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What is Local Link? Ways to Find Local Link Opportunities

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Digital business is all dependent on the ranking. In website’s ranking, inbound links play a vital role irrespective of the type of your business. The business can be related to brick and mortar business or local services. The next question that comes in your mind is how you will find the link for different types of businesses? In this blog, we will be finding out how you can get the local link to start your campaign. Before we move ahead let’s first have an understanding about the local link:


What Local Link is all About?

If we look at the traditional thoughts, then it is all about building links with high authority domain that will link back to our websites. We try to link as many as possible. Moreover, this type of thinking may not be right when we are talking about a medium-sized or small local business.

As mentioned above, if you are planning to build links for local brick and mortar store, then you should be clear of things you are looking for during the process of building links. The intention behind the local link is to develop relevancy for a website regarding its locality.

In this, the local SEO experts when providing the local SEO services do the following things:

  • They make correction in the NAP that refers to the name, address, and phone number information.
  • They create a list of citation.
  • They create hyperlocal content.
  • They build links for you.

The purpose behind all these tasks is to establish a spot in the SERPs for local terms within the local pack of Google My Business along with the organic search results for the geotargeted words of the business. This all is part of a local pack SEO.

Here’s the criteria that should be fulfilled by the local link:

  • It should link back to the website.
  • Offer an opportunity to speak with your local audience.

Remember one thing that those who are highly influencing your local market may not command a high authority site. They may be working on a small scale themselves. But the thing is that they are having an influence on your small market so, achieving a link from them may be more valuable as compared to the link from New York Times, Huffington Post, and Forbes. You also need to keep the local SEO ranking factors in mind during the building opportunities for the local links.

It is beneficial to get all these links but you also need to understand the limitation behind the local business that they are dealing. They are not having the budget to create a content that big publishers as mentioned above are looking. It is great to reach out for the stars but before you should understand the parameters in which you are working. You need to need all the parameters in your local SEO checklist to evaluate the things properly.

When we are talking about local business then you need to keep this point very clear in your mind that your business is confined to local area. So, if you are doing business in Boston and getting traffic on your website from Cape Cod, then this is not valuable for your business.


Begin with Citations

To get started you need to start with local business citation building, find out the general directories, and correcting the information. Citation is important because they allow you to place the NAP information at some place. This will allow you to put a link on a decent website that is not spam. It might be seen in some of the random searches if the certain query is low in the competition.

The main idea behind this point is to get your business name on as many sources as possible. Furthermore, the local citation services that will allow you to handle the citation building include Moz Local and Yext. These both are great platforms and they can be great auditing tools as well. Moreover, you also need to think about the local map citations to position your business on Google Map. If you want to get local citation work then you can contact our local seo agency for availing this service.


Where to Find the Opportunities?

There are some general ideas floating about building local link that it maynot be beneficial, may not be natural, or it may seem impossible in some of the cases. Due to this reason, the local SEO experts should be creative as compared to the those you are doing SEO for the big brand.

Link opportunities are limited. You have to rank for hyper-local keywords that are not having good search volume. You have to start your work with low authority website.

What if some anonymous SEO specialist have asked, “who would link with a burger shop”? Let’s see the answer of the question. Some types of links that you can build for a burger shop are listed below:

  • Local media outlets or the newspaper that is featuring local eat points.
  • Reach out local bloggers who are having a small following but they are all in the local areas.
  • Target the local event pages that are writing content what to do in a locality? Target downtown directories, chamber of commerce, and tourism sites.
  • Other local businesses that are having websites and who are open to having local partners page or businesses.
  • Local charities that could be sponsored by the business owner or volunteer that is offering a featured volunteers page.

The opportunities are great! If you are doing an SEO for the local area, then it is very important to know about the limit of local space. Having proper knowledge of limitations will enable you to think in a creative way when finding the opportunities. This will lead to a value of your business website on which you are working.


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Open a Link Tool and Start Searching Possibility

Some of the tools that are used regarding link are Ahrefs and many other good SEO tools. To start creating a list of possibilities you should understand where your business is standing in the space. Furthermore, you need to identify how it will be competitive to rank your business when moving forward.

You should start with the terms that you think will offer the most value to your business. After this, you need to see which business is currently ranking on the first page of SERP. You should collect the list of websites and figure out what links are acquired in past. The link will be showing direct competitors so, many of the links will regarding the specific business you are working.

You should compare the collected list with a link profile of your site and identify where things are lacking. You need to remove all duplicate links that are common in competition and look at the links that your competitors have but you don’t. You can do this with the help of competitor link checker.

You need to do this local SEO link building as possible. If you are successful in acquiring all the links that your competitor is having, then you will be in a good position in term of links. You can do a thorough search about your competitor profile by conducting a competitor backlink analysis.


How to Figure Out Link Opportunities?

To find the link opportunities you need to do the following things:

  • If you are caught in competition regarding the links, then the next step will be to get more links as compared to your competition.
  • You should explore other local businesses and see how others have acquired link in their local area.
  • When you will be looking at the local businesses you will be able to find out the opportunity to build links, finding local writers, local sites and blogs.
  • One of another method that can help you in getting a lot of traction is through link analysis tool. Furthermore, you can find high traction business with the help of review sites such as Yelp. Just simply go to Yelp and do a search in your local city. You should filter the search by reviewing the most searched business.
  • Once you have completed the search the business you will come across may not be related to your niche but it will offer you great information regarding the promotional opportunities regarding your site in the local area.

The top reviewed business you get after the search may find out that the business on the top will not have all the related links. The main concern behind this practice is to pick some important points and building connection with those who are having an influence in the local area. Furthermore, if you are looking for professional help, then you can get in touch with an experienced company like Marketalist to hire SEO expert Boston to get benefits for your business.

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