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Ways to Grow Business and Optimization of your Company Page on LinkedIn


Social media is showing no signs of slowing down. You can’t ignore the importance of different social media platforms in your marketing strategy for growing your business. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are the helpful tools in the marketing process.

Today, we will be discussing about the significance of LinkedIn. How LinkedIn adverts can help you grow your business? You can understand the importance of LinkedIn as it is having 560 million users. It is one of the powerful and most used social media platform across the internet. B2B business marketers can use this platform for effective advertisements.

LinkedIn is a platform that offers you an access to the decision maker of the companies. As a result, it is a very good channel for the marketing team to get leads and maximum sales. In this blog, we will be looking at the ways by which you can increase your business and tips to optimize your company page on LinkedIn.

 4 Ways to Increase Business with LinkedIn

You might have this question in mind,
Is advertising on LinkedIn effective? The answer is Yes! Every business is looking for success and ROI. The best way to achieve this is through effective marketing. Following are ways through which you can use LinkedIn as a platform to uplift your business:

1- Target Decision Makers and Professional Audience

The first point in the
LinkedIn advertising guide is that you should interact with the people who are related to your industry, company size, and job title to target a specific audience. On this platform, people are more likely to engage with your brand, products, and services. When you will be targeting these people, you will be spending your money at the right place ad will get benefits soon.

To grab the attention of your specific professional audience you need to make ad that can properly deliver your message to the audience and it should be relevant to the niche you are addressing.

Advertising on LinkedIn offers you the chance to advertise about your product or services right in front of the decision makers of companies. These people have the decision-making power to pay you for your product or services by engaging with your business.

2- Promotion of Your Content

How to promote content on LinkedIn? You can easily distribute your content to professionals using the sponsored content. This will help you to promote your content like eBooks, articles, and other type of digital content directly to the LinkedIn user.

To get the maximum benefits from your sponsored content you need to do the following things:

i) To show your content use the targeting features like job titles or skills to target professionals instead of a general audience.

ii) Create a content that will be appealing for your professional audience. To do so, create white paper for marketing directors and for busy CEOs, create quick read articles.

iii) Strong call-to-action, use it to guide your user to download the content. For e.g. download this article to know about the 20 benefits of PPC.

iv) Respond to all comment you receive on your sponsored content to increase the engagement with your audience.

3- Hiring of New Employees

LinkedIn is one of the great social platforms and most of the people are not aware of its potential. It may surprise you but you can use this platform for employee hunting.

LinkedIn is a good place to find new employee due to the two-reasons listed below:

i) You can find the exact people related to your industry. You just need to take help of targeting option as discussed earlier. The option includes experience level, skills, and job title.

ii) Secondly, majority of the potential candidates are active on LinkedIn and you can easily access them to make them part of your company.

4- Convert Your LinkedIn user into Lead

Thinking how you can turn your LinkedIn users into your new leads? It is simple, two
lead generation techniques are listed below:

i) You can use sponsored InMail to directly talk with your audience. You just need to create a personalized message and you can deliver it right into the inbox of your audience.

ii) You can also show ads to attract audience. There are two types of LinkedIn ads that you can run on LinkedIn. One is pay-per-click (PPC) and other is the cost-per-impression (CPM) model. You can easily tell your audience about offers and opportunities on LinkedIn.

7  Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

Now you are familiar with the fact that LinkedIn benefits are not restricted to just marketing but also are good source to represent our company and hire new employees as well. Here, we will be discussing about the tips through which you can optimize your company LinkedIn page. Keep on thing in mind that there are total 13 million companies on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Company Page can act as a big opportunity to establish as a brand, attract top talents, and industry leaders.

1- Update your Banner and Profile Image

You might have heard this common phrase; the first impression is the last impression. Similarly, your company profile image is the first thing that people will see when they will be searching for your company. So, make it look good. According to statistics, company pages with profile pictures get six-fold more visitor as compared to the pages without profile image.

Your company logo should be your profile picture. Following are LinkedIn profile picture size specifications:

  • It should have a PNG format.
  • It should be 300 x 300 pixels.
  • It should have a size of 8MB.
  • It should be in square layout.

The profile banner is the area above the company logo. It is the area where you get a room for creativity.

Specifications for LinkedIn company page banner size are:

  • It should be made in PNG format
  • It should have 1536 x 768 pixels
  • It should be of maximum 8 MB.
  • It should have a rectangular layout.

2- Complete Other Key Fields

A complete company page receives two-fold more visitors as compared to the company with incomplete pages.
You need to ensure that your page is having all the following information:

  • Update your address
  • Ensure that people can find your business through URL on your company page
  • Mention the location of your company headquarter.
  • Do mention the industry in which your business falls.
  • Tell your audience about the company size.

3- Compelling “About us” section with Relevant Keyword

The “about us“ should have the relevant keyword according to your business and it should be providing all the information about your company within a word limit of 2000 characters or less. Your info should give the answer to the following question in the mind of your audience:

  • Who are you?
  • Where is your company located?
  • What do you offer?
  • What is your brand voice?
  • How people can contact you?

4- Construct a Career Page

According to statistics, 69% of job seekers apply for the job when they came across a company that is making efforts to build its culture online. 
LinkedIn Career Pages is the good way to enhance your recruitment efforts.

Under the “Life” tab, Career page is having customized modules. Here you can post high-quality videos, article and images related to the activity of your organization. Do embed link in each post. According to LinkedIn post, content will links receive 45% more engagement.

5- Develop Showcase Pages

If anyone is planning to take a bird-eye view of your company page then he will be looking at your showcase pages. These are customizable pages exhibiting customized news feed regarding the specific aspect of your organization.

Showcase pages need monitoring. If you are managing them properly by updating and sharing the content, then they will have their own followers. To write and share proper content with your audience you should be aware of all the LinkedIn posting rules. The content can be videos, presentations, articles etc.

6- Keep Eyes on Competition

LinkedIn publish an annual list of 10 best company pages. You should visit those profile to see what is missing in your company page. You can get ideas from the company pages how they are optimizing their pages and especially when they are competitors of each other.

7- Go for Endorsements

According to the statistics, more than 
one billion endorsements are given on LinkedIn. Collect recommendation whenever it is possible and don’t be shy in this regard. It is a good way to build relation and engage with other. A LinkedIn endorsement example can be that you can ask your employees, your associates to write a recommendation for you and on the other hand you can do the same for them.

You can also ask your customer to write the recommendations. If your customer is happy with your product or services, he will do it. You can also send a private message to your customer to endorse your page, even if they don’t do it, still you get a good interaction with your customers.


LinkedIn benefits are limitless. Now you have the proper idea that it can be used as a marketing platform to grow business, way to create a competent workforce, and you can easily make improvements in your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a
digital marketing company in Boston to get support regrading LinkedIn marketing, then hire experts of Marketalist. The professionals will implement the right strategy according to your business need for increasing engagement and ROI on LinkedIn in a short period of time.

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