in form of a box accompanies with image.

google position zero example

These feature snippets appear against the search query written in the format of a question. You can get the box when you start your search with 4 Ws i.e What, Who, When and Why.  

5 Types of Featured Snippets

Now, here we will be discussing the five types of format in which the featured snippets appear when you enter your search query. The types are listed below:

1- Table

You can see your featured snippet in a form of table. This case will appear when you are comparing prices or product specifications in general. There is a great possibility that featured snippet will appear in form of a table.

2- Paragraph

The featured snippet appearing in a paragraph is a standard snippet followed by Google. You will get many of queries during your search in this way.

3-Video (YouTube)

A video can convey a clearer message when words are not able to do it. The question that needs visual explanation, a video will appear in a featured snippet. For instance, if you are looking for a way or procedure for a certain thing, video will appear.

In some cases, you may also get a paragraph or pointer-style featured snippets. This depends on the question you are asking and the availability of the video for that question.

4- Two in one Featured Snippet

You might see two sources of an answer in a box. You will get a content from one site and the image related to that content from another site. This box shows the Google commitment that it will only show the best content irrespective of the source. You might also see the combination of the video and text just like the text and image discussed before.

5- List

The list will appear when you are searching for the how-to guide or DIY task. The difference between the guide and DIY can be analyzed by simply looking at the points. If you are getting number in the list, then reader should follow that order. And if the list is in form of bullet points, then the hierarchy of the list not relevant.

Benefits to Get Featured Snippet Rank

Publishing content to give answer for the search query, this approach will help you to secure a position in a featured snippet. You need to understand why you need to rank on position 0 in the search results.

Following are the two primary benefits to secure a position 0:

  • Enhanced Click-Through Rate

As we have mentioned this thing above that when you appear on the top the click-through rate increases. The users can access you directly because you are seating on the top. When you appear first in the search, it is a proven thing that it is an effective way to generate the click from users.

If we look at some statistics, according to a study conducted by Ahrefs, organic search result see a drop when a featured snippet is present. Instead of 26% total clicks, 19.6% clicks were collected by the first results whereas the 8.6% click were gathered by the featured snippets.

  • A Substitute Way to Generate Organic Traffic

It provides a good way to generate relevant traffic from Google. The problem to rank for search phrases vary from query to query. You need to work hard to rank on top of Google organic search. So, instead of focusing on search results by the keywords you should pay attention to get ranked for featured snippets.

One of the great things about the featured snippet is that you can rank on the organic search result and snippets as well. No matter if you are not able to take the first spot for your targeted keyword. Bust still you can secure a place in featured snippets as compared to your competitor while ranking on Google. If you need any assistance in ranking or getting featured, you can always contact our team of seo expert in Boston to discuss your project.

How to Secure the Position Zero? 5 Tips to Follow

Now coming to the crux of the matter, here are tips that will help you to get the position in featured snippets. Read ahead:

featured snippet

1- Check Out Your Opportunity

Featured snippets or position 0 is the not right place for every marketer. For instance, if you are running a local business, then instead of doing effort to appear in featured snippets you should invest your energy and time on product location like Google Maps. On the other side of the coin, if you want to appear for the answers of a frequently asked question, then position 0 is best for you.

Let us explain you this with help of statistics. According to STAT in 2016 they analyzed 92000 featured snippets. The popular niches that appear most are Requirements, Health, Status, Time, Mathematical, Financial, and Transitional.

So, depending on your business you need to first investigate the opportunity either you can get this or not before doing the keyword research.

2- Focus on Optimization of Question Not Only Keyword

SEO ranking, we can understand the value of keyword search. It depends on the strategy we are going to implement according to the business. But when we are talking about the optimization of featured snippet it’s a different story.

To rank on position 0, you need to optimize for the target question instead of implementing on-page and link building approached for your target keyword. As stated previously, keyword phrases starting with Why, What, When, How, and Where are important. You should answer the question related to them in your content. If you are having target keyword for given page, then you can check for “People Ask For” section that appears below the featured snippets.

When you will click the question, various other featured snippets will appear and you can answer those question in your content. You can use your keyword to find the question for optimization. For this, you can check the forum like Answer the Public to give answers for lots of question in your content. You just need to type a keyword and it will give you many questions related to it that you can use to appear on featured snippets.

answer the public

You can still use your targeted keyword that you want to rank. Just pick the relevant question and embed your keywords in the answers. The answer should be clear and well organized to grab a position in a featured snippet on Google.

3- Give Extensive Answers for Questions

You need to target the question that appears in search queries. Once you are done with picking the question then work on editing and making the answer extensive that it should be clear.

To do so, first, you need to question with header tag so that the search spiders can pick the content. In case, if you are planning to create a new post for a specific question, then include the question as permalink and the title of the post.

Keep one thing in mind, the featured snippet box can only accommodate  54 -59 words so you need to keep this figure in mind while writing the answer.

You can add more paragraph to your answer or list under the same heading with same number count. You can never guess which part of your answer will be picked by Google to be shown for the question. To increase the chances of your content to be picked for a featured snippet, you should optimize all your paragraphs and meta description.

4- Focus on Your Off-page and On-page SEO

To secure position in the featured snippet you need to consider effective
on-page SEO practices that will enable search spider to pick your page instantly and rank it for the target questions.

You also need to focus on the UI/UX of your website, loading speed of pages, and some other factors at the same time. These all matter! Pay attention to your off-page SEO practices as well for productive results. Link building your page will benefit you get better organic ranking and increase the chances of your content to be picked by Google for featured snippets.  

5 – Stick to the Point

Relevancy does matter a lot! When creating content, you need to stay specific and relevant to get productive results. The basic idea behind the featured snippet is it shows only clear and relevant content according to the query. So, keep this element in your mind and optimize your content accordingly to stay on point. Google crawls your content and the best and relevant content that matches with the search query is displayed by Google. It’s important that you ask a question and answers it in the first paragraph or you can create a summary at the start of content that will help Google and the audience to see the desired result.

This was a detailed guide to make you understand position Zero on Google. Hope now you have the answer to the question, what is zero position? If you are in search of SEO services to rank your business on Google, then you can contact Marketalist, a professional SEO firm. Our SEO experts will do the job and will guide you in a proper way to get the desired 0 positions on Google and place it in the featured snippets.

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